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What are the best bars in Prague ?

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Of course, Prague is known as a city full of historic monuments, with many elegant-looking buildings and a certain romanticism.

But the capital is also famous for its lively nightlife. You can see this for yourself by visiting the more outlying districts, such as Žižkov, Holešovice, or even the city centre.

To help you plan your night out, check out our list of the best bars in Prague, the ones that are worth spending all or part of your evening in. Perfect for a simple drink, good wine and fun with friends and family!

What are the best bars in Prague?

Every big city, every town, is full of secrets. If you look hard enough, if you dig a little, you could be one of them. That’s why, for an authentic and unusual experience, we invite you to discover some of Prague’s most unusual bars!

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and may well evolve as you discover them… Before visiting any of these atmospheric bars, make sure you use the local currency!

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Cross Club prague

1. Cross Club

🍴 What other customers say 🍴

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

The Cross Club is a must for late-night parties with friends. Quite far from the old town and on the other side of the Vltava, this alternative club in the Holešovice district impresses with its architecture and its many interwoven metal objects, worthy of genuine contemporary works of art.

Comprising several floors, it serves as an atmospheric restaurant and bar on the 1st floor, a large terrace/garden on the ground floor, and a nightclub in the basement. There are plenty of psy-trance concerts throughout the week, in a pleasant and incredible atmosphere.

The clientele is mainly young, with a mix of locals and tourists, giving you plenty of opportunity to meet people. We recommend going around midnight when the atmosphere is at its height.

Where is the Cross Club located?

Adress : Plynární 1096, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 12am – 4/6am
Phone Number : +420 736 535 053

What we think of Cross Club


  • Crazy decor
  • Lively and varied evenings
  • Affordable prices

What we like the most

The general atmosphere of the Cross Club is completely crazy. The sculptures at the entrance immediately immerse you in their world 🚀

anonymous bar

2. Anonymous Bar

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4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

L’Anonymous Bar is a cocktail bar known for its mysterious, hushed atmosphere, with a chic, hipster decor that’s very well thought out.

Prices are a little more expensive than other alternative bars, due to the originality of the different drinks (for example, the ‘infusion’, which is not to be missed).

Remember not to arrive too late to avoid the sometimes long queues (which says a lot about the popularity of this unusual bar) or even make a reservation to make sure you get a table and get the most out of the experience.

The address is 12, Michalská 432, Staré Město, 110 00. A brasserie that richly deserves its place in our ranking of the best bars in Prague.

Where is the Anonymous bar located?

Adress : Michalská 432, 110 00 Staré Město
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 5pm – 2am
Phone number : +420 608 280 069

What we think of Anonymous bar


  • The masks worn by the waiters
  • The superbly crafted cocktails
  • The secret menu

What we like the most

V’s Blood is a cocktail to try. Be careful, it may surprise you… Both visually and in terms of flavour 🚀

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3. Vzorkovna

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

Situated between the National Theatre and Le Louvre café in a busy street, Vzorkovna may not look like much at first glance, but it hides a small concert hall with raised areas to admire the artists on stage, a table football room and a beer bar.

The whole place is in the basement, creating an original and very special atmosphere. You’ll even have the right to leave a comment with your signature (in the table football room) on one of their walls, which acts as a guest book.

Note, however, that the establishment only accepts cash, so be sure to withdraw some before entering. The bar is mainly full of young people, so you’re sure to meet some nice, friendly people. To try it out, go to Národní 339/11, 110 00.

Where is Vzorkovna located?

Adress : Národní 339/11, 110 00 Staré Město
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 7pm – 3/4am

What we think of Vzorkovna


  • The bar is in the basement, it’s like a labyrinth
  • The beers are good value
  • The atmosphere is supercharged!

