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The best 10 nightclubs in Berlin

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Berlin is a city known for its wild parties. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs, there is plenty to do. Trust us, you won’t get bored.

In the following article, we present you our selection of the best nightclubs in Berlin. Alternative music, DJ, good atmosphere, in short you will not be disappointed by these establishments that we are about to propose you.

Some of the best nightclubs in Berlin

The city of Berlin is known for some of its iconic nightclubs. When you’re there, you shouldn’t bother at all. Famous DJs are spinning their wheels and keeping you dancing until the wee hours of the morning. We wanted to take a closer look at the subject to offer you our list of the best nightclubs in the German capital.

berghain berlin

1. Berghain

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
3.8/5 – Google

It’s impossible to start our list of the best clubs and nightclubs in Berlin without mentioning the Berghain. A former power station, this club is iconic in the German capital.

Known as “the techno capital of the world”, this place will keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning.

That being said, it’s hard to get in. Go for a chill (almost nonchalant) attitude and a style of dress that goes with it: black clothes, shoes – be creative.

Adress : Am Wriezener bhf, 10243 Berlin
Opening hours : Fri – Sat : 10pm – 6am / Sun : 24/24 

What we think of Berghain


  • The selection at the entrance
  • The mood once inside
  • The life experience of this symbolic place

What we like the most

“You can’t tell about Berghain, you just have to live it once”.

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

Loophole Berlin is probably the craziest club in the German capital. It is a former brothel where the parties are really trashy. Electro music, funny experiments, beers galore, in short the atmosphere is amazing.

One thing is certain, when you enter, you will live a really improbable experience. This club is located at Boddinstraße 60.

Adress : Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin

What we think of Loophole


  • Nightclub but also bar, concert hall
  • Friendly staff
  • Cheap drinks

What we like the most

We hesitate between the history of the premises, their eccentricity and the prices on offer…

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3/5 – TripAdvisor
4/5 – Google

Sisyphos is not the most famous nightclub in Berlin. However, this club is very liked by the local population, who compare it to a place where a music festival on the beach could happen. The reason?

When you walk through the doors, you’ll arrive at a “beach” with a small lake, a dance floor, a pizzeria and, most improbably, an abandoned bus. The Sisyphos is open from Friday night midnight to Monday 10am.

Adress : Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin
Opening hours : From Friday (midnight) until monday (10am) 

What we think of Sisyphos


  • Lots of little activities
  • A unique place that celebrates the freedom of life
  • An indescribable atmosphere

What we like the most

A place with a special spirit. You have to understand it to appreciate it.

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3/5 – TripAdvisor
3.4/5 – Google

Kater Blau is completely crazy. In some cases, the DJs take turns for four days non-stop. The atmosphere isn’t exactly chic. It’s more like a shock.

If you have the stamina, courage and faith to make it to the middle of Monday, you can be sure to run into some funny characters. The establishment is located at Holzmarktstraße 25.

Adress: Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin

What we think of Kater Blau


  • A unique location
  • The line is pretty fast
  • Exceptional sound system

What we like the most

A real sense of freedom in this club. It’s hard to find that anywhere else.

treffpunkt berlin

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3.5/5 – TripAdvisor
3.3/5 – Google

The Watergate is a nightclub in Berlin known for its LED lights. The main dance floor is improbable, since it is shaped like a tunnel. It is one of the most modern clubs in the city. The bay windows offer a breathtaking view of the Spree for a colorful evening. Big names in electro music go there. So you can enjoy a great DJ!

Adress : Falckensteinstraße 49, 10997 Berlin
Opening hours : Thu : 11pm – 8am / Fri – Sat : 11pm – 10am
Phone number : +49 30 61280394

What we think of Watergate


  • The club’s pretty interior
  • The DJs, always very good
  • Very cool atmosphere, with affordable drinks

What we like the most

The club’s interior is considered to be very beautiful… And it is. Photos not allowed, though.

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
3.7/5 – Google

The Tresor is a 30 years old club. This nightclub was, at the time, located in the safe of a department store in East Berlin. Today it has moved to an old power station. The sound, on the spot, is exquisite. One could almost say that this is one of the best sound systems in the German capital. The club is located at Köpenicker Str. 70.

