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The best cheap parking in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, a city of nearly one million people, is characterized by its rather cautious approach to the automobile. Indeed, the Netherlands and especially its most beautiful representative are known to give pride of place to bicycles.

It is therefore strongly recommended to leave your car on the side, in a parking lot, rather than having fun driving in the narrow streets at the risk of touching or injuring a cyclist. So, if you are about to visit Holland, we suggest you discover our selection of the best cheap parking lots in Amsterdam.


Parking in Amsterdam can be a real challenge! Indeed, the city is very bicycle-friendly, with bicycle lanes. So it’s hard to get around by car. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best cheap parking lots in Amsterdam, to make your life easier once you’re there.


Nieuwendijk is a parking lot located in the heart of Amsterdam. If you want to stay close to the main activities, this is one of the best places to leave your car.

With room for 362 vehicles, it’s open 24 hours a day and is very much geared towards electric cars. The only problem? Its price. At €7.50 per hour, it’s one of the most expensive garages in Amsterdam.


Located in the west of the city, Sloterdijk is a parking lot that might be right for you if you want to be careful with your budget. It costs 1.40eu per hour.

It is located near streetcar 12 and bus 48, which connects to the center of Amsterdam. You can stay in this parking lot for up to 4 days, so be careful not to exceed the limit.


Bos en Lommer is a parking lot in Amsterdam that is not so far from the one mentioned above. It is close to bus 21 and streetcars 7 and 14. Once again, this is a parking lot on the edge of Amsterdam, ideal for those with a small budget or those who don’t want to stay close to the center.

You will have to pay 50 cents for 10 minutes of parking and 3 euros for one hour. Be careful though. Here again, you can only stay for 4 days!


This very popular parking lot is often crowded, especially on weekends (especially Sundays). In total, 457 cars can be parked in this Amsterdam parking lot… Which does not guarantee that you will be able to leave your car there.

As for the price, you will have to count 7.50eu per hour. A relatively expensive parking, therefore. Maybe it’s better to look for a more affordable one?


This is a fairly cheap parking lot compared to the others, starting at 1 euro per hour, provided that you continue your journey to the city center by public transport.

An affordable parking lot, rather well located since it is close to streetcars 16 and 24. You will thus enter Amsterdam from the extreme south. It will take a few minutes to get to the heart of the city.


At the eastern end of the city, you will find the Zeeburg parking lot. Also inexpensive (compared to the parking lots in downtown Amsterdam), it starts at 2.4eu per hour.

Located near streetcar 26 and bus 37, it offers the possibility to quickly reach the city center (while passing near the port). This is one of the most conveniently located parking lots in Amsterdam, especially if you have chosen a hotel in this area.

7. RAI

In the south of Amsterdam is the Rai parking lot. This one is a bit special. You can park there for up to 24 hours and then pay up to 17.50 euros per day. It is located at the level of tramway 4, allowing you to quickly reach the city.

A rather well located parking lot, well surrounded by some of the ones we mentioned above, but which can quickly be quite expensive if you forget to get your car back in time. We recommend you to test it if you only plan to spend a few hours on site.


The Weesperstraat parking lot in Amsterdam is the perfect parking lot if you want to park near Carre, Artis or Waterlooplein, at a lower cost. However, it does have a few limitations. The entrance to the garage is quite small.

Finally, the only way to access and pay is to use the Parkbee app. Not very practical even if, with your smartphone, it should not take you too long. Finally, last interesting point, you pay by the minute and not by the hour!


This Amsterdam parking lot is a bit special. Indeed, it is only open on weekends, from Sunday at 6pm until Monday at 4am, to be precise. It costs one eu every 18 minutes and is also located in the south of the city. To reach the center, you have to take the streetcars 16 or 24. It is the perfect place to park for a while.


This parking lot is located in front of the Central Station. With a price of 5eu per hour, this is a fairly inexpensive parking lot for its location. Nearby you will find the Beurs van Berlage and the Nemo Museum. Being in the city center, the latter makes it easy to walk to any monument. An excellent choice if you are on a budget.


Parking in an Amsterdam parking lot can be quite expensive. It depends on the quality of the parking lot and the location. In the center of the city, a day’s parking may cost you 40 or even 50 euros, while in the outskirts of the city, you could be looking at 20 to 30 euros.

The services offered will also have an impact on the final bill. A simple parking will cost less than a parking space with a guard, security cameras, etc…


As in France, it is possible to park in a parking lot in Amsterdam for a few minutes, a few hours or even longer. However, be careful not to exceed the time limit imposed by the establishment.

Therefore, make sure you get all the information you need beforehand to make sure you don’t do anything wrong with the hours, the duration of the parking, etc…