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It’s worth a try: Prague’s Illusion Art Museum

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Prague is a very artistic and cultural city. In addition to the many architectural wonders to be discovered here, the city is also home to a large number of museums.

In fact, we listed some of them in our article on the 10 best museums in the Czech capital. But there’s one that we didn’t include in that list, but that we absolutely had to introduce to you: the Illusion Art Museum.

We’re off!

musee illusion prague

Museum of Illusive Art in Prague

🏛️ What people say 🏛️

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.3/5 – Google

General information

Adress : Melantrichova 536/2, 110 00 Staré Město
Opening hours : Mon – Sun : 09 – 23H
Phone number : +420 604 358 240

What we think of the Muzeum Iluzivního Umění


  • It’s a great museum for kids and adults alike
  • Admission is not expensive
  • Surprising, unusual and original place

What we like the most

  • Taking photos with the many illusions
  • The experience itself, which is a little confusing!

What is the Museum of Fantastic Illusions in Prague?

prague musee des illusions fantastiques

Prague’s Museum of Fantastic Illusions (also known as the Illusion Art Museum) is a rather unusual and, frankly, unique place. Walk through the doors and you’re guaranteed an entertaining and, above all, interactive experience that will surprise you and make you laugh, whatever your age.

What to do when you visit the Museum of Fantastic Illusions?

musee des illusions a prague

During your visit to this museum, you’ll be able to do quite a few things! The first is to enjoy the interactive exhibits:

  • Distorting mirrors,
  • Trompe-l’œil,
  • Smells
  • Optical illusions, you won’t be disappointed…

But don’t forget to bring your smartphone or camera!

Because that’s probably the second most fun thing you can do: take memorable shots. At every stop you make, you can take one! There are even facilities to help you position yourself in the best spot to get the perfect shot.

Last but not least, you can take part in workshops and demonstrations. In fact, we regularly organize workshops where you can learn a little more about optical illusions and how they work. And, of course, you can create your own vote!

Who are the artists exhibiting at the Illusion Art Museum?

Several artists are exhibited in the museum. The best-known of these is Patrick Hughes, a highly regarded British artist who works with perspective like no other.

Local artists include Patrik Prošek (and his anamorphic 3D installations), and Ladislav Vlna and his metallurgical paintings. Add to this fine list artists such as Ivana Štenclová, Zdeněk Daňek and Jan Jírovec.

Where is the Illusion Art Museum?

musee des illusions fantastiques de prague

The Museum of Fantastic Illusions is located in the very heart of the Old Town. It’s located at Melantrichova 536/2, 110 00 Staré Město in Prague. It’s an ideal location. Indeed, you won’t find a more central location.

If you’re staying at one of the many hotels in the Czech capital’s city center, don’t hesitate to head here. It will only take you a few minutes to get there.

How do I get to the Museum of Illusive Art?

Getting to the Illusion Art Museum (Muzeum Iluzivního Umění in Czech) is really quite simple. If you’re in the city center, you don’t even need to take public transport.

If you’re out of town, we suggest you take the Green or Yellow metro, in the direction of Můstek. Get off at the same stop. You’ll only have to walk a few minutes to get there.

How much does admission to Prague's Museum of Fantastic Illusions cost?

prague musee illusions fantastiques

Admission to Prague’s Museum of Fantastic Illusions isn’t expensive… especially if you use Treepeo, of course! We work in collaboration with GetYourGuide, which enables us to offer you cheaper admission tickets. Prices start from 14 euros per person. Please note, however, that demand is very high!