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What are the best festivals in the Czech Republic ?

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After mentioning a few festivals in Prague, we wanted to focus on a broader picture, namely, festivals in the Czech Republic. As such, we’re going to present you with a list of some of the most enjoyable events to attend.

This is your chance to enjoy the country and its culture! As luck would have it, the major cities and centers are usually only four hours away by car. A real proximity, which will delight lovers of the arts, culture, music and even wine!

What are the biggest festivals in the Czech Republic?

In the rest of this article, we present a list of some of the biggest festivals in the Czech Republic. You’ll find a bit of everything: cinema, music, culture and even gastronomy! In short, there’s something for everyone.



The biggest film festival in the Czech Republic. Held in Karlovy Vary, in the far west of the country, the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is an opportunity to enjoy a cinema that is sometimes inaccessible.

Old Japanese films from the 1930s, new releases, previews, headliners: every year, lovers of the seventh art meet up in Karlovy Vary to spend a few days watching one film after another.

The setting is impressive. Easy to reach, the city is only 3 hours away by car, and a little less by train. When you get there, you can expect to discover a lively, bustling scene. Indeed, the whole of the Czech youth rushes to celebrate the cinema on the occasion of this formidable festival of the 7th art. KVIFF, a festival to discover!

Rock for people

rock for people

Held in Hradec Králové, the Rock for People festival tends to attract a great crowd. The Offspring, Massive Attack and The 1975 have all performed here. Local stars such as Vypsana Fixa and Richard Muller are also invited.

Over three days, the festival also features all kinds of local businesses keen to offer their products to festival-goers. Between the canapé d’air and the second-hand clothes bus, you’ll be able to find lots of little things, each one nicer than the next.

How do you get there? Hradec Králové is just an hour by train from Prague. As a medium-sized town, it’s easy to get around on foot. To get to the festival, however, you’ll need to take a shuttle bus.

Rest assured, the organizers of this festival in the Czech Republic have thought of everything. There are numerous shuttles running to and from the festival throughout the day.

Colours of Ostrava

colours of ostrava

One of the most important festivals in the Czech Republic. Held in Ostrava, in the far east of the country, Colours of Ostrava brings together the cream of the world’s music scene for almost a week in an unexpected setting.

This Czech festival takes place in the old industrial site of Dolní oblast Vítkovice, home to old forges, former mines and almost-abandoned ironworks.

To get there, we suggest you take the train. Ostrava is only a few hours from Prague. It’s a great opportunity to see a lot of the country, and above all to discover this industrial city with its sometimes sulphurous reputation.

Beats for Love

beats for love

The electronic music festival par excellence. Once again organized in Ostrava, which confirms its role as the leading festival organizer in the Czech Republic, this event brings together the world’s greatest DJs and electronic music players.

Considered one of the most important gatherings in Central Europe, Beats for Love also takes place in the metallic setting of Dolní oblast Vítkovice, at the very beginning of July.

Bohemia Jazz Festival

bohemia jazz fest

Far from all these events that bring together tens, even hundreds of thousands of people, we suggest you discover the Bohemia Jazz Festival. As its name suggests, this festival is all about jazz… In Bohemia. In fact, it’s a traveling festival. You can take part in Prague, Plzen, Tabor, Liberec, Brno or Domazlice.

The idea? To have musicians perform all over the region, with the aim of (re)discovering this musical genre, a little out of fashion in some people’s eyes. Free of charge, the concerts take place in the middle of historic squares in the above-mentioned towns.

Whether you’re sitting on the ground at dusk or in the middle of the afternoon, it’s hard not to marvel at the sound of trumpets blaring note after note in the ears of visitors and locals alike, who seem irrevocably inhabited by the energy of jazz.

Harvest Festival


This festival in the Czech Republic is divided into two major events:

  • Posviceni: we ask the spirits and God to do everything in their power to ensure a good harvest.
  • Obzinky: held upright after the harvest.

For the occasion, workers, farmers and landowners get together with villagers and tourists alike for a huge feast. This is especially celebrated in Bohemia, where wine is produced and tends to flow freely. Indeed, you may not have known it, but the Czech Republic is a wine-growing nation! This festival is celebrated every year on October 1.

Prague International Music Festival

festival de musique internationale prague

The Prague International Music Festival is an opportunity for great artists and symphony orchestras to perform. Since 1946, sumptuous performances have taken place all over the city, including at the Municipal Hall.

The festival takes place on May 12. It begins with some lovely symphonies and ends, traditionally, with Beethoven’s 9th symphony.



Held in Pilsen, Metalfest Open Air has become one of Central Europe’s leading heavy metal festivals. The festival features a wide range of artists, giving you the chance to discover some surprising sub-genres. It takes place in the Lochotín amphitheatre. A very simple and healthy setting. In fact, the venue is surrounded by large, beautiful parks. Ideal for a stroll after a day of listening to music.