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The 10 best typical restaurants in Budapest

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As the capital of Hungary, Budapest has more than 2.5 million inhabitants and attracts an average of 3.5 million tourists every year.

Several of its monuments are part of the UNESCO world heritage such as the Buda Castle. This city full of history will allow you to discover a beautiful culture which is even found in the local dishes.

That’s why, in between two visits, we recommend you to go to one of the many typical restaurants in Budapest to discover interesting local cuisine and to be in direct contact with the locals.


What are the best typical restaurants in Budapest?

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In this article, we will present you the top 10 of the best typical restaurants in Budapest in order to have good addresses where to eat in the Hungarian capital.

If you want to know more about this city, we recommend you to discover other nice addresses such as the best bars in Budapest.

1. Hungarikum Bisztro

Hungarikum Bisztro

Hungarikum Bisztro is one of the best typical restaurants in the city. The service is fast and efficient with quality food. Everyone is smiling, both the waitresses and the musician who will accompany you during the meal.

Friendly atmosphere guaranteed. Before coming to Steindl Imre u. 13, 1051, remember to reserve your table to be sure to enjoy your meal.

2. Parisi 6

Parisi 6

 Although this typical Budapest restaurant may not look like much from the outside, inside it hides a nice welcome from the moment you arrive with a very pleasant and fast service.

The well-presented dishes are always accompanied by a nice smile, which will make you feel at ease during your visit.

The menu is small but all the products are fresh and good. If you are looking for a good Hungarian specialty restaurant, head to Párizsi u. 6b, 1052

3. Retek Bistro

Retek Bistro

Close to the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Pest, Retek Bistro offers delicious Hungarian cuisine. The dishes served are generous and tasty. The waitresses of this typical Budapest restaurant are very friendly and quickly available.

It is ideally located in the city center with a friendly atmosphere. We recommend you to reserve your table to be sure to eat there once you are there. The address is at Mérleg u. 10, 1051.

4. Aszu Etteem

Aszu Etteem

If you want to eat at a great table in the historical center of Budapest and have a pleasant, multilingual service while being surrounded by locals, the typical restaurant Aszu Etteem may interest you.

Its menu highlights traditional Hungarian cuisine in a modern and revisited way with good value for money. For cheap food in Budapest, go to Sas u 4, 1051.

5. Antre


You will be very well received at Antre restaurant. A nice contemporary decoration will be waiting for you inside and the staff will take care of you to make you have a good time during your meal in this typical restaurant of Budapest.

A real treat for the eyes and the taste buds. A nice address for a delicious meal for two, located at Király u. 8, 1061

6. Vendeglo a KisBirohoz

Vendeglo a KisBirohoz

A bit out of town, the restaurant Vendeglo a KisBirohoz is located in a quiet residential area on the side of Buda Castle. Although the menu is limited, the dishes offered are very well prepared and presented with a real research to satisfy you at best.

The staff will help you translate the dishes since the menu is not available in English. By going to Szarvas Gábor út 8/d, 1125, you will enjoy a quiet evening with friends to taste local and quiet.

7. Tabani Goesser Soeroezo

Tabani Goesser Soeroezo

Excellent cuisine awaits you at the Tabani Goesser Soeroezo restaurant, where you will receive a memorable welcome. This is a very good place to discover Hungarian cuisine.

You will be only a few meters away from the Buda Castle with a beautiful view of the city. The address is Attila út 19, 1013. Remember, however, to make a reservation if you are going there during peak service hours.

8. Dubarry Restaurant

Dubarry Restaurant

Dubarry Restaurant is located near the Danube where you can enjoy the incredible view of the city and its castle while tasting the typical Hungarian dishes, if you decide to sit on the terrace.

Although the prices are quite high, the quality of the dishes served will justify them. A good address to come and eat with your partner in a romantic atmosphere in Budapest

9. Csarnok Vendeglo

Csarnok Vendeglo

One block from Freedom Square, the typical Budapest restaurant, Csarnok Vendeglo, offers traditional dishes where the quality-price ratio is one of the best in the Hungarian capital.

A menu in French will be presented to you to facilitate your choice. Don’t hesitate to ask the waiters for advice, they will be able to guide you. The address to get there is Hold u. 11, 1054.

10. Borze


The restaurant Borze offers delicious dishes with a very good quality-price ratio. The setting is pleasant with a very elaborate interior architecture, which creates a good atmosphere for eating.

The waiters will be at your service and efficient throughout your meal. The address of this typical Budapest restaurant is Nádor u. 23, 1051

The best restaurants in Budapest, in brief

In Hungary, bars, cafés and bistros are clearly not lacking. In some places you can enjoy the best Hungarian cuisine. Carefully prepared dishes, in an exceptional setting.

Local specialties, unusual activities (dance, show), view on the Danube, a few minutes walk from the most beautiful monuments of the Hungarian capital, “Buda” can offer you one of the most exceptional weekends in Europe!

A modern city, with a crazy atmosphere where you can taste the best of Hungary!

Discover the Hungarian culinary culture

You now know 10 good places to enjoy the local atmosphere of Budapest and be in contact with the population. Eating local is surely one of the best ways to blend in and live a real Hungarian experience.

As the capital is big, you will surely want to stay a few days to see enough monuments and squares. That is why we have dedicated an article to the best hotels in Budapest.

Don’t hesitate to take a guide with you. You will then be able to discover all you need to know about the most beautiful sites and districts of the Hungarian capital, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Perfect for a romantic weekend. Let yourself be tempted by a typical café, bar or bistro!