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Top 10 best restaurants in Brussels

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When visiting Brussels, there are a number of must-see places that you should discover. The bars in Brussels are some of the things to try at the end of the day or in the evening, but the typical Belgian restaurants are a must, both for lunch and for dinner. You’ll quickly understand why we eat well in Belgium.

What are the best restaurants in Brussels?

In this article, we will present you the 10 best typical restaurants in Brussels. These are good addresses to have once you’re there to discover the beautiful portions that the Belgians serve with a good heart. If you want to know other good addresses, we recommend you to read our article dedicated to the 10 best bars in Brussels.

1. Fin de siècle

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Let’s start our top 10 with a very popular restaurant located in the center of the city, serving typical Belgian dishes. With excellent quality food and a very friendly atmosphere, you’ll enjoy your visit for a nice dinner.

Although the prices are quite high, you will love the atmosphere in this typical Brussels restaurant. We recommend you to go to the Fin de siècle restaurant at least once during your visit. Its address is 9 rue des Chartreux, 1000.

2. Le Chou de Bruxelles

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With a professional service preceded by a very good welcome, the restaurant Le chou de Bruxelles will seduce you. Its menu is very varied with, in particular, a large number of mussels and French fries of good quality. Don’t hesitate to finish your meal with a 2 chocolates mousse for dessert. Nice discovery to make at 26 rue de Florence, 1050.

3. Le rendez-vous des artistes

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A very good culinary experience awaits you at 24 rue Dejoncker, 1060, in the heart of Brussels. Indeed, Le rendez-vous des artistes offers good shrimp croquettes as a starter and linguine with lobster as a main course. Everything is delicious, and the service is very professional.

Note that the quality-price ratio is good. We recommend this typical Brussels restaurant for lovers of Belgian cuisine.

4. Le Bistro

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Le Bistro offers marinated mussels and chicken brochettes to its customers, so that they can discover the real Belgian cuisine. You will get a very good service with a very friendly staff. We highly recommend you to eat there if you are near the address 138 Boulevard de Waterloo, 1000.

7. 9 and neighbors

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This is another very good restaurant in Brussels where you will discover many typical and hearty dishes. The 9 and neighbors is perfectly arranged with a small charming mezzanine.

Perfectly located in the capital at 1 Van Artevelde street, 1000, we highly recommend it. The interior is warmer than the terrace near busy roads. The prices are correct and the service very pleasant.

6. La Marée

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You will have an exemplary service in the restaurant La Marée. With a very friendly and attentive staff, and an absolute freshness of the food for plates more than well filled, you will enjoy your moment 99 rue de Flandre, 1000. A place not to be missed by all fish lovers.

7. C’est bon C’est Belge

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A warm welcome from the staff awaits you at the restaurant C’est bon C’est Belge. You will meet adorable waiters. You will be put in a friendly and warm atmosphere, as soon as you arrive.

You will discover hearty dishes of a fresh and authentic taste, which will be nothing but a pure delight for a typical Belgian cuisine. If you are looking for a restaurant ideally located and nice, then do not hesitate to go to 3 rue de Rollebeek, 1000.

8. Grimbergen Bruxelles Café

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The team of the restaurant Grimbergen Bruxelles Café is very nice, and the location is ideal with a nice terrace. On the menu you will have only Belgian specialties such as fried mussels, different meats, fish.

Don’t hesitate to try the fried mussels with white wine. Located at 22 place Sainte-Catherine, 1000, it is a typical Brussels restaurant that deserves a stop.

9. Comme Chez Soi

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For an unforgettable evening in Brussels with your loved ones, the typical restaurant Comme Chez Soi is undoubtedly the right place to go. With a warm welcome and impeccable service, not to mention a well-stocked and beautifully presented plate, your visit will be a real delight. A good start to a couple’s evening at 23 place Rouppe, 1000.

10. Le Marmiton

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If you are interested in eating in a cosy and well decorated restaurant during your stay in Brussels, Le Marmiton may interest you. You will have a very nice view on the street while enjoying your meal where the food is excellent with fresh and typical products.

The prices are reasonable and the service is exceptional with very friendly waiters. Remember to reserve your table in advance. This typical Brussels restaurant is located in the Queen’s gallery 38, at 43 rue des Bouchers, 1000.

Enjoy the best places in Brussels

You now know the 10 best typical restaurants in Brussels to discover this culinary side that the Belgian capital likes to present to tourists. Know that many other addresses are to be discovered in this small capital, as the must-see places in Brussels.