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10 amazing restaurants in Salzburg

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A few kilometers from the German border, Salzburg is a small city of 155 000 inhabitants where the most famous Austrian composer was born, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salzburg welcomes many tourists every year for its many monuments to visit, such as the St. Rupert’s Cathedral.

The Austrian culture is visible in the architecture of the buildings, but also in the various restaurants that the city has to offer.

What are the best restaurants in Salzburg?

ou manger a salzbourg

In this article, we will present you some good addresses to go to, during your visit to Salzburg, in order to discover the different typical dishes while being in contact with the locals.

1. S’Kloane Brauhaus

S Kloane Brauhaus

At the foot of one of the hills around the city is the restaurant S’Kloane Brauhaus. With a warm welcome, you will discover a simple and varied menu of local dishes.

This nice restaurant in Salzburg has a magnificent setting where a beautiful shaded terrace full of greenery will be available for you to enjoy your dish.

An address that we highly recommend, located at Schallmooser Hauptstraße 27, 5020. To continue your evening, don’t hesitate to go to one of the typical bars in Salzburg.

2. Johanneskeller


The Johanneskeller is an excellent restaurant with good Austrian cuisine and professional and friendly service.

In the middle of summer, you can enjoy your meal in front of the Salzach river, which adds a nice value to the place. Please make your own opinion by visiting Richard-Mayr-Gasse 1, 5020.

3. Restaurant Brunnauer


At the entrance of the Hans Donnenberg Park, the Brunnauer restaurant is located in a quiet and residential area in contact with nature. The reception and service will be impeccable with a qualified and smiling staff. If the weather is good, we recommend eating outside.

As for the dishes, the careful presentation and the cooking will be perfectly respected with an accompaniment of the Austrian wines proposed which will be perfectly suited. The address of this Salzburg restaurant is Fürstenallee 5, 5020.

4. Barenwirt


This is a good traditional Austrian restaurant. Pleasant both for the location and the service. The Barenwirt is a restaurant in Salzburg where you can eat well and in good quantity.

We recommend this address if you are walking along the river. Go to Müllner Hauptstraße 8, 5020.

5. Die Weisse

die weisse

Die Weisse is a typical Salzburg restaurant where you will find good prices for good portions on the plate.

Located in the city center, you will meet other lucky tourists who know this restaurant located at Rupertgasse 10, 5020. A good atmosphere awaits you while being surrounded by locals.

6. Salzburger Grill Imbiss

Salzburger grill imbiss

If you are planning to eat local and are a fan of grilled food, the Salzburger Grill Imbiss will surely interest you with its wide choice of good quality sausages.

Simple and good food to enjoy with friends and family during your visit to Salzburg. The address of this cheap restaurant in Salzburg is located at Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 2A, 5020.

7. Braurestaurant IMLAUER

Braurestaurant IMLAUER

Braurestaurant IMLAUER offers delicious local dishes as well as impressive desserts.

This elegant restaurant in Salzburg has a beautiful outdoor terrace, which is a great place to enjoy your meal on sunny days.

If you go to Rainerstraße 14, 5020, you will be away from the tourist restaurants and surrounded by locals. A nice address to choose.

8. Zum Zirkelwirt

Zum Zirkelwirt

Not far from the Salzach river, the restaurant Zum Zirkelwirt serves good Austrian home cooking. For reasonable prices, you will eat good portions in this typical Salzburg restaurant.

Fast and efficient service with a nice smile from the waitresses awaits you at Pfeifergasse 14, 5020. An establishment located close to some of the best hotels in Salzburg.

9. IMLAUER Sky Bar & Restaurant

IMLAUER Sky Bar Restaurant

You won’t regret your visit to Salzburg if you go to the IMLAUER Sky Bar & Restaurant for a meal. This elegant restaurant is perfectly positioned with a unique view of the city.

With high quality, you will enjoy mainly local dishes accompanied by good wines. The excellent staff will be very helpful and helpful in choosing your meal. Good food at Rainerstraße 6, 5020.

10. PitterKeller


A few blocks from Mirabell Castle in the city center, the PitterKeller restaurant is known for serving good quality Austrian cuisine.

Friendly and courteous service awaits you in this friendly Salzburg restaurant. You will discover a romantic and family atmosphere when you visit Rainerstrasse 6 Ecke, Auerspergstraße, 5020.

The best restaurants in Salzburg, in brief

In the heart of Austria, Salzburg has a lot to offer. Beautiful hotels, delicious food and many places to eat well, always at the best prices. This small city, nestled in the west of Austria, in the very heart of Europe, has something for everyone.

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, you will be delighted by the typical gastronomy, and the staff is always very correct. As a guest you will always be treated superbly and above all you will have access to the specialities of Salzburg at any time of the day.

Salzburg, a culinary culture to discover

Good places to eat in Salzburg await you during your visit to the city. You now know the best restaurants in Salzburg to discover the local food and the warm atmosphere. If you would like to know more about the best places to eat in Salzburg, don’t hesitate to read our article on the must-see places in Salzburg.

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