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What are the best hotels in Brno?

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Brno is nothing less than the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to have a good time, especially during a long weekend.

We also recommend visiting Brno if you plan to explore the most beautiful corners of the Czech Republic during your vacation. In the rest of this article, we provide you with all the information to help you organize your stay. You will find a list of some of the best hotels in Brno!

Where to stay cheaply in Brno?

Organizing a trip can be long and tedious. Fortunately for you, we know the Czech Republic well. As a result, we present you with a list of some of the most affordable hotels in Brno. Whether it’s a hotel, a youth hostel, or a guesthouse, there is something for every taste.

What are the best hotels in Brno?

In the following content, we list some of the best hotels in Brno! This is a non-exhaustive list that will be improved based on experiences and feedback!

Barceló Brno Palace

barcelo brno palace

Barceló Brno Palace is one of the highest-rated hotels in Brno. It is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of the old town, on Silingrovo Square. The hotel is situated in a historic building known as Městský dvůr.

The spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as the breakfast, are highly appreciated. The products are simple, good, and organic! For those interested, this hotel in Brno also offers treatments, spas, and massages.

Cosmopolitan Bobycentrum

cosmopolitain bobycentrum

With prices starting at 46.50 euros per night (prices subject to change), Cosmopolitan Bobycentrum is a more affordable hotel in Brno compared to the one mentioned above. It is located 2 km from Špilberk Castle.

Inside, you will find a restaurant and an excellent bar for lively evenings. WiFi is also provided. This is a more affordable hotel that we recommend you to discover.

Avanti Hotel

avanti hotel

Avanti Hotel is a very good hotel. It is excellently located, approximately 200 meters from the large Kralovo Pole shopping center in Brno. It is a sports center with swimming pools and sports facilities, perfect for staying active.

Rooms are available starting from 64.08 euros per night. This hotel offers comfortable and bright rooms. The breakfast is often praised for its quality.

Hotel Vista

hotel vista

Hotel Vista in Brno-Medlánky is only a 10-minute tram ride from the city center. The rooms on-site are modern, spacious, and bright. All rooms have their own TV and bathroom.

A bit further from the center, it perfectly meets the expectations of travelers with a reasonable budget. The price per night starts from 50 euros. Ideal for a weekend!

Where are the best youth hostels in Brno?

If you prefer a more budget-friendly and “roots” travel experience, don’t worry, we have also prepared a selection of some of the best youth hostels in Brno.

Wake Up Wellness Hostel

wake up wellness hostel

Wake Up Wellness Hostel is a quality youth hostel. It is conveniently located within a short distance from all the main points of interest. Arriving by train from Prague? The central station is only a few hundred meters away.

This youth hostel in Brno is modern, and the rooms have their own seating area. Upstairs, you will find better-equipped rooms, including a bathroom. The price for a bed in a dormitory is around thirty euros.

Ruta 80

ruta 80

Ruta 80 Hostel is an affordable youth hostel in Brno that will inevitably remind you of the 80s. On-site, you will find a fully equipped kitchen and complimentary snacks such as coffee or tea at any time of the day.

If you are traveling by car, free parking is available. The hostel is located just in front of the Jugoslávská tram stop, making it easy to reach.

10-Z Bunker

10 z bunker

10-Z Bunker is an ideal youth hostel in Brno for history enthusiasts. It is located in the heart of a former atomic shelter beneath Špilberk Castle.

Free breakfast is offered every morning. In addition to that, you will have a guided tour of the establishment to learn more about its history. Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout the property.

Discover Brno and enjoy your experience on-site

Exploring Brno, in the heart of Moravia, means discovering a part of Czech history and culture. If you want to make the most of your stay, don’t miss our comprehensive article on the best restaurants and bars in Brno. It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about where to go out and return home with memorable experiences