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Where to eat local in Edinburgh ?

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Although the city is of average size for a European capital, Edinburgh has some great places to go, whether you want to have a drink with friends in an atmospheric bar, enjoy a good brunch on a Saturday morning, or discover a typical Scottish dish in one of its many restaurants.

The trick is to know where to go to discover the Scottish culinary side once you’re there.

What are the 10 best restaurants in Edinburgh?

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the 10 best typical restaurants in Edinburgh. You will have the opportunity to make your own opinion in one of these 10 addresses and thus appreciate the Scottish atmosphere through their different offers.

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1. Dine

dine edinburgh

Let’s start with a small and affordable gourmet restaurant. Typical and charming, Dine is located in the center of Edinburgh, where you can enjoy tasty local food with a good Scottish salmon.

A really friendly place that we recommend, located on the 1st floor at 10 Cambridge St, EH1 2ED.

2. The Tollhouse

the tollhouse edinburgh 1

The Tollhouse is a typical Scottish restaurant with a charming setting. You will eat fresh food with good wine, served by a friendly and very helpful staff.

We highly recommend you to go there if you like a cozy atmosphere in a family atmosphere. The address is 50 Brandon Terrace, EH3 5BX.

3. Dine Murrayfield

dine murrayfield edinburgh

When you go to Dine Murrayfield, you will get your money’s worth with the nice portions served. The appetizers and cocktails are excellent, especially the haggis and the clap shot with a good whiskey sauce in a very refined presentation.

The main courses are well presented with attentive and friendly staff, and the decor is tasteful.

4. First Coast

First Coast edinburgh 1

Another good place to eat local in the Scottish capital with absolutely delicious meals and a menu clear enough to know the good dishes offered.

The warm welcome of the smiling waiters will make you understand that you will eat in a very good atmosphere. The First Coast is located at 97-101 Dalry Rd, EH11 2AB

5. Blonde Restaurant

Blonde restaurant edinburgh 1

If you choose to go to Blonde Restaurant, you’ll enjoy tasty meat and fish dishes as well as great vegetarian options. For attentive service from smiling staff, you’ll get your money’s worth by visiting 71-75 St. Leonard’s St, EH8 9QR.

6. Forage & Chatter

Forage Chatter edinburgh 1

With a professional and very warm welcome, Forage & Chatter is located in an idyllic basement setting. The dishes are exceptionally presented with a modern visual and very good taste.

You will be treated to an explosion of flavor for this well researched Scottish cuisine. Although the prices are quite high, you will get your money’s worth if you go to 1A Alva St, EH2 4PH.

7. Borough

Borough edinburgh 1

This is a very chic place in Edinburgh where you will feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. The staff at the restaurant will be really attentive. You’ll be treated to a beautifully presented tasting menu for good value.

Food lovers will be delighted to go there to sample the many local dishes that the Borough Restaurant offers at 50-54 Henderson St, Leith, EH6 6DE.

8. Fishers

Fishers edinburgh 1

Fans of Scottish lobster will enjoy a visit to Fishers, a restaurant known for its famous seafood dishes.

The reception has often been criticized in the past, but fortunately the popularity of this restaurant has been restored, which is why we recommend it for good local food. The address is 1 Shore, Leith, EH6 6QW.

9. Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash edinburgh 1

This small restaurant offers both brunch and lunch. Located on Bath Street, just off the Portobello promenade, Butternut Squash allows you to eat your meal with a beautiful view. Go to 10 Bath St, Portobello, EH15 1EY.

10. The Magnum

The Magnum edinburgh 1

Let’s finish this top 10 with The Magnum which is nothing but a very friendly place with a manager and his waiters both adorable and very helpful. The dishes are delicious and nicely presented.

We recommend you to try their famous cheesecake, which is excellent! This restaurant is located at 1 Albany St, EH1 3PY.

Discover the best places to eat in Edinburgh

You now know the 10 best typical restaurants in Edinburgh. Although the United Kingdom is not known for being the most prestigious country in terms of gastronomy, you have several great places to eat in Edinburgh.

To learn more about the Scottish capital, an article dedicated to the best hostels in Edinburgh is available to you in order to have other good places to stay once you are there.

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