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Some of the best sport stadiums in Prague

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In the Czech Republic, sport is an important part of everyday life. In Prague more than anywhere else, it’s not uncommon to see well-stocked fitness gyms.

But more than that, locals love to go to the stadiums, to take part in, watch and support their team at an often high-stakes sporting event.

Would you like to discover sports in the Czech Republic and visit the capital’s finest arenas? Without further ado, let’s discover the capital’s best stadiums.

Ice hockey arenas in Prague

Are you an ice hockey fan? Find out here about two of the best arenas in which to enjoy a great game.

O2 Arena

o2 arena sparta prague

The O2 Arena is the home of Prague’s Sparta ice hockey team. Relatively strong, the Sparta team is nonetheless unable to win back the national title, which has eluded them since the 2006/2007 season!

Located in Českomoravská, the arena can accommodate just over 17,380 spectators during field hockey matches, ensuring a fiery atmosphere, especially as the Sparta Ultras are very vocal.

It also serves as a concert hall, as well as a venue for indoor athletics events. Tennis matches have also been staged here, including the 2012 Davis Cup final between the Czechs and the Spaniards.

Zimní stadion Eden

zimni stadion eden

The Zimní stadion Eden is home to Prague’s neighbor, the Slavia ice hockey team. Having been relegated and returned to the first division, the team has since moved from the O2 Arena to the Zimni.

The 4,000-capacity stadium doesn’t have quite the same buzz as the O2 Arena, but the atmosphere is as pleasant as ever, as the Czechs are big fans of ice hockey!

What are the best soccer stadiums in Prague?

Are you more of a football fan? No problem. Here again, you’ll find a selection of some of the best soccer stadiums in Prague!

Generali ARENA

generali arena

The home of one of Prague’s legendary clubs, the Generali Arena is home to Sparta Prague, owned by businessman Daniel Křetínský, who also owns Le Monde.

With a capacity of almost 19,000, the Arena is known for its lively atmosphere, especially when it’s time for the big derby between Sparta and Slavia de Prague. A high-voltage match!

The team has long dominated the Czech league, although in recent years it has handed over the reins, although it remains highly ranked. It’s worth noting that the Czech Republic’s national team is based there when international matches are organized.


eden arena

Having already mentioned Sparta Prague, here we come to Slavia and their Eden Arena! As for the stadium itself, with a capacity of 21,000, the Eden Arena is one of the largest stadiums in the Czech Republic.

Prague is divided between Slavia and Sparta, although other teams are also celebrated in the capital. The rivalry between these two clubs is therefore very real, to the point where the police are obliged to supervise the derbies.



The stadium of the Bohemians, often considered Prague’s most respected team. Founded in 1905, the Bohemians make their home games at the Ďolíček stadium, with a total capacity of 7.500 seats. It’s a small arena, but it doesn’t detract from the wild atmosphere of those fiery weekends when the first team fights for survival in the top flight.

Rugby stadium in Prague

It’s perfectly possible to enjoy a rugby match in the Czech Republic. In fact, there is a championship, albeit of a rather low standard. Without wishing to insult the athletes, Extraliga Rugby is not known for its high-flying matches, even if the spectacle is sometimes there.

Several teams are based in Prague, starting with RC Sparta Praha, RC Tatra Smichov and RC Slavia Praha. The matches are played in small rugby stadiums with capacities of just over 500. A great opportunity to enjoy some local rugby and have a great time.

Where to watch handball in Prague?

Then there’s handball. The Czech Republic may not be the biggest handball nation, but some clubs are doing very well.


dukla praha

To enjoy a good handball match, head for the Gimnazija, official stadium of the Dukla Praha team, one of the strongest in the Czech Republic, if not the strongest. A small arena with a capacity of just a few hundred seats.

Nevertheless, it promises to be a good time, as both club and venue are used to important encounters for the rest of the championship. A championship which, incidentally, comprises just 12 teams. As a result, it’s quite intense.

Where to watch tennis in Prague?

Finally, tennis! Here again, there should be plenty to enjoy, as the Czech Republic is a great tennis nation. Discover the best courts in the country!

TK Sparta Praha

tk sparta praha

Prague hosts the J&T Banka Prague Open, the most important tennis tournament in the Czech Republic. Now reserved for women, this tournament has long been open to everyone. However, the WTA Tour has decided to perpetuate this tradition. Today, whoever wins the tournament walks away with $250,000.

The Prague Open takes place on the tennis courts of Sparta Prague, the TK Sparta Praha. The center court has a capacity of 2,500, while court number 1 can accommodate 650 people. Finally, court number 2 can accommodate 200 people. Entry to the tournament is free for all, except for the final!

Prague a city that loves sports

Would you like to travel to Prague to take part in a sporting event? Take a look at our flight comparator and our tool for finding the city’s best hotels in just a few clicks. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!