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Prague’s not-to-be-missed festivals

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Prague is a highly cultural city. Cosmopolitan and open to the world, the Czech capital is a veritable meeting point for lovers of the arts, culture and music. Indeed, numerous festivals are held here throughout the year.

On weekends, for example, it’s not uncommon to find a market celebrating South American or Asian cuisine, or even one offering strange recipes. The same goes for music, with impromptu street concerts everywhere.

On the other hand, for those who love well-organized, well-defined events, check out our list of Prague’s top festivals!

Which Prague festivals to attend?

During the summer, the Czech Republic is full of festivals, especially in the capital, Prague. You’ll find events focusing on art, music and cinema. Want to find out more? Come on board with us and discover some of the best Prague festivals to attend!

1. Febiofest


Festivals aren’t all about music – quite the contrary! Indeed, in the Czech Republic and in Prague more specifically, the world of cinema is regularly in the spotlight.

For 30 years now, the Febiofest international film festival has been held right in the center of Prague. It’s an opportunity for fans of the 7ᵉ art to enjoy the arrival of major film stars and various screenings.

This is one of the biggest film festivals in the Czech capital.

2. United Island of Prague

united island of prague

A music festival held in early June, the United Island of Prague tends to celebrate world music. From pop-rock and folk, indie and electro, to jazz and world music, the United Island of Prague has become a benchmark summer event.

Organized around the Karlín district, it’s one of the first big music festivals of the year, not only in Prague but also in the Czech Republic, where June is traditionally a busy month! An event we recommend!

3. Prague Metronome Festival

prague metronome festival

For several years now, the Prague Metronome Festival has been showcasing the artists of the moment, whether Czech or foreign, little-known or internationally renowned.

Among the biggest stars? Artists like The Kooks and Sting! Several stages, a crazy atmosphere… The perfect way for locals to celebrate summer and music in the best possible way, at this festival traditionally held in June, near Výstaviště Praha Holešovice.

Once again, a highly recommended event.

Good to know

Don’t forget to book your tickets. They go very quickly. Make sure you get in early enough to have a chance to enjoy the best of the art world.

4. Prague Coffee

prague coffee festival

Festival Held in October, the Prague Coffee Festival has become one of the most important of its kind in the Czech Republic, paying tribute to and celebrating coffee, which is becoming increasingly important among the local population.

Created and organized by the non-governmental organization Coffee Embassy, this gathering of caffeine enthusiasts debuted in 2012, allowing coffee producers from around the world to showcase their production, while visitors have the opportunity to sample dozens of coffees from all over the world. An unusual culinary festival in the heart of Prague.

5. Prague Beer Fest

prague beer fest

If Prague loves to celebrate music and cinema, beer also finds time to be celebrated. Beer is an integral part of Czech culture, and it’s impossible not to celebrate. Every year in November, the Czech Republic holds its annual Beer Festival, a tribute to malt and liquid hops.

It’s a two-day opportunity for producers from Prague, the Czech Republic and all over the world to showcase their products and share a little of their good humor and know-how.

Good to know The beer festival is an opportunity to celebrate small producers. For more information, please visit the official website or come and see for yourself!

6. Prague Ice Cream Festival

prague ice cream festival

As well as beer and coffee, Prague also likes to celebrate ice cream! This is a great opportunity for fans of sorbets and other cones to enjoy ice cream of all kinds, especially as it’s the biggest festival of its kind in Central Europe.

Be warned, however, that this festival, once again held in the center of the Holešovice district, is only a one-day event. In other words, you’ll have to hurry if you don’t want to arrive too late. A summer festival not to be missed! An event we recommend to gourmets.

7. Prague Design Week

prague design week

Music, cinema, food – Prague is the kind of city that puts its best foot forward. Of course, the cultural sector is not forgotten, and our series begins here with Prague Design Week. For seven days, dozens of designers present their work to the most interested.

The festival itself is relatively young, with the sixth edition taking place in 2019. Created by Ondřej Krynek, Prague Design Week also offers visitors the chance to take part in workshops, watch short films and take part in a few classes to learn more about the sector.

8. Book World Praha

book world praha

Held in May, Prague’s international book festival is an opportunity for leading writers to get together for a few days. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in meetings and discussions with their favorite authors.

Some of the greatest writers will also hold a conference to talk about their works and the subjects they deal with. 2023 will mark the 29th edition of this international fair. One of Prague’s biggest literature festivals.

Come to Prague and take part in the city’s festivals

Would you like to take part in the best festivals in Prague? First of all, check out our flight comparator to find the best rates. You’ll then be able to discover a whole range of events in the heart of the city that should give you a whole new experience. It’s possible to discover Prague from another angle! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.