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What are the best pubs to watch sports on TV in Prague ?

bar sport prague

As we all know, a holiday, a weekend away, an expatriation and you miss just one thing: a good game of football, rugby or whatever.

Luckily for you, Prague is a very touristy city and it’s quite possible to find an establishment where you can relax for an hour or two and watch a bit of sport on television.

While rugby and football are favoured, ice hockey matches and major international competitions, such as athletics, are often broadcast on television. So if you don’t want to miss a thing, come along with us on this short tour of Prague’s sports bars.

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Where to watch sport in a bar in Prague?

Planning to watch sport in Prague? In the rest of this article, we take a look at the best bars, those that broadcast both Ligue 1 football matches and the European basketball league. In short, an establishment in which to drink a good beer in front of a lively match.

1. The Dubliner


The Dubliner is an Irish bar located right in the centre of Prague. Here you can enjoy some excellent Guinness, but above all you can watch a match and have a good lunch.

Rugby, football, European Cup nights – you name it, the Dubliner is a sports bar par excellence, with a very warm but always friendly atmosphere!

Of course, it’s not as good as being in a stadium, but it’s not bad. Don’t forget to make a reservation, otherwise you might not be able to get in.

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2. Lion&Ball


Also located right in the center of Prague, the Lion&Ball sport bar is one of the best-known venues for locals and tourists alike. Here, too, you can watch all kinds of sporting events.

Be warned, though, that prices here are a little higher than elsewhere, but the place is still very friendly and welcoming. On a positive note, if you don’t watch the same posters as everyone else, you can have your own little TV in a corner, just ask.

Don’t forget to make a reservation. At lunchtime or in the evening, when you’re having a drink and watching the matches, the place gets packed very, very quickly!

3. Drunken Monkey

drunken monkey

A little further out, the Drunken Monkey is a sports bar frequented by Prague’s youth. In fact, it’s the place where male and female students, particularly from abroad, meet.

It’s not uncommon to see touts advertising it as you cross the central square of the old town. But after all, the most important thing is to see a good match, a good meeting, and the setting offered by the Drunken Monkey lends itself perfectly to this, so this establishment deserves to be on our list.

4. Hooters


Do we really need to introduce you to Hooters? The Hooters is an American sports bar par excellence.

On the premises, you’ll find beer, several televisions in front of which to watch your match, and above all – and this is the whole concept of the bar – young girls in average clothes.

Orange mini-shorts, t-shirts bearing the name of the establishment, you’ll always be served with a smile… Even if it’s better in a stadium!

5. James Joyce

james joyce

The James Joyce is a bar-restaurant in Prague. In fact, it was the first establishment in the Czech Republic to sell Guinness. A part of the history of the drink in Prague, which not only takes you back in time, but also allows you to watch some great posters, as two plasma screens have been installed inside. One of the nicest places to go to enjoy a football match!

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Another piece of Prague history. Jama was the very first American bar to open its doors in Prague, 20 years ago. Located not far from Wenceslas Square, the place is all about US sports.

Whether it’s American football, ice hockey, baseball or basketball, this is a great meeting place for Americans and those who share a passion for sports developed on the other side of the Atlantic.

There are several small screens on the premises, but a plasma is located at the back of the bar, giving you a slightly better view. All of which means that many customers flock here.

7. Riegrovy Sady

meilleurs parcs prague

To the delight of the locals, the beergarden in Riegovry Sady (on our list of the city’s best parks) has reopened. In summer, during sporting events, a gigantic screen is set up there, allowing everyone to watch the match and, above all, have a good drink.

A real event, since the place had to close its doors! Almost better than a stadium, especially if you want to support your favourite team… Even if the comfort isn’t optimal, as this is an outdoor venue.

8. Pohoda


There are plenty of Irish bars and sports bars in Prague. However, you can also find other, more typical bars where you can follow your favourite teams, such as Sport’s Bar Pohoda.

This bar is much cheaper than the others in the old town, serves excellent beers and allows you to watch football matches, American football etc…

9. McCarthy's


McCarthy’s Irish Pub is the opposite of Pohoda. A sports bar in Prague, it also serves as a nightclub. It’s a lively place, but very pleasant, especially if you want to watch a good football match.

The establishment is located at Rytířská 406/10, in the Old Town. It’s not as good as the stadium, but it’s right in the centre, probably close to your hotel!

10. Zlatá Hvězda

sport republique tcheque

If you’re tired of being surrounded by expats, young people at stag parties and expensive Guinness… We invite you to turn to Zlatá Hvězda Sports Bar.

One of the best sports bars in Prague. Be careful though. Less well known, it is still very popular and therefore often full. Remember to make a reservation on match nights and even at lunchtime.

Now you know all about the best sports bars in Prague!

Sport has a real place in Czech society and culture. Many establishments offer the chance to reserve a table in the evening to watch a good football match. If you’re not into sports, be sure to head for one of Prague’s many vegetarian restaurants. In all cases, the Czech capital offers you the assurance of a successful evening!

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