Adress : Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin
Opening hours : Wed – Thu : 11pm – 09am / Fri : 11pm – 12am / Sat – Sun from 12 to 12
Phone number : +49 30 62908750

What we think of Tresor


  • Very techno, undergrounds
  • Atypical places to visit
  • Very respectful people

What we like the most

It’s all in the name: techno, underground, great music…

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
3.8/5 – Google

KitKat Club is one of the most iconic nightclubs in Berlin. If you go there, you can be sure to spend a night… A little erotic. The parties are wild, the dance floor, very energetic. A delirious energy which is likely to inspire you and push you to dance, to speak, to have fun as rarely. The entrance is not necessarily as difficult as at the Berghain, but it is quite selective.

Adress : Köpenicker Straße 76, Brückenstraße 1, 10179 Berlin
Opening hours : Sat – Wed : 10pm – 07am / Thu : 10pm – 06am / Fri : 10pm – 08am 

What we think of KitKat Club


  • Sexy, almost erotic atmosphere
  • The pool, very nice
  • Great music

What we like the most

What happens at Berlin’s KitKat Club, stays at the KitKat Club

brunch berlin

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3.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.3/5 – Google

YAAM is a reggae club that is located right on the river. During the day, you might find groups of kids playing volleyball. In the evening, it’s a different story. You’ll enjoy live music and evenings with an Afro-Caribbean rhythm. The YAAM is located in An d. Schillingbrücke 3. The space is very pleasant and makes you want to enjoy a lively evening without overdoing it.

Adress : An d. Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin
Opening hours : Mon – Thu : 1pm – 2am / Fri – Sun : 2pm – 4am
Phone number : +49 175 7620494

What we think of YAAM


  • Very spacious premises
  • Cool, relaxed atmosphere
  • Feet in the sand is always fun

What we like the most

The location, very close to East Side Gallery. The cocktail bar is also very good.

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4/5 – TripAdvisor
4/5 – Google

SchwuZ is one of Berlin’s oldest nightclubs. Throughout the week, you’ll find mainstream events, underground parties and top DJs. The crowd is mixed. This is one of Berlin’s most emblematic gay clubs. Numerous themed evenings are organized in this former German brewery.

Adress : Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin
Opening hours : Tue – Thu : 7pm – 1am / Fri : 7pm – 7am / Sat : 7pm – 8am / Sun : 10pm – 10am
Phone number : +49 30 57702270

What we think of Schwuz


  • Numerous Drag Queen shows
  • Extremely affordable prices
  • Great atmosphere

What we like the most

Berlin’s iconic gay and queer club.

anomalie art club

10. Anomalie Art Club

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3.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.2/5 – Google

The Anomalie Art Club is a concept in itself: come for the dancing, but stay for the art. Indeed, inside this Berlin club you will find improbable visual designs making AAC one of the most spectacular clubs. This place hosts techno DJs from all over the world but also artists working in sound, light and installation.

Adress : Storkower Str. 123, 10407 Berlin
Phone number : +49 160 7623864

What we think of Anomalie Art Club


  • Perfect programming
  • Great sound
  • Extremely friendly staff

What we like the most

The entrance is wide open, so everyone can have fun, in an excellent atmosphere.

Berlin's nightlife is absolutely exciting

Visiting Berlin also means being curious about its nightlife, which can easily be described as hectic. In fact, no matter which district you visit (Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and so many others…), you can be sure that you won’t be bored. People are very laid-back, eager to party and have fun, just like you.

As for the rest, it’s worth remembering that Berlin’s nightclubs are mainly techno-oriented. In fact, the city is something of a techno capital. Berghain, Teledisko and so many other places specialize in this theme, and for hours on end, the DJs go on and on.

We hope this list of the 10 best nightclubs in Berlin has helped you organize your stay and, above all, have a great time, right up until the wee hours of the morning. Do you have a recommendation? Would you like to see a particular establishment on this list? We’d love to hear from you.