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What are the best bars in Warsaw?

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As the capital of Poland, Warsaw has many pleasant places where locals like to go for a drink with friends throughout the week. It’s a great way to enjoy the city’s friendly atmosphere and meet new people. That’s why we recommend visiting some of the best bars in Warsaw.

What are the best bars in Warsaw?

In this article, we will present ten great places to go out in Warsaw and make the most of your stay. There are also other interesting places to discover if you’re traveling to other polish cities like Krakow, or Wroclaw, with their abundance of top-notch establishments.

Steam bar

steam bar

Steam bar is a cocktail bar in Warsaw where a new cocktail is offered every hour. Regardless of the drink you choose, your time spent in this atmospheric bar in Warsaw will be in a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

You’ll find some customers playing chess and others taking selfies in this lovely venue. Visit Nowogrodzka 23, 00-511 for a great friendly evening in Warsaw.

Chmielnik café & pub

chmielnik cafe pub

In a very pleasant atmosphere where friendly service and individual approach to each customer are key, you’ll enjoy a nice evening as a couple at Chmielnik café & pub. This bar in the city center of Warsaw will live up to your expectations in terms of various drinks. You won’t regret stopping by Chmielna 20, 00-020.

Same Krafty

same krafty

Same Krafty is a friendly little pub offering a nice variety of draft beers from all over and also serving delicious pizzas for the more food-loving customers. It’s a nice bar in Warsaw with a sense of conviviality. We recommend going to Nowomiejska 10, 00-271.

Jabeerwocky Craft Beer Pub

jabeerwocky craft beer pub

Jabeerwocky Craft Beer Pub offers a wide selection of local beers. You’ll encounter many expats who are familiar with the place. The bar’s decoration is interesting, with the names of the beers displayed on a large wall.

It’s a microbrewery in Warsaw that you’ll enjoy with friends, thanks to the friendly staff who take the time to explain the different beers. After a few beers, the bravest among you might even buy a Jabeerwocky glass and a t-shirt as souvenirs. Have a great evening at Nowogrodzka 12, 00-511.

Woda Ognista

woda ognista

You’ll be warmly welcomed at Woda Ognista, which is nothing less than a cocktail bar in Warsaw, conveniently located in the city. The cocktails are surprising and well-prepared by the friendly servers.

In-between a few drinks, we recommend trying the Polish tapas, which are excellent and will be a delightful discovery in a trendy setting with a friendly atmosphere. Head to Wilcza 8, 00-532.

Pijana Wisnia

pijana wisnia

If you’re looking for an unusual place in Warsaw, you should visit Pijana Wisnia, a very nice bar where they serve only one drink, which happens to be a real success. You’ll enjoy a good mulled wine in good company. With a dominant red decor and everything revolving around cherries, we’ll let you form your own opinion at Nowy Świat 39, 00-330.

Elephant Belgian Pub

elephant belgian pub

With an incredible variety of Belgian beers, Elephant Belgian Pub attracts many expats who love to drink foreign beers, even if they’re a bit more expensive than elsewhere. This beer bar in Warsaw will satisfy you in terms of choice and taste, and you can spend several hours or even a whole evening there. It’s a great address in Warsaw for socializing. Visit Freta 19, 00-227.



Located near the Presidential Palace, Klar is a good cocktail bar in Warsaw where you can also enjoy delicious pizzas. True cocktail enthusiasts will take care of you, guiding you perfectly in your drink choices. The welcome and the atmosphere are worth the visit. The address is Krakowskie Przedmieście 41, 00-070.

Hopster Craft & Food

hopster craft food

If you’re looking for very affordable beers accompanied by friendly service, don’t hesitate to visit Hopster Craft & Food located at Nowy Świat 53, 02-040. You’ll find a hipster atmosphere with a friendly clientele, where you can make some great connections.

Klub bazar

klub bazar

Here’s a small bistro where you can discover or rediscover the famous Czech beer Bernard, accompanied by good local dishes. It’s a nice and pleasant place where you can relax with family, as a couple, or with friends, surrounded by locals. Go to Jagiellońska 13, 03-710 if you want to go to a bar in Warsaw with a good value for money.

Enjoy the best places to discover in Warsaw

Warsaw is a beautiful and large city that can be explored in many ways. Going to a bar and enjoying the local atmosphere and making new connections is one of them. We recommend visiting some of these atmospheric bars in Warsaw to have your own experience.

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