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Discover Warsaw, off the beaten track

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Visiting Warsaw through its must-see activities is one thing. Discovering it with the eyes of a local is another. That’s why, in order to offer you an unusual, unique and enjoyable experience, we suggest you discover our selection of 10 unusual activities to do in Warsaw.

10 visits, museums, places and things to see that are off the beaten track, for your greatest pleasure.

Discover Warsaw off the beaten track

Would you like to discover a different side of the Polish capital? We invite you to discover our list of 10 activities in Warsaw that are off the beaten track. The ideal way to organize your stay and enjoy an aspect of this sublime city, which you had never thought of. 

1. The Keret House

Have you ever heard of the Keret House? It is the narrowest house in the world! Besides this unusual fact, it is above all, a work of art in two floors. Each floor represents a part of the history of the Polish capital.

One building dates from before the Second World War and the other is a post-war building. Please note, however, that visits are only possible during open days.

2. Hangar 646

Are you dynamic, athletic and hardy? Then perhaps Hangar 646 is for you. It is a trampoline park founded by a group of gymnasts. It is one of the most popular unusual places in Warsaw, especially among young people who want to spend some intense hours.

3. Praga-Północ

Praga gives off a completely different vibe than what you’ll see in the city center. You can still find bullet marks on some buildings, bullets that date back to the Second World War.

A sad, gripping place, full of history, which is imperative to discover if you want to honor the memory of those who disappeared during the German occupation.

4. Discover the communist side of Warsaw

Warsaw’s past is heavy, difficult. You can rediscover this part of history in a playful way. Indeed, some companies offer a bicycle tour of communist Warsaw.

You will stop in front of the most emblematic communist sites, such as the Palace of Culture, the former headquarters of the CP (Communist Party) or the old cemetery of Soviet soldiers.

5. Snowshoeing

This is one of the most off-the-beaten-track activities in Warsaw. Cross-country skiing/snowshoeing allows you to discover the large parks and forests surrounding the Polish capital.

In the summer, we recommend you to go cycling. Visit the Powsin Recreation Park or Bielany and Kabaty.

6. Discover the Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is one of the most unusual places in Warsaw. It is a unique place that will take you back to the 60s and 70s. Indeed, in the communist era, neon lights had no commercial significance.

They were mainly used to decorate both interiors and exteriors. The museum is located in the Soho factory at Mińska 25 Praga.

7. Discover the hipster aspect of Warsaw

Warsaw, a young, open and hipster city (Berlin style)? The answer is yes. There are many unusual, alternative establishments in the heart of the Polish capital. One thinks in particular of the Skład Butelek, the 1500M2 DO WYNAJECIA.

Other nice bars can be found in Praga, at Zbawiciela Square or in the Zoliborz district. If you want to know more about the subject, don’t hesitate to discover our selection of the best bars in Warsaw!

8. Królikarnia

Królikarnia is one of the biggest parks in Warsaw but also one of the most off-the-beaten track places. It’s wide and deserted during the day, but it’s much more crowded in the evening when the weather is nice and warm.

The perfect place to enjoy a little walk before settling down for a coffee or a good beer.

9. Ujazdowski Palace

The Ujazdowski Palace serves first and foremost as a center for modern art. Many artistic events are held here. A quiet and relaxed place, unknown to tourists, which will allow you to get away from the center and focus on the artistic aspect of the city. A visit that we highly recommend.

10. Lake Czerniakowskie

Are you more of a swimmer? We strongly recommend a visit to Lake Czerniakowskie. The Czerniakowskie Lake is an unusual place, clearly off the beaten track.

A quiet place where you can swim, rent a boat, recharge your batteries and make contacts with the locals.

Enjoy the unusual aspects of Warsaw

Are you looking for an unusual experience, something out of the ordinary? Discovering Warsaw off the beaten track will allow you to enjoy typical local activities. It’s the perfect way to experience a truly immersive stay.

Want to discover more? We suggest you take a look at our selection of the best restaurants in the Polish capital. The ideal way to enjoy a good evening before going to sleep.