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Discover the world’s most beautiful places with Treepeo‘s articles and guides ✈️

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Travel, discover, enjoy.

At Treepeo, we’re passionate about the world around us. We work around carefully thought-out and prepared content, with the sole aim of helping you see more clearly and organize your stay.

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Our mission.

Our mission? To help you discover beautiful places, but above all, to help you enjoy them through our selections of hotels, restaurants, bars and unusual, hidden places. Places you’d never have thought you’d find before coming across our content!

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Our travel guides ☀️

Discover some of our travel guides and set off for Prague, Amsterdam, Tallinn...


Prague 🇨🇿

Discover everything you need to know about Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic!

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Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Amsterdam like never before in this comprehensive guide to Holland's most beautiful city!

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Ljubljana 🇸🇮

Find out about Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, for a great getaway, whether it's for a weekend or longer holidays!

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Tallinn 🇪🇪

Tallinn reveals all its secrets in this comprehensive guide to the Estonian capital.

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Dubai 🇦🇪

Dubai and the Emirates like you've never heard about before.

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Barcelona 🇪🇸

Fly to the Catalan capital and enjoy your stay in this iconic spanish city.

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Budapest 🇭🇺

Budapest, the Hungarian Parliament and other must-sees are to be discovered here!

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What people like to read about 💪

trdelnik prague

Where to eat the best trdelník in Prague?

Under the strange name "Trdelník" lies a delicious pastry...

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Selection of the 10 best brunches in Amsterdam

But where to eat brunch in the heart of the Dutch capital?

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What are the best restaurants in Bucharest?

Eating well in Romania's capital? Yes ! Let's find out where!

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The best restaurants in Brussels

Discover our selection of the best restaurants in Brussels, the belgian capital.

Questions you may have 😊

Treepeo is a tourism website, dedicated to helping you organize your trip, with a selection of articles and guides. From Prague and Amsterdam to Berlin, Vienna and Madrid, we target a wide range of destinations in Europe and around the world!

Yes, it is entirely possible to book a hotel, a flight, or even a tourist activity through Treepeo. We collaborate with major brands (Booking, TripAdvisor, Kiwi, etc.). You just have to click on the affiliate links and you’re good to go.

We aim to cover absolutely all destinations in the world. At the moment, however, we are focusing on Europe: Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, and Madrid are among the most frequently mentioned.”
Unfortunately, the Treepeo team is not responsible for any issues with your reservation. We are only intermediaries. We bridge the gap between these major brands in the tourism industry and you. In case of a problem, you should turn to the platform where you made your hotel or activity reservation.
Are you a player in the tourism industry? If you want to collaborate with Treepeo, you just have to go to the “Work with us” tab or simply contact us: link sales, content writing, publication of sponsored articles or advertisements, we have several services to offer you.