What we like the most

This is one of our favourite bars in Prague. Suffice to say, getting there is a real experience 🚀


4. U Bukanýra

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5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.3/5 – Google

The Bukanyr Boat is, as its name suggests, a boat in which an atmospheric bar has been created. Located not far from the old town, the Bukanyr is the perfect place to enjoy a cheap beer with friends on the water’s edge in the late evening.

The style of music is closer to techno-house, in a pleasant atmosphere where you can mix with all nationalities. Like the Cross-club, this is a place to be at the end of the evening.

Be aware that the boat is static and can only hold a limited number of people, so it’s best to avoid the middle of the evening if you don’t want to feel cramped. For an original end to the evening, head to Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 1, 110 00. In short, one of the best bars in Prague.

Where is the Bukanyr located?

Adress : nábř. L. Svobody 1, 110 00 Nové Město
Opening hours : Tue – Wed : 2pm – 12pm / Thu : 2pm – 4am / Fri – Sat : 2pm – 8am
Phone number : +420 608 973 582

What we think of the Bukanyr


  • The atmosphere and general ambience
  • The live music
  • The fact that it was on a boat

What we like the most

If you don’t know what to do and want to party, all night, then Bukanyr is the perfect place. Open until 8am on weekends 🚀

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5. Palác Akropolis

🍴 What other customers say 🍴

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

Palác Akropolis is one of the best-known alternative bars in its neighbourhood. Located in the famous Žižkov district, Palác Akropolis bears a striking resemblance to the Cross club, both in terms of its spacious premises and its originality.

You’ll be spoilt for choice for a good night out with friends, with a bar on the ground floor, a techno-house club and a second bar in the basement, as well as a concert hall open for certain events.

Admission costs 60 czk, around €2.50, which is relatively affordable, as are the drinks on offer (we recommend the famous Kozel draught).

The clientele is mostly local, but you can easily come across groups of tourists who have been told that this is the place to be. We’ll give you the address if you want to enjoy the experience with friends: Kubelíkova 1548, 130 00.

Where is the Akropolis located?

Adress : Kubelíkova 1548, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 5pm – 8am

What we think of Akropolis


  • Akro is open every day
  • The beer selection is really nice
  • Bar/bar located in a great neighbourhood

What we like the most

Akropolis is a bit of everything at once. Bar, restaurant, nightclub, there’s something for absolutely everyone 🚀

storm club

6. Storm Club

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
3.8/5 – Google

The Storm club is another alternative club/pub in Žižkov, located on the edge of the famous Vitkov park. It has a terrace bar with a garden-barbecue atmosphere, where psytrance is played until 9pm. Then the evening continues in the basement, where the club is located, with its large open spaces.

Admission is a little more expensive than at Palác Akropolis, but still very affordable in terms of content, at 120 crowns (around €4.50). More than enough to satisfy big partiers looking for an unusual evening out!

For a relaxed evening full of good memories, the address is Tachovské nám. 290/5, 130 00. We couldn’t possibly list the best unusual bars in Prague without mentioning this establishment!

Where is the Storm Club located?

Adress : Tachovské nám. 290, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov
Opening hours : Wed : 9pm – 2am / Thu : 10pm – 5am / Fri – Sat : 9pm – 6am

What we think of Storm Club


  • The beer selection
  • Affordable prices
  • A great, lively neighbourhood

What we like the most

Although a little loud, the music is pretty good and enjoyable. We also appreciate the really inexpensive drinks 🚀

cafe 80s

7. Café 80's

🍴 What other customers say 🍴

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.2/5 – Google

Right in the heart of the city’s historic quarter, the atmospheric bar CAFE 80’s will plunge you into a nightclub atmosphere with retro music and a young clientele.

With bar tenders making great house cocktails and affordable prices for a city-centre bar, you’ll have plenty to get you off to a good start in the capital.

The address is V Kolkovně 909/6, 110 00. A pub we recommend, with a fairly interesting and varied menu.

Where is Café 80's located?

