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Our top 10 selection of the best coffee places in Prague

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The importance of the traditional pub or simple café in the Czech Republic is phenomenal. In fact, hardly a day goes by without someone suggesting you go for a drink, a coffee or simply a bite to eat in the local pub.

However, it’s true that Czech pubs and cafés all look a bit the same! So we decided to find you some nice places that are a bit different from the ordinary ☕

What are the best cafés in Prague?

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If Prague is known for its countless beers, the city is also a place where young people like to meet in cafés. In fact, you’ll find them on every street corner!

Some are, of course, better than others. So, if you like, join us on a tour of Prague’s best cafés.

1. Cafedu

Cafedu prague

Created by Iva Pejsarova, a PhD student who lived in London for a few years, Cafedu is a rather original establishment. Finding a similar concept lacking in the Czech Republic, she decided to import her idea straight from England.

A café but also a place to study (with even rooms set aside for it!), with photocopiers and wifi, you’ll be at school but also in a pub. The best part? You can stay all night to work. It’s located at 12, Škrétova 490, 120 00 Praha 2 (central district). One of the best cafés in Prague.

2. Mrtvá Ryba

This place is located right in the heart of Charles University’s Faculty of Science. Admittedly, the idea of creating a bar in a university is a bit daunting, but the place is very cosy, clean, warm and non-smoking!

So go ahead, relax, have a drink, read, chat – in short, treat yourself. There’s a reason why it’s on our list of the best cafés in Prague. Would you like to go there? Mrtvá Ryba is located at Benátská 4/1965, 128 00 Nové Město (downtown district).

3. Můj šálek kávy

Muj salek kavy

Most coffee-lovers know this place and have made it one of the most recognized spots in the business. Expectations are high and disappointments relatively rare. Alternative preparation methods, excellent recommendations, the opportunity to try several coffees, in short, the place is pretty great.

Beware, during rush periods, you’ll need to make a reservation to be sure you can get a seat! Můj šálek kávy is located at Křižíkova 386/105, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín. We highly recommend it. In our opinion, it’s one of the best cafés in Prague!

4. Kafe Karlín

Kafe Karlin 1

The place is tiny and not very exciting. But the coffee is delicious. Idea of the century? Grab a takeaway coffee, some homemade cakes and sit down in the nearby Jiřího z Poděbrad park.

You’ll find the front door at Sokolovská 46/51, 186 00 Karlín (a very pleasant, up-and-coming district). Once there, you’ll understand why Kafe Karlin also features on our list of Prague’s best cafés.

5. Mama Coffee

Mama coffee prague

Mama Coffee is a brand name. But a very good one. Go to Mama Coffee near Mustek, in Vodickova. 2 floors, a calm atmosphere, a hipster bobo decor and, of course, excellent coffee. A must-try. If it ever gets full, you can always go to Café Neustadt, just across the street. In short, a pleasant experience.

6. Café Neustadt

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Located right across the street from Mama coffee, the two are certainly at war! But it’s understandable, since both offer excellent products, classy, relaxed interiors and, by extension, the assurance of a pleasant moment.

A special mention goes to Café Neustadt’s small terrace and the fact that it’s a little more hidden than its direct competitor! It’s in Karlovo nám. 23, 120 00 Nové Město. A must on our list of Prague’s best cafés!

7. Headshot Coffee

Head shot coffee 1

The place is tiny. But then their drinks are to die for. A (very) special mention goes to their hot chocolate, which is made in a way never seen before (at least for us), with real melted chocolate at the bottom of your cup!

Low prices, close to the center and a hot chocolate you’ll remember for the rest of your life. What could be better? You’ll find Headshot Coffee at Jungmannova 19/7, 110 00 Nové Město.

8. Žižkavárna

Zizkavarna 1

We love Žižkavárna, not least because of its location. The place is simple, bright and very welcoming. It’s located at 17, Kubelíkova 1477, Žižkov, just off Bořivojova Street.

It’s a lively place where you can enjoy a coffee, a good beer from a local brewery and, last but not least, some excellent cakes! We recommend the carrot cake. A top taste experience for this “kavarna” that we urge you to discover.

9. Ty kávo!

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This cosy place is everything we love. Subdued lighting, a unique atmosphere, quality coffee… We particularly appreciate the wide selection of hot drinks and delicious cocktails.

A place we highly recommend, especially as it’s not overly expensive. One of the best cafés in Prague, in our opinion! Getting there is easy. Just go to the following address: J. Plachty 3163/28, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov.

10. Double B

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Located at Anglicka 159/15, Double B is a coffee and tea shop we recommend! In fact, it’s all about healthy, environmentally-friendly products. Coffee from elsewhere is sure to surprise you with its aromas and strength. The same goes for tea. In short, we can’t invite you enough to one of these Prague cafés.

discover the best cafés in Prague

Would you like to discover the best cafés in Prague? Just come and see for yourself! A visit to the capital can’t be done without stops and breaks. So remember to take a little time for yourself, a little time to recharge your batteries. This can only benefit you throughout your stay and your visit.

If you’re already here, you might be looking for a restaurant. We’ve thought of you with a selection of the city’s best vegetarian, vegan and typical restaurants! In short, we’ve thought of everything 🙂

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