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10 wonderful restaurants in Krakow!

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As one of Poland’s largest cities, Krakow has a rich historical heritage that tourists love to visit. The city center is full of monuments to visit, such as Wawel Castle, where you’ll find lovely places to eat after a great tour of the city.

What are the best restaurants in Krakow?

In this article, you’ll discover Krakow’s best restaurants, where locals love to go to eat good, traditional food. If you’d like to find out more about Krakow, we invite you to read our article on the city’s must-visit restaurants.

Art Restaurant

art restaurant

The Art Restaurant is a very pleasant place to dine on local cuisine, where you’ll find highly professional service and delicate, delicious cooking, to share a good tasting moment with your partner or family. The address of this Krakow restaurant is Kanonicza 15, 33-332.

Old Town Restaurant and Wine Bar

old town restaurant and wine bar

The Old Town Restaurant and Wine Bar offers a warm welcome and excellent service. Prices in this Krakow restaurant are very reasonable, with typical Polish cuisine and a small digestif offered at the end of the meal. The address is Świętego Sebastiana 25, 31-050.

Restauracja Starka

restauracja starka

In the Kazimierz district close to the city center, Restauracja Starka is a very good Krakow restaurant where we recommend you go to have a good time. In fact, the waiter will welcome you in a very friendly way, making every effort to speak French to put you in the right mood and create a good atmosphere during your meal. You’ll love the typically Polish cuisine, with its beautifully presented meat dishes. Go to Józefa 14, 31-056.

Kuchnia Polska Gaska

kuchnia polska gaska

Kuchnia Polska Gaska is a beautifully decorated restaurant specializing in potato pancakes and goose dishes. The cuisine is based on fresh produce, which is reflected in the dishes served.

If you’re not sure what to choose, the staff will be happy to help. The address of this Krakow restaurant is Bolesława Limanowskiego 1, 30-551.

Morskie Oko

morskie oko

You’re simply going to love your time at Morskie Oko restaurant. Although the cuisine is heavy, it remains local and authentic. Dancers and musicians create a folklore atmosphere. This Krakow restaurant in plac Szczepański 8, 31-011, is the place to go for a delicious meal.

Restauracja Szalone Widelce

restauracja szalone widelce

The dishes served at Restauracja Szalone Widelce are generous and of good quality. We recommend you try the pierogis. The service is good, and the staff very pleasant and smiling. This Krakow restaurant has a lovely covered terrace. Good value for money. Go to Szpitalna 40, 31-024 for all gourmet tourists.

Kuchnia u Doroty

kuchnia u doroty

Kuchnia u Doroty is a charming place for a romantic dinner. With a warm welcome from the staff, you’ll be treated to perfect service. The main dining room is well decorated, giving it a cosy feel. The dishes served are hearty and inexpensive. You can count on the equivalent of €15 for 2 people. The address is Augustiańska 4, 31-064.

Piwnica Pod Kominkiem

piwnica pod kominkiem

With its tavern-style decor, Piwnica Pod Kominkiem, located in the city center, is a pretty little traditional restaurant with friendly staff. Dishes are served quickly and generously, providing good value for money. Another fine restaurant address in Krakow: Bracka 13, 31-005.

Wierzynek Restaurant

wierzynek restaurant

Here’s a gourmet restaurant in Krakow that we recommend for a good meal during your stay. Set in a castle-like atmosphere, the Wierzynek Restaurant‘s meticulously-crafted, traditional décor lends it great charm.

Prices are affordable for the high quality of the dishes on offer. It’s important to reserve your table to be able to eat there. The address of this Krakow restaurant is Rynek Główny 16, 31-008.

Pierwszy Stopien

pierwszy stopien

Close to the Old Town Square, Pierwszy Stopien offers a cuisine with portions are very generous. You’ll find both Polish specialties and healthy dishes, all for very good value. A great place to eat local with your family. Krakowska 17, 31-062.

Krakow’s best restaurants in a nutshell

In Poland, culinary culture has pride of place. Whether it’s in the alleys of the city center, in the less sought-after neighborhoods or in the homes of local people, in Krakow you’ll always find a place to eat well. Whether it’s a starter, main course, dessert, cheese or coffee, no matter where you go, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a first-rate lunch.

Can’t find the right place to enjoy Polish cuisine, or can’t decide between several restaurants in the heart of the city? Take a look at the reviews on our website or on TripAdvisor.

Now you know ten good places to eat in Krakow. Local restaurants are a great way to get to know Polish culture and get in touch with the locals. The warm atmosphere of the city can also be experienced in Krakow’s bars.

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