Adress : V Kolkovně 909/6, 110 00 Staré Město
Opening hours : Tue – Sat : 5pm – 4am
Phone number : +420 725 991 924

What we think of Café 80's


  • It’s a bar that’s open almost all the time
  • The cocktails are very good
  • The prices are affordable

What we like the most

Café 80’s is a bar right in the centre of town that has to be part of your planned tour 🚀

zone cocktail

8. Zone Cocktail & Music Bar Křemencova

🍴 What other customers say 🍴

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4/5 – Google

Between the Karlovo náměstí park and the Vltava river, the Zone Cocktail & Music Bar Křemencova is a great place to visit with friends to meet the young local and expat clientele.

Located in the basement, this atmospheric bar has recently earned a reputation for having one of the best atmospheres in the capital, with a well-groomed clientele willing to spend for a good drink. One of the best bars in Prague, without a doubt.

Where is the Zone Cocktail Křemencova located ?

Adress : Křemencova 178/10, 110 00 Nové Město
Opening hours : Wed : 6pm – 1am / Thu : 6pm – 2am / Fri – Sat : 6pm – 4am
Phone number : +420 776 835 051

What we think of Zone Cocktail Křemencova


  • The cocktails are excellent
  • A bar where there is always good music (DJ, karaoke, etc…)
  • Affordable prices

What we like the most

The prices have gone up a bit but the atmosphere is still pretty great, with some lovely preparations, it’s worth it, especially the “Pornstar Martini” 🚀


9. Hangar Bar & Club

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.3/5 – Google

In a 50s atmosphere, you’ll be warmly welcomed by beautiful stewardesses dressed accordingly to offer you an atypical evening with great background music. The ideal place for a drink.

Many tourists frequent the Hangar Bar&Club for the cocktails and the club in the basement. Right in the city centre, you’ll have no trouble getting to Dušní 9/9, 110 00 for a nice evening out in a quality brasserie.

Where is the Hangar located?

Adress : Dušní 11
Opening hours : Wed – Thu : 7pm – 4am / Fri – Sat : 7pm – 5am 
Phone number : +420 724 004 395

What we think of Hangar


  • Happy hours from 7pm to 10pm!
  • Great cocktails, including the Moscow Mule
  • Super-competitive prices

What we like the most

Price-wise, it’s hard to beat. The Paradise and the Moscow Mule really deserve to be discovered 🚀


10. Nebe Cocktail Bar

🍴 What other customers say🍴

3.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.2/5 – Google

Close to Muzeum, on the famous avenue Václavské námesti, Nebe Cocktail & Music Bar is a must for any partygoer visiting Prague.

With a lounge bar on the ground floor opening directly onto the club in the basement, you’ll be immersed in a lovely atmosphere where the staff will be very professional in terms of cocktails, Czech and international wines and beers.

The address is Václavské nám. 56, 110 00. One of the best atmospheric bars in Prague, it could even be the starting point for your night out!

Where to find the Nebe?

Adress : Václavské nám. 56, 110 00 Nové Město
Opening hours : Tue – Wed : 5pm – 2am / Thu : 5pm – 3am / Fri – Sat : 5pm – 5am
Phone number : +420 608 644 784

What we think of Nebe Cocktail Bar


  • The place is quite busy
  • The cocktails are really very good
  • Bar and club evenings in a great atmosphere

What we like the most

Nebe is located right in the city centre. It’s a very popular bar, offering great cocktails at affordable prices, especially during happy hour (until 9pm) 🚀

Prague bars : a nightlife paradise for craft beer lovers

Prague’s bars offer an unforgettable experience for craft beer lovers. With a brewing tradition as rich as it is varied, the city offers a multitude of establishments in which to sample high-quality local beers.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply curious to discover new flavors, Prague will seduce you with the diversity and quality of its breweries. Don’t hesitate to explore the city’s cobbled streets to discover authentic, friendly bars, where the lively, convivial atmosphere guarantees a memorable evening.