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Top 10 typical restaurants in Ljubljana

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Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is full of monuments and historical places to discover. In between activities, it is likely that you will feel hungry.

If you want to fill up on Slovenian food, you will find many restaurants in this city offering typical and quality cuisine.

What are the best typical restaurants in Ljubljana?

Ljubljana restaurants

When you think of gastronomy, Slovenia is not necessarily the country that comes to mind… However, it is quite possible to enjoy yourself in the Slovenian capital! We have selected for you the 10 best typical restaurants in Ljubljana.

1. Na Gradu

Na Gradu Ljubljana

Na Gradu is a restaurant that wants to be as typical and traditional as possible. This European place has good food from Slovenia with dishes that are cooked from local ingredients, the recipes are authentic, and the stone building breathes Slovenian history. If you want to taste a quality local cuisine at a good price, you should go to Grajska planota 1!

2. Rio Momo

rio momo ljubljana

Rio Momo is very popular with the locals. It is easy to understand: it combines typical Slovenian family cooking of quality, copious dishes, pleasant welcome… And, cherry on the cake, the bill is quite reasonable! Certainly an address not to be missed, in Slovenska cesta 28.

3. Špajza

Spajza ljubljana

Run by a brother and sister with a passion for good food, Špajza is a restaurant of choice. It offers high quality Slovenian cuisine served in a rustically decorated restaurant. If you want to taste typical Slovenian dishes in the old town, go to Gornji trg 28.

4. Sarajevo ’84

Sarajevo 84 ljubljana

At Sarajevo ’84 you will find a lot of locals who come to enjoy the typical Balkan grill. You will find here a lot of Slovenian dishes as copious as delicious. You can find this establishment with the decor of another era at Nazorjeva ulica 12.

5. Strelec

Strelec ljubljana

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Ljubljana at Strelec. This place offers a unique menu developed with an ethnologist, which promises a meal as colorful and authentic as the landscape. For a unique yet typical experience, you will have to climb the spiral staircase at Grajska planota 1.

6. Vodnikov Hram

Vodnikov Hram ljubljana

Vodnikov Hram is a typical Ljubljana restaurant that is very popular with locals and visitors alike. The friendly staff will advise you according to your taste. The dishes are well cooked, hearty, and the bill is not too high! That’s all we want, and it’s in Vodnikov trg 2.

7. Pri Škofu

Pri Skofu ljubljana

If you’re looking for more local than local food, head to Pri Škofu in Rečna ulica 8. In a simple, unpretentious setting, it offers hearty dishes made from ingredients grown in the neighborhood, as well as a selection of wines and beers from small local producers.

8. Atelje

Atelje ljubljana

Atelje is a bistro with an industrial decor. It has one of the best wine cellars in Slovenia, so wine lovers will be pleased. You can enjoy a typical dish or choose something more modern. It is located in Nazorjeva ulica 2.

9. Kodila Gourmet

Kodila Gourmet ljubljana

In the middle of the market square, in Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 5, you will find Kodila Gourmet. The staff is very pleasant and the recipes are made from local products. You can even come and have breakfast there! An address that is worth a visit.

10. JB

Jb ljubljana

Janez Bratovz’s restaurant, JB, is the perfect place to discover typical Slovenian cuisine in depth. You will be able to immerse yourself in Slovenian history through a refined menu made only from local products. One of the best restaurants in the city, located at Miklošičeva cesta 19.

Discover the best restaurants in Ljubljana

Finally, you’ll find plenty of quality establishments in Ljubljana throughout your trip. Restaurants hidden in the small streets of the city center, at the best price, offering some of the most beautiful views, whether on the terrace, on the city, the river or the castle. A great experience that you wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world!

Now you know the 10 best typical restaurants in Ljubljana (some of the greatest establishments in the city!). If you found this article useful and would like to discover other good places in the city, please check out our selection of the 10 best hotels in Ljubljana.

The 3 things to keep in mind regarding the best restaurants in Ljubljana :

  • Ljubljana is a city where food is very important. That’s why you’ll see a lot of various restaurants, celebrating the slovenian cuisine.
  • Wine, great products from local producers, delicious dishes and cheap prices : you will quickly understand why Ljubljana, the slovenian capital city is that friendly and welcoming !
  • Our selection of good places aims to evolve. Don’t hesitate to send us your own tips and amazing restaurants if you’re around Ljubljana !