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How’s the Weather in Tallinn ?

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Estonia, like all the Baltic countries, is known for its somewhat capricious weather. Indeed, the weather is often cold and very wet. However, this does not mean that the sun never shines.

On the contrary, the summer months are often very pleasant. Are you planning a trip to the Estonian capital? Then we tell you everything about the weather in Tallinn.


In Estonia, winter lasts from November to March. It is usually very cold. Indeed, temperatures vary from 1 to 2 degrees above zero, up to minus 20 if not minus 30 degrees!

Moreover, daylight is only visible for a few hours. This should not fail to delight all those who appreciate the warmth of winter, the twinkling lights and the snow.

Moreover, the Estonian winter attracts a lot of admirers, both locals and international tourists. Indeed, Tallinn’s old town becomes one of the most charming places to walk around in the winter.

In other words, if you don’t mind extreme temperatures, spending a few days in Tallinn in December or January could be a great idea.

In short, winter in Tallinn is not as unpleasant as one might think. In fact, even if it is very cold and dry, it is possible to take advantage of these long days to discover a new side of the city.

Don’t forget, if you have to go out in the evening, take your gloves and winter shoes, as well as your hat and your warm coat.

Good to know

According to various surveys and predictions, February is the coldest month of the year in Estonia and especially in Tallinn.


In summer, temperatures in Estonia are quite pleasant. In fact, it is about 20 to 22 degrees in June, July and August, the warmest months. This makes it possible to participate in outdoor activities.

This can be walks to the sea, to the beach or other excursions. At night, however, it is much cooler. Indeed, temperatures can fall to 12-13 degrees.

Good to know

According to various records and predictions, July seems to be the hottest month of the year in Estonia, especially in Tallinn.  Don’t worry, August is almost the same. So you should fully enjoy your stay in Tallinn, no matter when your summer vacations are.


The date of your departure to Tallinn will necessarily depend on what you want to do, see and experience.  If you are a fan of winter night scares, then December or January might be perfectly suited for what you want to see.

For people who prefer to discover Estonia from the outside and therefore enjoy the many activities there are to do from the many parks and walks, we definitely recommend the summer start. However, don’t just focus on the temperatures because Tallinn has a lot to offer!