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The 10 best bars in Tallinn

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After visiting the most beautiful monuments of the city, you will surely want to sit down with friends for a good drink in the capital.

Tallinn is a great place to go out at night, drink in the many bars of the city and discover another side of Estonia while chatting with the locals.

What are the best bars in Tallinn?

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In this article, we will present you the 10 best bars to go to during your visit to Tallinn. This is the best way for you to meet real locals.

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1. Poobel


If you go to the atmospheric bar Poobel, you will be welcomed by the smiling waitresses of the establishment. The good atmosphere of this Tallinn bar will make you want to stay there for several drinks with friends.

In a nice setting, you will meet the local youth. A cheap and fun night out awaits you at Toompuiestee 16, 10137.

2. Põhjala Brewery & Tap Room


On the shore of the Gulf of Finland, a famous brewery called Põhjala Brewery & Tap Room is a place where we recommend you to go at least once during your stay in Tallinn.

Located at Peetri 5, 10415, this atmospheric bar in the Estonian capital is known for serving good local craft beers and also good barbecues. A great start to an evening of ambience in Tallinn by the water.

3. Brewdog


Craft beer lovers will enjoy going to this atmospheric Tallinn bar. Located at Rotermanni 2, 10111 just a few blocks from the Old Town, Brewdog offers good craft beers at good prices. You will be spoilt for choice as the list is so long.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice to the waiters who are passionate about beers and who will be able to guide you. A nice address in Tallinn for a relaxed start of the evening.

4. Kolu Tavern


Located in a museum, the Kolu Tavern is a good address in Tallinn where you can drink good glasses of beer in a traditional atmosphere.

Also located near the bay, this Tallinn bar also offers good typical Estonian dishes that are worth tasting either indoors or outdoors on the tables creating a good atmosphere like a leap in history. The address is Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12, 13521.

5. St. Vitus

st vitus

Serving as both a bar and a restaurant, you will enjoy going to St.Vitus located near the train station at Telliskivi 61b, 10412. In a hipster atmosphere, you will be warmly welcomed with some of their good craft beers.

A good address for happy hours with friends. The prices are reasonable and the quality is there. We recommend you to go there for some good drinks with friends.

6. Hr. Mauruse Pub

hr mauruse pub

The Hr. Mauruse Pub is a small underground bar with a very good quality-price ratio where you will appreciate to go because of the good atmosphere with a lot of young regulars.

A nice way to meet people and discover the locals during their relaxing hours. Do not hesitate to go to this bar located at Estonia pst 8, 10148.

7. Route 33 Bar & Grill

route 33

This is a bar that is a little less classic than the previous ones in terms of style. Route 33 Bar & Grill with a nice American flag creating an offbeat atmosphere.

The bar is located at Suur-Karja 13, 10140, right in the old town of Tallinn. It is a nice place where you can come in a group because of its many lodges available once inside.

8. Sigmund Freud Bar

sigmund freud bar

If you like good food and appreciate good cocktails, the Sigmund Freud Bar is an atmospheric bar in Tallinn that might interest you.

In a nice interior decoration, you will enjoy coming in group for a lively evening while being surrounded by local active people. The address of this nice bar in Tallinn is located at Sauna 8, 10140.

9. Beerwood Bar Tallinn


Conveniently located in the center of the old town, Beerwood Bar Tallinn will please you with its wide variety of alcoholic beverages and the food that goes with it.

You will meet young expats who know the place well and also groups of students who have their habits there. Go to Old Tallinn Town.

10. TOPS


Let’s end on a bar mixed between chic and hipster at the same time where the waiters welcome you with a big smile and perfect English, which helps a lot when ordering your freshly served drinks.

A small atmospheric place where many drinks await you such as house cocktails and local beers. A nice evening to spend at Soo 15, 10411.

Discover the best places in Tallinn and make the most of your stay.

You now know the best places in the Estonian capital to make the most of your stay there. This is without a doubt one of the best ways to meet local people and have a good time with friends.

If you want to know more about the places to see, we advise you to read our article about the best typical restaurants in Tallinn.

The 3 things to keep in mind regarding the best bars in Tallinn :

  • You’ll find on the heart of the estoanian capital city, mange bars. Perfect place for good food and a beer ! Let’s not forget to mention the always on point, selection of cocktails.
  • Estonia is a well known country, there you’ll have a great experience. A friendly nightlife, amazing bars, pubs and clubs, with great music !
  • You’re more into wine ? No worries. Estonia has what it takes to have a great winy evening. In town, you’ll find many local bars with a great selection of fine wines !

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