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Where to go out in Nuremberg?

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Are you visiting Nuremberg? While you’re there, you’ll probably be looking for some places to eat, drink and have fun from.

Here we present you our selection of the 10 best bars and restaurants in Nuremberg, to help you plan your visit and combine it with the pleasures of a good meal and a good German beer.

Where to eat in Nuremberg?

Are you looking for typical, accessible and friendly restaurants from which to spend a good time? We present you, in the following content, a list of these 5 typical restaurants of the city. 5 quality establishments, accessible to all budgets, which will not fail to please you.

1.  Essigbrätlein

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Nuremberg. It was mentioned for the very first time in records dating back to 1596. In other words, the Essigbrätlein alone represents more than 500 years of culinary history in Bavaria.

Of course, the menu has evolved, but the dishes are still very tasty. Ideal for lunch or dinner. The Essigbrätlein is located at Weinmarkt 3.

2. Bratwursthäusle

The Bratwursthäusle is one of the most typical restaurants in Nuremberg. It is also very old, since it was founded in 1312, and offers visitors the opportunity to taste the typical Nuremberg sausages.

Quality Bratwurst, which you can eat by 6, 8, 10 or 12 with a good potato salad, some sauerkraut and horseradish. The place is also very well located. It is located at Rathausplatz 1, right in the heart of the city center.

3. Albrecht Dürer Stube 

Very affordable in terms of price, the Albrecht Dürer Stube is again a very old restaurant. It was founded almost 450 years ago. It is still run by the same family.

You will have the opportunity to taste excellent traditional Bavarian dishes, based on sausage, fish and vegetables. In short, a real treat!

4. Bratwurst Röslein

Bratwurst Röslein is the self-proclaimed largest Bratwurst restaurant in the world. That’s all there is to it. In the summer, when the terrace is open, the restaurant can seat up to 600 guests.

The typical Nuremberg restaurant serves regional dishes such as bratwurst, pork shoulder and crispy duck. The restaurant is located at Rathauspl. 6.

5. Heilig Geist Spital

The Heilig Geist Spital is a classic Nuremberg restaurant located in one of the city’s oldest buildings. The menu varies and changes according to the season.

The interior is very pleasant. One appreciates the cosy, woody and somewhat “dark” atmosphere. In summer, an inner courtyard is open.

Where to have a drink in Nuremberg?

After your meal, you are wondering where to have a drink? In the second part of this article, we’ll take a look at our selection of the city’s 10 most pleasant and frequently mentioned quality bars, cafés and pubs.

1. Mata Hari Bar

The Mata Hari Bar in Nuremberg is an establishment frequented by regulars. The warm atmosphere and the familiar ambience make it the headquarters of the customers.

But that’s not all: 200 different drinks, more than 50 cocktails on tap, 40 whisky releases and more than a dozen beers – in short, you’ll have the opportunity to try, discover and taste a lot.

2. Cafe & Bar Celona Finca

This is a coffee bar that is open in the morning for brunch, but also in the evening for a good drink. We really appreciate its Mediterranean touch, its “vacation by the sea” feel with its long tables and umbrellas that make the place very pleasant.

Located on Vordere Insel Schütt 4, it is a place where you can enjoy very good cocktails. 

3. Gelbe Haus Cocktailbar

The Yellow Haus Cocktailbar is one of the most popular establishments in Nuremberg. The reason? The wide selection of cocktails. The locals also like to rent the place for private parties like weddings, birthdays or other.

And last but not least, you can sign up for a cocktail course and become a real bartender.

4. Skybar Nurnberg

The Skybar Nurnberg is a bar that, as its name suggests, is located high up on the terrace. Located in Admiral Filmpalast, Königstraße 11, it offers its customers a menu of 120 different cocktails and a copious menu for the cravings (hamburger, cakes, ice creams, coffee etc. …). In short, a very trendy place that we recommend you to discover. 

5. Nightclubs in Nuremberg 

There are several nightclubs in Nuremberg. If you want to go out after a drink or if you prefer to go there to start your evening with your friends and relatives, we recommend you to go to the Club Stereo, the Mach or the Worlf of Nightlife. These establishments are on the list of the most popular clubs in Nuremberg.

Go out in Nuremberg and enjoy the nightlife

The nightlife in Nuremberg is very developed! There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The city, although small, is very lively. If you spend 2 or 3 days here, you will have the opportunity to discover and try out absolutely everything it has to offer. So don’t hesitate, especially since Munich, the Bavarian capital, is only a two-hour drive away.