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Warsaw’s 10 best restaurants

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Once you’ve explored Warsaw’s sights, we recommend you visit one of the city’s many restaurants to discover the local cuisine and the different drinks that go with it.

What are the best restaurants in Warsaw?

In this article, we’ll show you the best places to eat in Warsaw, where you can discover the various Polish dishes and come into contact with the locals at the same time. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in local culture and meet new people in the capital.

1. Stara Kamienica

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At the Stara Kamienica restaurant, you’ll be offered a tapenade at the start of your meal and shots of vodka for the men and rosé for the women. With hearty dishes and friendly, helpful waiters, you’ll appreciate the pleasant setting of this pretty Warsaw restaurant. Go to Widok 8, 00-023 for affordable prices and impeccable quality.

2. Stolica

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At Stolica, you’ll find friendly waiters who’ll be delighted to seat you. You’ll enjoy your meal with impeccable service. The food is local and excellent, in an idyllic setting.

All this for an unbeatable price. A treat awaits you at this inexpensive Warsaw restaurant in Szeroki Dunaj 1/3, 00-255.

3. Pyzy Flaki Gorace

pyzy flaki gorace varsaw

Here’s a little Warsaw restaurant that might interest you, as the dishes are carefully served in pots. You’ll eat typical Polish dishes in small quantities, but good enough to be enjoyed. The address of Pyzy Flaki Gorace is Brzeska 29/31, 03-739.

4. Prodiz Warszawski

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If you’re looking for a small local restaurant in Warsaw, with very friendly service, an interesting and varied menu and vegetarian dishes to suit everyone, we recommend Prodiz Warszawski.

You’ll be warmly welcomed and perfectly guided in your choice of dishes. The restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but it’s well worth a visit. The address is Poznańska 16, 00-680.

5. Specjaly Regionalne

Specjaly Regionalne varsaw 1

Specjaly Regionalne looks like a small Warsaw bistro right in the center of the capital. This is another very good restaurant serving regional specialties.

Situated on a busy street with many terraces all around, this friendly restaurant also has a small one for couples to enjoy an evening meal.

The staff are attentive and friendly. We recommend the address in Nowy Świat 44, 00-363.

6. Stary Dom Restaurant

restaurant stary dom warszaw

For a cosy place with a charming rustic decor, the Stary Dom Restaurant will be a good address during your visit to Warsaw. It serves hearty and delicious traditional Polish dishes. The restaurant also offers an excellent selection of beer and liqueurs. A friendly spot in the Polish capital located at Puławska 104/106, 02-620.

7. Akademia Restaurant

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A warm welcome awaits you at Akademia Restaurant, where everything is done to satisfy the customer. Although the place is intended to be a little chic, the atmosphere is calm and hushed for a good meal as a couple or with the family.

With a well-stocked menu, you’ll discover Polish cuisine that balances tradition and modernity. The address of this fine Warsaw restaurant is Różana 2/lok 61, 02-548. The establishment is close to some of the Polish capital’s best bars.

8. Amber Room

Amber Room

It’s no surprise that this pretty Warsaw gourmet restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star when you consider the exceptional quality and presentation of the dishes offered to customers.

Lovers of fine gourmet food will find nothing to complain about here, as the presentation of each dish is skilfully crafted and the chefs’ mastery is evident. A great Warsaw address to visit: Al. Ujazdowskie 13, 00-567.

9. Zapiecek

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Zapiecek is the perfect address in the Polish capital for discovering local specialties at affordable prices. A warm welcome awaits you on arrival at this inexpensive Warsaw restaurant, with hearty, high-quality dishes.

The restaurant’s menu offers all the Polish specialties you need to try. You’ll also be able to take away what you couldn’t finish. The address is Świętojańska 13, 00-266.

10. Zielnik

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Zielnik is a typical Warsaw restaurant where elegance is the order of the day, both in terms of decoration and presentation of the regional dishes on the à la carte menu. A small courtyard terrace is open in fine weather. A great address for couples. Don’t hesitate to visit Antoniego Edwarda Odyńca 15, 02-6.

Warsaw’s best restaurants, in brief

Eating in a restaurant in Poland means enjoying a meal at the best price, but above all, a meal of rare quality. Local specialities are simply exquisite.

Don’t hesitate to lose yourself in the menus. We also recommend you try the local cheeses. Finally, after your meat, beer and other always enjoyable dishes, think about a good cup of coffee. For the more adventurous, a visit to one of the city’s many bars is a natural next step!

Warsaw, a culinary culture to discover

By now, you’re familiar with many of Warsaw’s best restaurants, where you can enjoy the very best of Polish cuisine.

Although the dishes are hearty and heavy, you’ll appreciate this good, simple cuisine and get a better idea of what’s on offer in Central Europe.

If you’d like to know where to stay in the Polish capital, we recommend you read our article on the best hotels in Warsaw.