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Top 10 best bars in Munich

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Munich is a lively city, full of life. German capital of beer, this city of 1.4 million inhabitants has many establishments. In a dedicated article, we presented you the list of the 10 best restaurants in Munich.

Here, we are about to present you something else, namely our listing of the 10 best bars of the city! A selection of some pubs, bars and other places of life, which will not fail to amuse you, to surprise you and to motivate you to leave!


Where to have a drink in Munich?

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In addition to beer, did you know that it was possible to drink something else in Munich? Indeed, we suggest you to discover our selection of the 10 best bars in the city: cocktails, spirits and of course foams, you have here the complete guide of the best night establishments in the Bavarian capital.

1. Couch Club

Couch Club

Let’s be very clear, the Couch Club is not for everyone. It is a bar specialized in cocktails, especially gin-based. There are no less than 130 varieties in stock! Tastings are possible.

Of course, for people who are not really into gin, you will find something for you on the menu. A nice place, which contains many canapés. The Couh Club is a bar located at Klenzestraße 89.

2. Das Labor

Das Labor

Das Labor is a rather unusual bar in Munich. There, the waiters wear lab coats and serve shots ranging from toxic to radioactive to flammable in test tubes.

Rest assured, you have not arrived from one of those strange places that you only see in the movies.

It is only the unlikely universe of this place which also organizes beer-pong tournaments on Thursday nights. In short, a truly incredible bar.

3. Alter Simpl

Alter Simpl

Alter Simpl is a 100 years old establishment. The walls are decorated with old magazines, pictures and caricatures from that time. As for the menu, nothing very surprising.

The Alter Simpl is a classic and that’s what we ask for. The ideal place to enjoy a good drink. Would you like to go there? The establishment is located at Türkenstraße 57.

4. Zephyr


Cocktail lovers, discover the Zephyr, a bar specialized in the creation of complex and tasty cocktails. The ingredients used are fresh, local ingredients (whenever possible).

We recommend you try some of the house creations, like the “Microwave Safe” and the “Voodoo Swizzle”. A place with a cool atmosphere, celebrated by the New York Times. The establishment is located at Baaderstraße 68.

5. Gabáyani


The Gabáyani is one of the best bars in Munich without a doubt. You’ll find everything here: great cocktails, great beers, great food. But what changes here is the atmosphere of the place.

Poetry readings, shows and jazz concerts are organized there. In short, one of the most chill, enigmatic and enjoyable places in the Bavarian capital.

6. Bar Centrale 

Bar Centrale

The Bar Centrale is located in the very center of the city. It is a quality establishment resembling an authentic Italian bar. You’ll appreciate the elaborate atmosphere, the high tables and the metal counter.

This excellent bar in Munich also offers customers a small side room (a sort of secondary lounge) where modern art is on display. The establishment is located at Ledererstraße 23.

7. Menehune


The Menehune is located in the famous Trader Vic’s restaurant of the Bayerischer Hof. Excellent cocktails are created here. We recommend the mai tai or the tiki puka puka, two great classics of the house.

The interior is exquisite. Warm colors, a little dark, for an old-fashioned atmosphere where elegance and mystery are mixed. One of the most luxurious bars in Munich on our list.

8. The Flowers of Evil

Les fleurs du Mal

At the bar Les Fleurs du Mal, you will have the opportunity to discover more than 150 varieties of whiskies, absinthes, cognacs and other spirits. The setting is nice, with a warm atmosphere.

Soft and warm lights, woody atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to relax with a glass filled with a quality drink. The establishment is located at Odeonspl. 6-7. Not far away is one of Munich’s few brunch spots.

9. Park Café

Park Cafe

The Park Café is one of the largest bars in Munich. It is located in the former Botanical Gardens. It includes a lounge area, a bar/restaurant and an open-air café.

In the summer, this large terrace can accommodate up to 2,000 people. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a seat. One of the most pleasant bar-cafes in the summer.

10. Dukatz


Dukatz is a rather elegant café-restaurant. The establishment is of high quality. We appreciate the interior which immediately gives a feeling of calm and relaxation. The cuisine is French.

The drinks, of the whole world. Whiskies, rums, beers and other cocktails, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of everything.

One of the lesser-known bars in Munich for tourists. However, it is worth discovering. The establishment has three branches: at Klenzestraße 69, at Haimhauser Str. 11 and at St.-Anna-Straße 11.

Where to go out in Munich?

Are you wondering where to go out in Munich? Well, it’s quite simple. The city is large and has many bars. If you’re more of a restaurant person, check out our list of the best brunches in the Bavarian capital for a great start of the day!