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Some of the best ski resorts in the Czech Republic

stations ski republique tcheque

You may not have known it, but it’s actually possible to ski in the Czech Republic. In fact, the country boasts a number of excellent slopes. Of course, we’re not talking about the Alps, but there’s plenty of fun to be had when winter rolls around.

In the rest of this article, we’ll list some of the Czech ski resorts we’ve selected. It might just whet your appetite to discover more and, who knows, put on your skis!

Where to ski in the Czech Republic?

Despite its small size, the Czech Republic has a number of resorts close to Poland and Germany. In the rest of this article, we’ll list some of our favorite resorts. We’re off!



Klínovec is located in the Erz mountains, close to the German border. It is one of the largest ski areas in the Czech Republic. Logically, it’s the one that attracts the most powder lovers. Next door is a small ski area called Bozí Dar – Neklid.

The two resorts are perfectly connected, so you’ll have no trouble shuttling between them. Finally, if that’s not enough for you, the Czech Republic and Germany have agreements allowing you to ski at the Fichtelberg ski area, which is also connected to Klínovec. In short, there’s plenty to do!



The Lipno ski area is located in the heart of Bohemia, in the middle of a forest. Although it’s not the resort with the most complicated slopes, it’s still a favorite destination for families. Its small size (12 kilometers) makes it easy to learn to ski.

For the others, the large skicross run has been extended! To round off your stay in style, don’t miss a visit to the ice rink. It’s the longest natural ice rink in the world.

A Czech ski area that we also recommend for its affordability, even at the height of winter, when the weather is relatively favorable.

Špindlerův Mlýn

spindleruv mlyn

Head for North Bohemia and the town/resort of Špindlerův Mlýn. This ski area is located in the Krkonoše region, close to Poland and just a few hours from Prague. It is one of the largest ski areas in the Czech Republic, with 6 chairlifts and 11 lifts. The total length of the area is estimated at 27 km, with generally very good quality snow.

Černá Hora-Pec

cerna hora

Still not sure where to ski in the Czech Republic? Let’s go to the eastern part of the Krkonoše. Here you’ll find two large resorts, Černá Hora-Pec. Its total length? Around 50 kilometers.

An exceptional area in terms of size, it also includes a huge toboggan run, an ice rink and, of course, plenty of breweries! A little extra when the weather’s fine, offering you a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Kouty nad Desnou

kouty nad desnou

Do you love wide open spaces? Then head for Kouty nad Desnou in Moravia. This ski resort nestles in the heart of the Jeseníky Mountains in the north-east of the country, just a few kilometers from the country’s second-highest mountain.

Very modern, safe and pleasant, this ski resort in the Czech Republic is suitable for absolutely everyone: children, adults, beginners or experienced skiers, you can all have fun on site.

There are plenty of stores and restaurants in the area for you to relax in. The ideal place to stroll or rest before hitting the slopes. The lifts are also available at the best prices.

Dolní Morava

dolni morava

Dolní Morava is located near Kralický Sněžník. It’s much appreciated for its small size. Family-friendly and pleasant, it has just two chairlifts, four lifts, a children’s ski park and, above all… The longest bobsleigh run in the Czech Republic.

In other words, it’s the ideal place to enjoy a skiing vacation in the Czech Republic. Last but not least, you can enjoy modern features such as board cross, ski cross and freestyle slopes. In short, we recommend this ski resort in the Czech Republic, where the snow falls in abundance.

Our advice

Skiing, yes. But what if you want to spend several days here? Don’t hesitate to discover the few hotels close to the slopes, where you can fully relax in the evening before tackling the next day.

Skiing in the Czech Republic: our conclusion

Skiing in the Czech Republic is definitely possible. It takes just a few hours to get there from Prague. You can then rent top-quality equipment on site. Planning to stay a few days?

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