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How to easily get to Prague’s city center from the airport ?

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A trip abroad tends to take some preparation. It’s hard to imagine disembarking kilometers away from Paris, Amsterdam, London or even NYC in a country we know nothing about. Luckily for you, we’re here, at least for a trip to Prague.

The capital of the Czech Republic is attracting more and more tourists, 7.9 million in 2018 (6.7 of whom were foreigners). You’ll probably have to go there one day or another!

So why not take the opportunity to get some information, including how to get to the city center from the airport? Located right in the middle of the European continent, Prague is a cosmopolitan, international and, above all, lively city. Of course, this is not all the Czech capital has to offer – quite the contrary.

Discover Prague, a booming European capital

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First of all, Prague is a European capital, so if you’re French, Belgian, Swiss or of any other European nationality, there’s no need for a visa.

For the others, you’ll need to check with the government websites set up in your country. Once you’ve sorted this out, it’s time to buy your ticket. Don’t hesitate to check out our flight comparator for the best fares.

Are you booked? Now all you have to do is wait, with your euros tucked away in your wallet. You don’t need to change your money now, as the best thing to do is change it on the spot.

There are many places where you can exchange your euros for kroner. However, exchange rates are often disadvantageous. So be careful, and don’t do it at the airport!

Vaclav Havel Airport (PRG)

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It’s finally time to leave for Prague. About 1h30 – 2h in the sky (if you’re in Europe), a descent initiated and you’re finally on your way to Prague, arriving at Vaclav Havel airport, Prague’s one and only airport.

It’s only 30 minutes from the city center, and a lot of work is currently underway. Faced with the influx of tourists, the city of Prague has decided to increase the capacity of Havel airport.

Good to know

Vaclav Havel Airport has 2 terminals. Terminal 1 is for international flights outside the European Union. Terminal 2 is for intra-European flights only! So be sure not to make a mistake, whether you’re flying in or out.

How do I get from Prague airport to the city center?

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to exit in a very simple way. Once again, there’s no need to stop and change your currency, as the exchange rates at the airport are dreadful. Simply head for the exit and the buses just outside the entrance to Prague airport. You’ll have two choices.

If you want to head for the old town center, you’ll have to hop on the line 119 bus to the terminus, the Nádraží veleslavín station. You can also take the less convenient line 100 bus.

Then it’s time for the metro, and after a few stops, you’ll arrive at Můstek, the city center station. So the journey from the airport to the center of Prague won’t have taken you very long! First of all, stop for a few seconds at a ticket machine.

Good to know

Passenger shuttles to the city center or airport are quite common. However, don’t hesitate to ask beforehand to make sure you’re on the right track. Generally speaking, there should be a bus service every 5 to 10 minutes.

Of course, you can also take a cab. For more information, we recommend you contact the companies directly or simply download Bolt or Uber. You can find more information on our content, listing the apps you need for a trip to Prague.

Organizing public transport from Prague airport

These yellow machines are located right where your bus will pick you up. There are four options for taking the Prague metro:

  • A 30-minute ticket for 24 Czech crowns,
  • A 90-minute ticket, at 32 Czech crowns,
  • A 24-hour ticket, 110 Czech crowns,
  • A 3-day ticket, 310 Czech crowns.

In practice, you can buy your ticket directly with your French credit card. The commission on this transaction is minimal.

For those of you who don’t speak Czech, don’t panic… The machines installed have an option for changing the language.

Buying and booking bus tickets at Prague airport

For practical reasons (these tickets are available for bus, metro and streetcar), we suggest you opt for the 3-day option, especially as this ticket only needs to be punched once, as soon as you board the bus.

Make sure you have it with you at all times and, above all, that you don’t stamp it for a second during your stay. Whether you’re a tourist or not, in the event of an unannounced check, local transport officials won’t do you any favors.

What’s more, if you validate your ticket several times, this could be construed as fraud, since the ticket is valid for a given period, from the second you validate it.

Prague’s public transport system is very efficient overall, making it easy to get to all the places you want to visit, with several stops in the city center.

Getting to downtown Prague from the airport: our conclusion

With your ticket in hand, you should be well prepared for your arrival on Czech soil and the first few days that follow. As you can see, getting from Prague – Ruzyne airport to the city center is not that complicated.

With a little organization, it shouldn’t take you more than a few dozen minutes. Once there, you can enjoy the charms of the city! Then it’s time to enjoy your visit. Whether you’re coming from London, Paris or Frankfurt, the Czech capital has a lot to offer.

If you want to save time and make the most of your stay, don’t hesitate to book your flight (via Vueling or CSA – Czech Airlines), your hotel, your car and all the services and tours on offer (at the best price), thanks to our various tools. For more information, please contact us.