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All you need to know about the Prague’s carnival

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The Prague Carnival is quite a story. Indeed, the city transforms itself over a period of a few days, from the end of February to the beginning of March. This is an opportunity for visitors and locals alike to party and celebrate the local culture as it should be.

In the following article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Czech tradition of Masopust, the Prague Carnival!

History of Prague Carnival

Every year, in the heart of the Czech capital, the famous Prague Carnival, also called “Masopust“, takes place. Numerous parades are held throughout the city during the period from late February to early March.

You will find beautiful processions in which hundreds or even thousands of people gather to celebrate. 

During this period, events are organized all over the city (museums, streets, galleries and theaters). There is plenty for everyone to enjoy, from the youngest children to the most passionate adults!

Good to know

Masopust is a bit like Mardi Gras in France. It is an ancient tradition that celebrates all that is good about the Czech Republic… In short, it is a convivial moment where everyone likes to get together.

The Prague Carnival, an old tradition

The Prague Carnival is the result of a tradition that goes back over 700 years!  As is often the case with the Czechs, it is an opportunity to celebrate everything from the country’s history, to its gastronomy, to its wine and culture.

Moreover, an exhibition of masks and costumes can be seen at the Clam-Gallas Palace, one of the most exciting museums in Prague.

However, this carnival is not “only” held in the city center and the most famous streets. It also takes place in Žižkov, one of the most lively and pleasant areas of the capital. This is an opportunity for you to visit a part of the capital that you probably never thought of before.

What to do during the Prague Carnival?

In concrete terms, the Prague Carnival will give you the opportunity to

  • Watch the parades
  • Wear unusual masks
  • Organize a feast
  • Participate in different parades
  • Visit the Masopust market
  • In Prague, Mardi Gras is a time to party, especially in Jiřího z Poděbrad, where many bars, cafés and restaurants don’t hesitate to play along either!

The advantage is that during this period you will never have anything to be bored of. Whether in Hlubočepy, Dubeč and Břevnov or even Andel, the city is adorned with 1,000 colors and offers a total immersion in this funny universe.

Where to stay during the Prague carnival?

Would you like to discover Prague during the carnival period? We’ve written some content about the best places to stay. So don’t hesitate to read our articles on:

  • The best hotels in Prague, to get an overview of the best establishments, whether in the city center or elsewhere

Our advice

The Prague Carnival is an opportunity to party and discover the country and the city as you never thought you’d see it. However, take the opportunity to discover the capital’s must-sees, so that you can get a better idea of what the Czech Republic has to offer.

How much does it cost to attend the Prague Carnival?

Participating in the Prague Carnival is completely free. In fact, there is no entrance fee or anything else. However, if you want to dress up or wear makeup, you will need to budget accordingly. For the rest, you can have fun, enjoy and take great pictures for… Nothing at all!

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