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The best beaches in Tallinn

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Although the sea tends to be slightly cold, it is quite possible to swim in Tallinn. Are you heading there right now?

Maybe you are even there and you are looking for a beach to walk on, to rest and to enjoy the sea? In the following article, we tell you everything about the best beaches in Tallinn where to swim!


To be very honest, there are not many solutions to enjoy the beach or the sea in Tallinn. However, there are and that’s the main thing. In the following text, we propose you to discover our selection of the 4 best beaches in the area.


We selected for you, 4 beaches. It should be said that it is about the only 4 true places in which to benefit fully! Here is a quick overview.


Kakumäe beach is much smaller, but also much quieter than all the other beaches in Tallinn. This one is actually located a little bit more on the outskirts. So it takes longer to get there.

It is the ideal beach especially for families with children. The water is clear and not very deep, so you can keep an eye on them. Finally, there are many playgrounds in the vicinity.

To get to Kakumäe, just take bus number 21 and 41 from Balti Jaam (train station) to Landi, then walk about 1 km. It takes a good hour to get there.


This is the most popular beach in Tallinn. It is quite large and easily accessible, which is why it attracts many locals. Here you will find people who have come to relax and enjoy themselves, to play, to swim or just to enjoy the sun.

The water here is also very clear… although a bit cool. It must be said that the Baltic Sea is not really known for its incredible temperatures. The little plus ? In addition to the view of the old Tallinn, Pirita has the Blue Flag label! A place that we recommend you to discover.

To get to Pirita, you have to take the buses n° 1A, 8 (stop: Pirita or Supluse Puiestee), 34A and 38 (stop: Pirita). From the city center, it takes about 20 minutes.


Recently created to meet the needs of the locals, Pikakari beach is located near the Katariina pier… An old military-industrial area. On the spot, the water is rather deep, allowing you to really enjoy good swimming sessions.

Not far away (but still quite a bit), the cruise ships pass by, creating a bit of a stir, which is always very pleasant, especially for wave lovers.

Like Pirita, Pikakari beach has been awarded the Blue Flag ecolabel. In addition to clean water, there are various ecological, educational and environmentally friendly activities on site. To get there, from the Central Station, you have to take bus 59. The journey will take about 25 minutes.


Unfortunately, Harku beach in Tallinn is not really a beach as it faces a lake. It is a perfect place to relax, play golf, sunbathe or go rowing.

As far as swimming is concerned, the water is shallow. If it’s enough to have fun, the sea is still a preferred option (especially for purists!). To get to Harku from the station square, you have to take bus number 43. The journey takes about 30 minutes!