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Beer, slivovice, Becherovka : what are the typical czech drinks ?

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Would you like to discover the Czech Republic, but first want to learn a little more about local traditions? In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about typical Czech drinks. And you’ll be well prepared, since there’s a lot to see and do in the Czech Republic!

What drinks are typical of the Czech Republic?

Wondering what you can drink in the Czech Republic? No need to look any further.

We’ve compiled a list of the country’s most popular beverages, the ones you’ll need to drink at least once if you’re ever in the country.

Do you have an idea for a drink we might have overlooked? We’d love to hear from you!


1. Kofola

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A non-alcoholic drink, Kofola is similar to Coca-Cola. However, when the Czech Republic was still in Russian hands, the American brand, synonymous with excessive capitalism, was banned.

As a result, the Czechs fell back on this drink, which may seem a little bitter at first glance. 

No worries, you’ll quickly get used to it ! A beverage that’s right up there with our list of typical Czech beverages.

What we think of Kofola

We’re not going to bullshit you, but Coca-Cola is much nicer.

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club mate

2. Club mate

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Club Mate is a drink made from “yerba mate” extracts. This is native South American plant, traditionally used to make tea.

Taste-wise, it’s a bit complicated to describe. It’s bitter, herbaceous and slightly sweet all at once. The best thing would be for you to try it!

What we think of Club Mate

These are flavors we’re not particularly used to. CLub mate is very popular in Germany, the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe, but not so much here!

domaci limonada

3. Domácí limonáda

Domácí limonáda, or homemade lemonade, is lemonade in name only. In fact, it’s not fizzy at all.

It’s a large carafe of plain, classic water, with fruit and herbs added.

For example, you can try thyme-orange, cucumber-lemon or raspberry lemonade. A refreshing drink that we invite you to try!

What we think of Domácí limonáda

Domácí limonáda is really very good. It’s perfect in midsummer, when it starts to get a little (too) hot. Don’t hesitate to discover this very local drink!

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4. Tea and coffee

Our Czech friends are great fans of tea and coffee. You’ll find small establishments on every street corner. And what’s so special about them? They’re all found of coffee art.

When you receive your cup, you’ll be treated to beautiful drawings on the foam. Interested in finding out more?

What we think of tea and coffee

In the Czech Republic, there’s a real culture of coffee and tea. Much more so than in France. It’s really relaxing to sit in a café and enjoy the best they have to offer!

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5. Beer

When you think of Prague and the Czech Republic, beer is one of the first things that comes to mind. In fact, it would take a lifetime to sample all the beers the country has to offer. The best known? Pilsner, of course!

However, others are well worth the detour, such as Kozel, which is also a real hit with fans. We’ll stop here, as the list would be far too long, but it would be unthinkable to talk about typical Czech beverages without mentioning the subject.

What we think of Czech beers

Beer is a real institution in the Czech Republic. You can drink it everywhere, all the time. If you go there without trying at least one, it’s a real shame!

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6. Slivovice

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Do you like brandies? Then you’ll love slivovice, a plum spirit very similar to the digestifs we’re used to drinking.

If caution doesn’t suit you, opt for hruškovice, an equally strong pear spirit. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Nevertheless, these strong spirits deserve a place on our list of typical Czech drinks and spirits.

What we think of Slivovice

Everything Slivovice (plum), Hruškovice (pear), is simple: it hurts, and not just a little bit.

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7. Becherovka

Photo: Jan Becher Pernod Ricard

Becherovka is another very local spirit, with a good herbal taste (although variations now exist, notably with lemon).

It’s a fairly strong spirit, around 40°, and can be drunk at any time. If you’re tempted, you’ll find it in any bar in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic.

What we think of Becherovka

It’s green, it smells of herbs and it’s totally unappetizing. But quite honestly, it tastes great! Take courage, close your eyes and taste it!


8. Wine

While beer culture is well established in the Czech Republic, wine is still a very popular beverage. In fact, there’s a vineyard on the slopes of Prague Castle!

Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of foreign wines, whether in specialized bars or in a classic bar. Czech wine (or even Slovak wine) is not really very widespread.

And that’s a shame! In fact, there are some very famous vineyards, notably in Moravia, from where you can take a complete tour of the local wine-growing lands.

What we think of Czech wine

Czech wine may not be French or Italian, but it’s enough to satisfy even the toughest palates. The same goes for Slovak wine!

Discover Prague and try some typical Czech drinks!

Would you like to discover the Czech Republic’s worst-kept secrets and try out some of the local beverages? If you’re planning a trip to the Czech Republic, take a look at our list of hotels in Prague!

You’ll find a selection of the best opportunities. Once you’re there, make sure you choose the right place to change your money before indulging in the typical drinks of the Czech Republic.

3 things to keep in mind about local Czech drinks:

  • Kofola is the Czech Coca-Cola. It’s worth a try, even if it may surprise you a little.
  • When it comes to alcoholic beverages, beer is the obvious winner. There’s nothing more typical of Prague and the Czech Republic!
  • On the Czech side, we’re very fond of brandies, such as Slivovice. Beware, it’s a little hard on the hair.