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Typical restaurants in Munich

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Capital of the Bavarian region in Germany, Munich attracts many tourists from all over the world to discover the attractions of this city of 1.5 million inhabitants.

With many museums, buildings dating back centuries, and a world-famous beer festival, while visiting Munich you will also discover the city’s typical restaurants.

What are the typical restaurants in Munich?

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the 10 best typical restaurants in Munich so that you can discover the city through its culinary side.

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1. Schiller Braeu

The Schiller Braeu is a typical Munich restaurant near the main train station. It also serves as a bar in the neighborhood. When you enter the restaurant, you will notice that it is much bigger than what you might think from the outside, which is a nice surprise.

Don’t hesitate to try the beer set to taste the beers brewed on site while ordering the delicious Bavarian dishes generously served. To experience the typical dishes in a good local atmosphere, go to 23 Schillerstraße, 80336.

2. Steinheil 16

If you go to the Steinheil at Steinheilstraße 16, 80333, near the historic Alte Pinakothek in the city center, you will quickly be taken care of by the friendly and smiling waitress.

This typical Munich restaurant offers good Schnitzel nicely served with great local beers that go together perfectly. You will be surrounded by tourists and locals who like to come and eat here for the quality of the food and the good atmosphere.

3. Servus Heidi

If you arrive by train in Munich, and want to go directly to a typical Bavarian restaurant, Servus Heidi is a good address in Munich. All of the waiters will be dressed in traditional local attire, which will set the mood as soon as you arrive.

The dishes offered will be local and delicious, all served in a nice setting where the terrace is appreciated in summer. The address of this Munich restaurant is Landsberger Str. 73, 80339.

4. Gorreshof

The typical Bavarian restaurant Gorreshof has a staff that speaks perfect English, which is very helpful for customers who want to be understood when ordering their food. The food is home-made and the prices are affordable.

The value for money is good, which will allow you to eat for cheap in Munich. The address is Görresstraße 38, 80798.

5. Zum BrÜnnstein

Zum Brünnstein is a very good and typical Munich restaurant where you will be warmly welcomed. A menu in English will be provided, if necessary, to discover the different local dishes offered in beautiful plates.

With a pleasant service for a very reasonable bill, this restaurant in Munich is a good address to eat local and cheap. The address is Elsässer Str. 36, 81667.

6. Andy’s Krablergarten

You will eat good and hearty food at Andy’s Krablergarten. Good beers are waiting for you in the large and pleasant exterior of this traditional Munich restaurant.

The menu is only in German, but the waiters speak English and will guide you and be patient to serve you quickly. A nice Munich address located at Thalkirchner Str. 2, 80337.

7. Wirtshaus In Der Au

Close to the river Isar, the restaurant Wirtshaus In Der Au will welcome you with its traditionally dressed staff to create a real local and friendly atmosphere where good food and good beers are waiting for you with big pretzels on your table.

A clientele mainly composed of regulars who will be happy to see tourists coming in to discover the regional culture. This typical Munich restaurant is located at Lilienstraße 51, 81669.

8. Zum Durnbraeu

Zum Durnbraeu is a good Bavarian restaurant for local dishes with a varied menu and fast service. Remember to reserve your table during rush hours because of its popularity for its fair prices and efficient staff.

A typical Munich restaurant located a stone’s throw from Viktuailleplatz. The address is Dürnbräugasse 2, 80331.

9. Gaststatte Grossmarkthalle

If you want to taste the best white sausages in Munich, you should make a reservation at the Gaststatte Grossmarkthalle in Kochelseestraße 13, 81371. B

Although the restaurant is often full, the waiters are very good at welcoming their guests and making sure that they are served in the shortest possible time, so that you can have the best experience in this restaurant serving typical Munich dishes.

10. Schinken-Peter

Let’s finish with a restaurant where a large beergarden awaits you to taste the dishes and beers of Bavaria. The restaurant Schinken-Peter is located at Perlacher Str. 53, 81539 near the Weißensee park.

A place where you will meet mainly locals creating a friendly atmosphere that will certainly make you want to stay for a few hours and meet new people. This establishment is close to some of the best bars in Munich.

The best restaurants in Munich at a glance

In Germany, cooking is an art! Naturally, the food and even the wine tend to differ from what you might be used to. However, enjoying some of the best Bavarian specialties in a biergarten, hotel or even a classic bar is something we recommend.

For more information and constructive reviews, please visit our website or TripAdvisor! Clearly, this is the best way to optimize your trip. For more information about the best restaurants in Munchen, please contact us.

You now have the 10 best restaurants in Munich if you decide to visit the city. If you want to know more about this beautiful Bavarian city and its traditions, we recommend you to read our article about the Oktoberfest.