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The 10 best typical restaurants in Bucharest

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In the Romanian capital there are things to admire, things to listen to… And also things to enjoy! The traditional gastronomy is very present in Bucharest and the city does not lack of choices as far as typical restaurants are concerned.

Whether you’re looking for authenticity, simplicity or high-end cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

What are the 10 best restaurants in Bucharest?

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We have gathered for you a selection of the best restaurants in Bucharest regarding the typical and traditional Romanian cuisine. Each one having different tastes, it only remains for you to pick from it according to what interests you. Enjoy your reading and have a good appetite!

1. Bucatarasul cel Dibaci

Bucatarasul cel Dibaci

Bucatarasul cel Dibaci is located about 10 minutes walk from the old town. You will find a wide range of typical Romanian dishes, which will make you feel like you are in a Romanian grandmother’s house.

The service is fast, smiling, and the prices are really affordable. Enjoy one of the best typical restaurants in Bucharest at Strada Olteni 3.

2. Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare

Hanu' Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare

Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare is a great place to enjoy a traditional meal. You can choose between the indoor and the covered terrace. The dishes are hearty so make sure you have room before you go.

We recommend making a reservation as the restaurant is very popular. It is located at Strada Poenaru Bordea 2.

3. Zexe


If you want to have a good time in the Romanian tradition, you should go to Zexe at least once. The staff is very friendly and the service is fast. You will find typical Romanian recipes that you can accompany with a craft beer.

We recommend you to try the desserts, which are really tasty. The restaurant is located in an old building in Bucharest decorated in an old style. This place is worth a visit, both for the atmosphere and for the food. You can find it at Strada Icoanei 80.

4. Vatra


Vatra is an excellent typical restaurant located in downtown Bucharest. It’s a must if you want to experience Romanian culture.

The decoration, as well as the cuisine, is traditional. The service is friendly and will make sure you have a great time with them. The address is Strada Ion Brezoianu 19.

5. Kane


For those who love local, fresh and responsible cuisine, we can only recommend Kane. In this establishment, every dish is full of history. The staff does its best to satisfy you throughout the meal.

This is very appreciable and it confirms the position of Kane in our selection of the best typical restaurants in Bucharest. Kane is known among locals for its exceptional cuisine and impeccable service. More than a meal, live a memorable experience at Kane, at the address Strada Dianei 9.



What does an Irish pub do in an article about the best typical restaurants in Bucharest? Don’t be fooled! Primus offers classic pub recipes, but also very well cooked traditional Romanian dishes. The ideal place if you want to rub shoulders with the locals, who will come to appreciate the simplicity and the taste of the pub dishes.

This establishment also offers a breakfast formula, which can be interesting if you are looking for an atypical place to start the day. Moreover, the staff is very welcoming. Its address: Strada George Enescu 3.

7. Caru’cu bere

Caru'cu bere

If you want to go to Caru’cu bere, we strongly advise you to reserve your table. Indeed, this typical restaurant is very popular with locals and travelers alike. It is easy to understand: the food is excellent, not very expensive and the service is competent. 

Some evenings you can attend live music sessions, sometimes accompanied by dancers in traditional dress. A great place to spend some time in Romanian culture at Strada Stavropoleos 5.

8. Pescăruș


On the shore of Lake Herăstrău is the restaurant Pescăruș. In addition to enjoying a great view, you can enjoy typical Romanian cuisine on their large terrace.

The service is pleasant, friendly and will make your meal go smoothly. Enjoy one of the best value for money in Bucharest by visiting Aleea Pescăruș 1.

9. Old Kitchen 

Old Kitchen 

The Old Kitchen is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Appreciated for its warm and relaxed atmosphere, you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city while dining here.

The recipes are made with fresh and local ingredients, which is always a plus. Enjoy typical cuisine at this Bucharest restaurant at Strada Sfinții Voievozi 13.

10. Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Elena Lupescu

Hanu' Berarilor Casa Elena Lupescu

At Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Elena Lupescu, you’ll have the choice of dining in a well-decorated indoor space, or on the establishment’s large terrace.

Once you have made your choice, you will be able to enjoy a flawless service and a really delicious cuisine, in the respect of the typical Romanian cuisine. You can find this restaurant at Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 51.

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This article is coming to an end and you are now aware of our selection of the best typical restaurants in Bucharest. If you want to go further in planning your trip to the capital, we recommend you to check our other articles, such as our top 10 best hotels in Bucharest.

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