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What are the best restaurants in Vienna?

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As in any big city, Vienna is full of bars and restaurants where you can discover the city’s atmosphere and Austrian culinary culture. There’s nothing like a typical Viennese restaurant to put you in touch with the local population and complete your stay in Vienna.

What are the best restaurants in Vienna?

In this article, we present the 10 best restaurants in the Austrian capital, where you can discover the country’s gastronomic culture through a wide range of dishes.

Restaurant Chamäleon


After visiting Mozart’s house in the center of Vienna, just walk 50 meters to the terrace of the Swiss-run restaurant Chamäleon, where a friendly welcome will make you realize that you’ve come to the right place to enjoy a meal and a pleasant moment with your family, partner or friends. The address of this Viennese restaurant is Blutgasse 3, 1010.

Wiener Wiaz Haus

wiener wiaz haus

Located in the district of Vienna’s Technical University, Wiener Wiaz Haus is a typical restaurant where you can enjoy their delicious and hearty wiener schnitzel. This Vienna restaurant is known for its good-value dishes. We recommend a visit to this small, friendly establishment to make up your own mind about their traditional dishes. The address is Karlsgasse 22, 1040.



Not to be confused with the bakery chain, Restaurant Paul is known for its high-end cuisine. The staff will be happy to advise you on the dishes and wines on offer.

We recommend you try the truffle and mushroom soup to get your dinner off to a good start. Close to the Stadpark garden, the restaurant is conveniently located in the city. Paul’s address is Johannesgasse 16, 1010.

Rado’s Gastwirtschaft

rados gastwritschaft

Meat lovers will be delighted at Rado’s Gastwirtschaft.

The restaurant’s location is close to an avenue with a small square where you can sit on the terrace and sample local dishes such as pork knuckle or breaded schnitzel.

With good portions, you’ll get your money’s worth. A great address to have, given that the whole family works in this beautiful, friendly establishment. Alserbachstraße 1, 1090.

Wirtshaus Am Wasserpark

wirsthaus am wasserpark

Across the Danube in the northeast of the city, the Wirtshaus Am Wasserpark restaurant is located in a quiet area outside the city center. An establishment off the beaten track in Vienna.

Another great place to discover for good local cuisine, well prepared and cleanly served by the restaurant’s friendly owner. The address of this Vienna restaurant is Freytaggasse 1/14, 1210.

XXL Restaurant Leopoldauer Alm

xxl restaurant leopoldauer alm

With quality local food, generous portions and friendly, welcoming staff, what better way to discover and enjoy local Viennese cuisine!

Also in the northeast of the capital, this Vienna restaurant lives up to its name when it comes to the quantity of food in each dish.

It’s a good idea to ask the waiters before you order, so you’ll be able to finish your plate. The address is Wagramer Str. 205, 1210.



Located in Vienna’s university district, Lebenbauer offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes, allowing a wide variety of customers to discover their cuisine. Indoors, or on the terrace in fine weather, you’ll feel right at home surrounded by small trees and plants during your meal. The restaurant is at Teinfaltstraße 3, 1010.

Carmen und Ich

carmen und ich

Here’s another typically Austrian restaurant where the value for money is as good as the food. You’re sure to make the acquaintance of Carmen, the owner of the establishment, who will kindly come and serve you at the table. A great way to meet a local while enjoying their cuisine. Carmen und Ich’s address is Marktgasse 58, 1090.

Gasthaus Elsner

gasthaus elsner

Opposite the small Vogelweid park, the Gasthaus Elsner is a smokers’ restaurant. That’s why it’s a good idea to sit out on the terrace before venturing into the restaurant with your family to sample the excellent local dishes on offer. You’ll love the restaurant’s simple, uncluttered decor. The address is Neumayrgasse 2, 1160, not far from some of Vienna’s finest hotels.

Casino Restaurant Wien

casino restaurant wien

Right in the center of Vienna, the Casino Restaurant Wien is a great address for a candlelit dinner for couples visiting the Austrian capital. With its predominantly red decor, you’ll appreciate the romantic ambience.

Although prices are higher than elsewhere, the atmosphere is soothing and the service impeccable. A good address for couples. Go to Kärntner Str. 41, 1010.

Vienna’s best restaurants at a glance

This selection of cafés and restaurants in Vienna will allow you to discover the city in a whole new way.

In addition to its festive nightlife, clubs and hotels, the Austrian capital offers a wide range of pleasant places to spend your evenings.

Restaurants with excellent food and wine, for a truly enjoyable night out. In short, there’s everything you need to make the most of your trip to the city also known as Wien.

A culinary culture to discover and enjoy

As you can see, Vienna offers a warm welcome to tourists and good food. You’ll find a number of fine addresses well worth a visit, for culinary memories and friendly encounters with the locals.

It’s the perfect way to make your stay in Vienna perfect. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to find out about Vienna’s best bars, so you can plan your evenings out.