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What are the 10 best czech beers ?

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It’s no secret that the Czech culture of drinking and, more generally, of alcohol and beer, is second to none. In this article, we’ve listed a dozen breweries that are well worth a visit.

You can either sample their beers all over the country, or discover them for yourself. We’ll be adding to this list as our experiences and feedback grow. So, what are the 10 best Czech breweries?

What are the best Czech beers?

That’s a tough question to answer, frankly. In the Czech Republic, beer flows like water! The average annual consumption is estimated at 149 liters per person. That gives you an idea of what to expect.

As far as beers are concerned, you’ll find a wide variety. Pilsner and Kozel are on the list of the best Czech beers. Staropramen and Budvar also come to mind! Blonde, brown, white… There’s something for everyone.



Pilsner Urquell is probably the best-known Czech beer brand in the world. Quite simply, you’ll find it absolutely everywhere. Quite thick, Urquell is brewed with Saaz hops and fresh water. The result is a beer with an alcohol content of around 4.4%.

You can visit the brewery in Pilsen. In fact, it’s the city’s flagship tourist activity. An exceptional Czech brewery, which we recommend you discover as soon as possible!



The second largest brewery in the Czech Republic, Staropramen was founded in 1869. Fun fact: it’s located in Prague’s Smíchov district. To get there, just head towards Anděl (translation: Angel).

Pleasantly light, Staropramen is a sure bet. It’s an affordable Czech beer that’s sure to keep you happy, should you ever be at a loss as to what to have for lunch or dinner, at the best price.

Březnický Ležák


Březnický Ležák is a Czech beer that has been hopped four times before being aged in the cellar for six weeks. It has a subtle golden color and exquisite bread aromas. The beer comes from the town of Březnice, not far from Prague, and is brewed exclusively at the Herold brewery. An exceptional beer, with a good taste of hops, that we recommend you try as soon as possible, for an unparalleled experience.



This is a beer that is perhaps a little less well-known than the others. Made in Český Krumlov, at a local brewery, this one is particularly good! We recommend a trip to the south of the country, to visit the charming medieval brewery that brews Krumlov. A beer steeped in history, at a very good price!

Brněnské Pivo

Starobrnenske pivo

Brněnské pivo is a beer also known as Starobrněnské pivo. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s produced in Brno, in the south of the country. There’s a wide range, including a non-alcoholic beer, as well as a light beer, a dark beer and a lager, which is a little more full-bodied. We really appreciate the hoppiness of this beverage, which may not be the best known (especially in Prague), but is still a beer worth trying.

Černa Horá Velen

cerna hora velen

Černa Horá Velen is a beer derived from a brewery that opened its doors… In 1530! At 4.8%, this beer is very blond in color, almost resembling straw. We really appreciate its light, thick head, which takes only a few seconds to disappear.

On the palate, this Czech beer reveals subtle notes of banana and clove. A fruity, spicy sensation that we recommend you discover, as soon as possible! To do so, visit a typical Czech restaurant.

Českobudějovické pivo

ceskobudejovicke Pivo

Slightly bitter, Českobudějovické Pivo is processed from water recovered from the heart of the underground lake in the České Budějovice basin. The hops used for fermentation come from Žatec, and the brewing barley is grown in the Moravian region.

This is quite an interesting beer, which comes in five different forms. For connoisseurs, we highly recommend the special beer or the brown lager. Popular in the country thanks to its unique taste, this Czech beer is sure to surprise you with its aromas and price!



The Czech brewery Kozel opened its doors in 1874. It’s probably one of our Czech friends’ favorite beers. Blonde, brown, light or stronger, this one stands out for its freshness and characteristic color.

A very blond beer, a very dark brown! Its cookie and fruit notes are much appreciated. In short, this is a beer you can find anywhere in Prague! A drink rich in history, to be savored.

Znojemské pivo

znojemske pivo

Znojemské pivo comes straight from the Znojmo region. The only ingredients used to make it are barley malt, water and hops… Nothing more. The alcohol content of this beer varies from 3.2% to 5%, depending on the type of lager you wish to drink. We like it a lot, for its “rarer”, more “appreciable” side!



The Bernard brewery has been around since the 1600s. This beer offers a gluten-free solution. Ideal for those with allergies. A 4.9% alcohol beer, lighter than the others. Fresh, it goes very well with a small platter of cold meats and cheese (unless you prefer wine). The ideal Czech beer for unwinding after a long day!

Can I visit a Czech brewery?

Yes, there’s no doubt that you can visit a brewery in the Czech Republic. Many offer guided tours. Among the best known? Pilsner. Every day, you can learn more about this iconic variety. Simply visit their official website to book a time slot. Tours are available in English, but not in French!

Czech breweries and beers: our conclusion

The world of beer is amazing, especially in the Czech Republic, where the varieties are truly numerous. We could have mentioned other well-known products such as Budweiser, Krušovice, Radegast, Gambrinus or Lobkowicz. Enjoyable products, available for tasting in many typical bars. On site, you’re likely to discover many other varieties of beverage and spirit to tempt your taste buds.