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Vilnius – City Guide

vilnius city guide

Small capital of a little more than 500.000 inhabitants, Vilnius is a city that deserves to be discovered. Indeed, few people go to the Baltic States… Although there are many things to do and discover. 

The Lithuanian capital offers a real sweetness of life. If it can be cold (even very cold), the locals like to meet in the bars, cafes or restaurants of the city, for moments of conviviality.

A country, a city that you will love to discover. That’s why we’re taking you on board in this guide that we hope will be as complete as possible. Perfect to help you organize your stay in the city.

> Why you should visit Vilnius
> When should you go to Vilnius?
> How to find a cheap plane ticket to Vilnius
> Where to sleep in Vilnius?
> How to get around Vilnius?
> How to prepare your stay in Vilnius: what are the essential activities?
> Where to eat in Vilnius?
> What is the budget for your trip to Vilnius?
> Practical information for your vacations in Lithuania
> What else to see in Lithuania?

Why you should visit Vilnius

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Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, is the gateway to Northern Europe. Very well surrounded, it is close to Poland, Latvia and a little further north, Estonia. The city, as beautiful as it is, is also very lively. You will love to enjoy its young and dynamic atmosphere. If you want to feel like a local, we recommend you to sit in one of the many cafes or bars in the city center of Vilnius

But that’s not all. Vilnius and more generally Lithuania, is also large and beautiful natural spaces, it is the sea (although a little cold) and a culture quite different from the one you know, while you are not even two hours flight from Paris. In short, it is the assurance of a sweet and pleasant escapade, for a weekend or more.

When should you go to Vilnius?

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The best season to visit Vilnius is the summer season. July and August are particularly good. December and January are not the best times unless you enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You will be able to stroll through the streets, under the snow, while enjoying the Christmas markets.

The rest of the year is rather neutral. If April and May announce the beautiful days, the months of September to November are rather cool and rainy. Although this brings a little charm to the city, it is certainly not the best time to discover this beautiful country. 

How to find cheap plane ticket to Vilnius ?vilnius plane

Vilnius is not the most famous, the most touristic destination in Europe. However, getting there is really very simple. From Tallinn or Riga, a simple bus or train ride can take you to the Lithuanian capital in a few hours.

From Paris, Prague or Amsterdam, flights are usually direct; it takes about 2 hours, for a round trip that can be found from 150 euros. To get the best rates: 

  • Get there early;
  • The best prices are those with sometimes complicated schedules. If you don’t mind getting up early or coming home late, go for these deals.

Where to sleep in Vilnius?

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Are you looking for a place to stay in Vilnius? You will find several accommodation offers in Vilnius. Whether it’s a hotel, a hostel or an AirBnB, you’ll have the opportunity to book yourself a great accommodation.


There are many quality hotels in the heart of the Lithuanian capital! We have written an article on the best hotels in Vilnius. First class establishments, accessible to all types of budget. Moreover, we invite you to book your hotel room well in advance, in order not to find yourself without anything once you are there.

Youth hostel

Vilnius is a very attractive and inexpensive small city, compared to some big European capitals. Thus, many backpackers like to go there, in order to enjoy all this beautiful region of Europe that is the Baltic. In fact, we find in Vilnius, a rather important offer of youth hostel!


As everywhere in the world now, you can rent an accommodation in AirBnb, whether it is for you, your friends or your relatives. AirBnB accommodations in Vilnius allow you to be completely independent, to be able to cook or shower in an apartment that only you have access to. This is an option that may be a little more expensive, but is worth considering!

How to get around in the heart of Vilnius?

Vilnius is not a very big city. It is possible to visit the main tourist centers on foot. However, you can also opt for trolleybus, bus or cab. Although a project was announced a few years ago, the city does not have its own subway system. Just visiting for 3 days? A 72-hour ticket will cost you only 8 euros! So you can travel without dipping into your budget.

Preparing your stay in Vilnius: what are the essential activities?

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But in fact, what to do, what to see in Vilnius? We present you some of the main sites not to be missed during your visit in Vilnius.

1. Užupis

Užupis is the smallest district of the Lithuanian capital… But also the most colorful, the most unexpected and the most unusual. A neighborhood that artists and other intellectuals like to frequent. A place that should be on the top of your list of things to discover in Vilnius.

2. The Museum of Occupations 

This museum of the occupations and the fight for freedom is housed in the premises of the former Soviet secret police when Lithuania was part of the USSR. An exceptional museum, which tells how people lived at that time and what the police could do to them. Some of the images, photos and collectibles may be shocking.

3. Geminidas Tower

The Geminidas Tower is the very symbol of Vilnius. It overlooks the hill that bears the same name. In our opinion, it is one of the most emblematic places of the city, the ones that you should absolutely discover! It also offers a superb panorama on the surroundings. What to take some nice pictures.

4. Saint Anne’s Church

You will be impressed by the number of churches in Vilnius. The most beautiful? St. Anne’s Church! A flamboyant gothic style church in red brick, built in the early 1500s. A very important cultural and religious place for the locals.

5. Mo Museum

The MO Museum in Vilnius is the most unlikely museum in the city. You will love its central staircase designed like a DNA sequence. The exhibitions offered are related to contemporary art. A museum that also tries to put forward local artists (Lithuanian and more globally, Baltic artists).

Where to eat in Vilnius?

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There are many restaurants in Vilnius. We mention the subject in our article dedicated to the best restaurants in Vilnius. Among the typical dishes, you can try herring with beets, sorrel soup or plokštainis (potato cakes). The addresses mentioned in our article are excellent restaurants, where you can eat very well, without breaking the bank!

What is the budget for your trip to Vilnius?

Vilnius is not a very expensive city. Of course, your budget will depend on how you live or like to travel. For a “normal” stay, it is estimated that the average budget to fully enjoy the capital is about 60-75 euros per day.

Practical information for your vacations in Lithuania

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Are you planning to discover Vilnius? Leave with a light mind, with this additional information.

Is Vilnius a dangerous city?

Vilnius is not a dangerous city, the crime rate is quite low. On the other hand, some robberies can take place, especially in the evening, in bars or nightclubs. It is therefore advisable to be careful, although this is true all over the world.

What language is spoken in Vilnius

In Vilnius, locals speak Lithuanian. A part of the population also speaks Russian and Polish. Finally, the locals are also fluent in English. So you will have no problem making yourself understood once you are here.

What to do in case of a problem?

In case of a problem, here are the emergency numbers you should contact: 

  • Firemen: 01
  • Police: 02
  • Doctor and Ambulance: 03
  • General emergency number: 112

The American Embassy is located at Akmenų g. 6, Vilnius 03106 (assault, loss of passport, filing a complaint).

The British one is in Antakalnio str 2, Vilnius 10308 while the canadian is in the Business Centre 2000, Jogailos g. 4-7th Floor and 

What else should I see in Lithuania?

Of course, Lithuania is not only Vilnius. There are many other very nice and pleasant places to discover. We think of Launas, Trakai castle or the Curonian Spit or the Hill of Crosses. For those who love the sea and walking on the beach, the coastline facing the Baltic Sea is also worth a visit.

Questions you might ask yourself about Vilnius

  • Why visit Vilnius?

    Vilnius is a beautiful city, full of small cafes, restaurants. A dynamic, young city, which deserves to be discovered. Be careful in winter, when temperatures can be quite low.

  • What language is used in Lithuania?

    In Lithuania, the locals speak Lithuanian. Part of the population also speaks Russian, Polish. The locals are also fluent in English.

  • Where is Lithuania in Europe?

    Lithuania is located between Poland and Latvia. It is a real gateway to the Baltic States and Northern Europe.