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How to enjoy the best Trdelník in Prague

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Visiting Prague without taking the time to discover, test and taste the famous trdelník? That’s a crazy idea!

This very famous and popular pastry is sold everywhere in the city center and in all the tourist spots.

In the following article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this product, from its conception to its prices, including the best addresses!

What is a trdelník?

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If you’re visiting Prague, you’re bound to notice the presence of cakes that look (and taste) delicious! These cakes are called trdelník. But what are they exactly?

Trdelník is a circular, tube-shaped cake made from flour, milk, sugar and butter. To this are added a little cinnamon and cane sugar, and even melted chocolate and crushed hazelnuts… In short, a treat for the eyes as well as the nose and, above all, the mouth!

The advantage? You will find trdelník, everywhere in Prague, but especially in the center of the city, on the side of Můstek, Náměstí Republiky and Muzeum. So don’t hesitate to succumb and let yourself be tempted.

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Where can you find the best trdelník in Prague?

Find out about our selection of the 5 best trdelník in Prague. A quality selection, for taste buds that should thank you!

🍴 What people say about Krusta 🍴

4/5 – TripAdvisor

Located in Karlova 146/23, 110 00, in the first district of the capital, the Kursta bakery offers what is close to the best trdelník in Prague.

At least one of the best. 60 crowns, for a real treat. Its big advantage? Krusta stays open until 3am. Basically, you can indulge yourself morning, noon, evening and even night.

Where can you find Krusta?

Adress : Karlova 147/44 12
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 7am – 5pm
Phone number : +420 607 745 948

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🍴 What people say about U Kajetána 🍴

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor

One of the main places to eat a trdelník in Prague is at U Kajetána, located at Nerudova 248/17, 118 00 Malá Strana.

Two points make it one of the most popular places: the quality of its trdelník, but also and above all, the fact that it is halfway between the center and the castle of Prague.

You can order your cake outside and go on your way, or enjoy the interior of the restaurant and its yard.

Where can you find U Kajetána?

Adress : Nerudova 248/17, Mala Strana
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 9am – 7pm
Phone number : +420 773 011 031

🍴 What people say about Karlova 🍴

3.5/5 – TripAdvisor

Located Karlova 190/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Karlova is a small shop that claims by itself, to sell the best trdelník in Prague. Is this true? We don’t know. The only certainty is that they are pretty good.

One of the big advantages of Karlova (besides its location) is its industrial ice cream extras, small cherry on top and even the unlikely Nutella – ice cream combo… Suffice to say that you’ll have to walk a long way to eliminate!

Where can you find Karlova?

Adress : Karlova 190/1
Opening hours :  No information
phone number : No information

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🍴 What people say about Trdelník 🍴

3.5/5 – TripAdvisor

Soberly named, this store located Malostranské Náměstí 118 00 Praha 1 is a classic seller. A small, street-fronted store that offers freshly made trdelník.

In front of it and nearby you will find, by the way, many other relatively similar stores. A quality product, which we recommend you to try even if in our opinion the Creperie U Kajetána remains a sure value.

Where can you find Trdelník?

Adress : No information
Opening hours :  No information
phone number : No information

🍴 What people say about Celetná 🍴

3.5/5 – TripAdvisor

Celetná is one of the most famous addresses to eat a good trdelník in Prague. A quality product, especially since the accompaniment is often rich and varied.

With whipped cream, Nutella and hazelnuts, cane sugar and even ice cream, you will have plenty to enjoy. An address that is also easy to find. To fully enjoy it, go to Celetná 565/26, 110 00 Staré Město.

Where can you find Celetná?

Adress : Celetná 565/26, 110 00 Staré Město
Opening hours :  No information
phone number : No information

How much does a trdelník cost in Prague?

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Of course, the price of trdelník varies depending on the stores and their location. Generally speaking, you will find small shops that offer them around 60 crowns, which is the equivalent of 2.30 euros.

If you add chocolate inside and cane sugar, the bill can rise to 100 crowns, or even more in some places. A little expensive, even if for many, the price is well worth it. Hungry for more? Discover our selection of the best typical restaurants in Prague!