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Discover everything about Nuremberg

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Would you like to visit the city of Nuremberg? Located in the heart of Bavaria, the city is only a two-hour drive from Munich. So it’s easy to get there, whether it’s for a day or a weekend.

In the following article, we suggest you to prepare your trip in the best possible way, by informing you about the 10 main activities, the 10 must-see visits to do in Nuremberg.

How to get to Nuremberg?

If you are based in the european capital cities (Prague, Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin), you can get to Nuremberg by bus or car. The journey takes between 3 and 4 hours. This is the ideal way to enjoy a short weekend abroad.

Of course, if you are in Munich or Berlin, you can also reach this medieval city directly from the road.

From the US or the UK, however, it is a bit more complicated. You can fly to Nuremberg or stop in Berlin or Munich and then take the bus or train to your destination.

What to do in Nuremberg?

Are you interested in going to Nuremberg? In the following content, we present you our selection of these 10 must-do activities, these 10 unmissable visits to do when you are there.

1. Kaiserburg

North of the old town of Nuremberg, there is a lovely castle that in the days of the Holy Roman Empire enjoyed real power. Every newly elected emperor was obliged by decree to hold his first Imperial Diet in Kaiserburg.

The view from the Sinwell Tower is a must. You can also visit a museum that explains everything about the Kaiserburg, its history and its importance.

2. Hauptmarkt

The Hauptmarkt is the main square where the city market takes place. Here you can feel the excitement of Nuremberg, taste currywurst and stroll through the various stalls while taking a seat in front of the Schöner Brunnen, the city fountain, considered one of the most important buildings in the city.

3. Visit the old town

Destroyed during the Second World War, Nuremberg’s Old Town has been reworked and restored to its original state. You will find one of the largest pedestrian areas in Europe. The buildings are amazing.

The medieval style is very strong. From the center you can see many important tourist points, such as the Nuremberg Castle, the Church of St. Sebald, the house of Albrecht Dürer and the Toy Museum.

4. The Lochgefängnis prison

The Lochgefängnis prison is located directly under the city hall. It is a former jail with 12 cells and a torture chamber. It is one of the strangest places in Nuremberg and dates back to the 14th century. 

5. Weinstadel

Wondering what to do in Nuremberg? Visit the Weinstadel! Originally, this medieval house housed lepers. Since then, the place has changed its purpose several times. It has been used as a wine store, student dormitory etc… You can visit it and go in front of it (at the hangman’s bridge) to take some nice pictures

6. Visit the Nazi congress hall

Nuremberg is where Hitler started his big Nazi party meetings. It is a congress hall (unfinished) that could accommodate up to 50,000 people. It is one of the best preserved places on the Nuremberg side of the city, having a direct connection to the Second World War.

7. The Nuremberg Trial

Courtroom 600 of the Justizpalast, where high-ranking Nazis were brought to trial between 1945 and 1949, is still in use. It can therefore be complicated to visit, even though some sessions are held during the week.

A room full of history, which has seen on its benches, the worst torturers of modern history. The courthouse also offers visitors the opportunity to go to the top floor to visit the museum dedicated to the famous Nuremberg trials.

8. Germanisches Nationalmuseum

The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is the guardian of the German-speaking world. You can learn much more about the history of Germany, its former empire and more through huge collections, mapping the German-speaking cultural past.

Medieval art, decorative art, liturgical art, music… You will learn about a lot of things. One of Nuremberg’s must-sees. The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is located at Kartäusergasse 1.

9. Going to Zum Gulden Stern

Zum Gulden Stern is the oldest bratwurst restaurant in the world. The meals offered are simply incredible, hearty and strictly follow the traditional recipes that have been handed down over the years.

The fresh sausages are grilled on site after being marinated, smoked and prepared by a specialized butcher. You can accompany it with a delicious sauerkraut. The Zum Gulden Stern is one of Nuremberg’s must-sees. It is located at Zirkelschmiedsgasse 26.

10. Visit the National Theater 

The National Theater in Nuremberg was founded in 1905. Today it is home to one of the largest opera houses and ballet companies in Germany. The Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra also performs in this symbolic place of the city. You can enjoy many classical performances, for the pleasure of the eyes and ears.

What to eat in Nuremberg?

Are you in Nuremberg and would like to find out more about the typical dishes or the best restaurants in the city? Discover our article on the best bars and restaurants in Nuremberg, to organize your stay and make a reservation in the establishment that tempts you the most.

Discover Nuremberg through its highlights

Visiting Nuremberg means discovering one of Germany’s most beautiful cities through some of its most iconic activities. Loaded with history, exciting, fun to discover and very well located, this one will not fail to delight you. We recommend that you also read our content on hotels in Munich, in order to prepare yourself a quality weekend or vacation!