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How to spend some time in Ústí nad Labem

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Are you looking for an original outing to do on your own, with your friends and family? Have you considered the city of Ústí nad Labem?

Ústí nad Labem is one of the least known cities in the Czech Republic, located in the north of the country, close to Germany. However, it is well worth a visit, even to the point of spending some time there.

How to get to Ústí nad Labem?

Ústí nad Labem is 90 kilometers from Prague and about 50 kilometers from Dresden. You can get there by car, train or bus. The journey takes less than two hours. It is pleasant and relatively quick. If you leave early in the morning, you can be sure to arrive early enough to enjoy your day.

What to do in Ústí nad Labem?

Ústí nad Labem is one of the least touristy towns in the country. It has a reputation of being an industrial, working class town. However, if you go there, you will appreciate its relaxed atmosphere and some important monuments!

1. Střekov Castle

This is (probably), the most famous monument in Ústí nad Labem. Střekov Castle or at least what is left of it, overlooks the valley and especially, the Elbe, the river that also flows through Germany. A highly symbolic place of the former proximity between the two nations and is definitely not to be missed.

2. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

The second most famous monument of the city is the church of the Assumption of the Virgin. Its stained glass windows are quite impressive, while this one is particularly well located, in the very heart of the city. A church that you might be inspired to visit during your visit.

3. The downtown area

The city center of Ústí nad Labem may not be the prettiest in the Czech Republic, but it is still worth a stop. You will enjoy its small stores, restaurants and bars. The CPI, the city’s business center, stands out from the crowd with its modern facade.

4. Mariánský Most Bridge

The Mariánský Most Bridge is one of the few other sights in the city. Its construction was completed in 1998. Today, the building is included in the list of the 10 most beautiful buildings in the world in the 1990s, published by the prestigious magazine Structural Engineering International.

5. Hiking and exploring

Ústí nad Labem is located near the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. This is an opportunity for you and your friends to go for a few kilometers in the middle of nature. The town is particularly well located and offers beautiful walking trails for a welcome change of scenery.

6. Dresden

The city of Dresden is only a few dozen minutes away by car. Take advantage of your stay to see more and enter Germany! Dresden, which we’ve profiled in many articles, will surprise you. Spend a day or two there to discover the region.

Where to eat in Ústí nad Labem?

There are many restaurants in Ústí nad Labem. It was particularly difficult to make a selection, but we finally managed to suggest a few establishments that are really worth a look (or a fork).

First stop: the restaurant Kavarna. On site, you will enjoy discovering or rediscovering many typical and traditional Czech dishes, all in an unusual space, made of castle stone! The restaurant Kocanda also offers many typical dishes as well as a more advanced international menu.

Finally, for lovers of world cuisine, La Puerta del México and Labska Basta offer a more open cuisine. Delicious, authentic and tasty dishes for those looking for a slightly different culinary experience.

Where to have a drink in Ústí nad Labem?

Like most of the Czech Republic, there are many bars and other establishments, such as cafes, here. Our favorite? The Blacksheep bar. Don’t let the name scare you off, it has everything you love: coffee, cocktails, Czech beer.

On the other hand, if you are a music lover, you should go to Rokav Vinohrady. Many concerts are organized there. Rock, metal or blues, local, Czech or German musicians go there from time to time to liven up your evenings.

Finally, the Vozejk bar is a bar with a rather young atmosphere. You will find everything that makes a bar a good bar: darts, table soccer or blind test, many people go there for its good atmosphere.

Ústí nad Labem: what we recommend

Ústí nad Labem is a small town. It will not take you very long to visit it. Therefore, we recommend that you plan a two- or three-day stay. You will have the opportunity to discover the city, Dresden, but also the nature part via the Bohemian Switzerland National Park while enjoying the nightlife and the gastronomic culture of the region.

The ideal opportunity to get away from Prague for a few days and discover more about the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. Any questions or recommendations? Do not hesitate to contact our team. We remain at your disposal to advise you, accompany you and guide you through your stay in the Czech Republic.