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The 10 best typical restaurants in Wrocław

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In between visiting Wroclaw’s monuments and squares, you’ll surely want to discover the culinary side of the city. That’s why having some good places to eat in Wroclaw will make it easier and save you time to make the most of your stay there.

What are the 10 best typical restaurants in Wroclaw?

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In this article, you will discover the 10 best restaurants in Wroclaw where we recommend you to eat in order to have a local culinary experience and thus discover the city from another angle.

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1. Stol na Szwedzkiej

Stol na Szwedzkiej

The chef of Stol na Szwedzkiej offers good ideas of dishes from a culinary kitchen with a very professional and motivated team, where you feel a real passion. The place is very pleasant and will surely make you want to come back.

Located in Szwedzka 17A, 54-401, west of Wroclaw, you will appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the impeccable service of the smiling staff. A good address for a couple’s meal in Wroclaw.

2. Restauracja Konspira

Restauracja Konspira

In the center of Wroclaw, Restauracja Konspira is a very good address for big eaters. With large quantities served, you will appreciate the quality of the dishes.

This restaurant offers affordable typical Polish dishes. Located at Plac Solny 11, 50-061, you will have no problem finding the address.

3. Setka


Setka is a classic and must-visit restaurant in Wroclaw. Each traditional dish is presented in a beautiful way and possibly accompanied by a small glass of vodka.

You will also discover good beers for those who want to. There is a good atmosphere in this affordable Wroclaw restaurant located at Kazimierza Wielkiego 50, 50-077.

4. Restaurant Wroclawska

Restaurant Wroclawska

Right in the city center, the Wroclawska restaurant serves typical Polish dishes at affordable prices. The service is fast and friendly with a lot of choice of local dishes. 

A nice place to go with friends to taste the many local beers offered. Go to Szewska 59/60, 50-139.

5. Lwia Brama²

Lwia Brama²

Lwia Brama² is a restaurant with a terrace on the street in front of St. Giles Cathedral where you can enjoy tasty and well-presented dishes. An elegant restaurant in Wroclaw that is worth a visit to discover the local cuisine beautifully presented.

The address is Katedralna 9, 50-328 for a romantic dinner while visiting the city.

6. Chatka przy Jatkach

Chatka przy Jatkach

If you want to go to a very good restaurant with a local clientele and appetizing dishes, Chatka przy Jatkach is a good address in Wroclaw.

You will be very well received by the staff who will be happy to introduce you to all the typical Polish dishes and recommend some of them. We highly recommend you to go to Odrzańska 7, 50-113.

7. Targowa


Targowa is a perfect choice for a meal of Polish specialties with craft beers. You will enjoy the beer cellar decor in an authentic atmosphere where we recommend you to go. The address of this typical Wroclaw restaurant is Piaskowa 17, 50-158.

8. Kurna Chata

Kurna Chata

Located in a small alley in the city center, not far from the market square, the restaurant Kurna Chata offers Polish specialties at low prices.

You can sit wherever you like, indoors or outdoors, with friendly waiters and quick service. Go to Malarska 25, 50-113 to taste the typical Polish dishes.

9. Pod Freda

Pod Freda

This restaurant in Wroclaw is a place where you can eat local dishes in a typical Polish setting with a simple, old-fashioned decoration that creates the atmosphere.

The reception is correct with waiters speaking good English, which will facilitate communication for the choice of dishes. A nice way to discover the Polish culture through their dishes. The address is Rynek Ratusz 1, 50-116.

10. Browar Złoty Pies

Browar Zloty Pies

A nice place to taste local beers and enjoy good cheap food in Wroclaw. You will find the waitress efficient and smiling, which will make your time in this typical Wroclaw restaurant even better.

Don’t hesitate to go to Rynek 41, 51-116 for a nice dinner with friends and meet new people there.

Discover the best places in Wroclaw

Now you know the 10 best places in Wroclaw to eat typical Polish dishes. A great way for you to learn more about the city.

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