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Palace of Versailles: our tips for an unforgettable visit!

Découvrez Versailles

Whether you’re a history buff or just a fan of iconic castles, we’re all familiar with Versailles. World-famous for over four centuries, Louis XIII’s former hunting lodge never ceases to attract large numbers of tourists every year.

We come here to discover the immensity of the Palace and the splendor of its gardens and fountains. In terms of French heritage French heritage, Versailles is definitely the place not to be missed!


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In this article, we’d like to give you the best tips for discovering the Palace of Versailles through an unmissable visit that will enable you to learn more about this little French jewel that never ceases to fascinate the world.

1. Plan your visit to the Palace of Versailles... In advance

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When it comes to visiting a Palace like Versailles, it’s best to plan ahead! It’s essential to start your day rich in history by avoiding the queues to maximize your time on site. Due to its worldwide popularity, the Palace of Versailles can attract a large number of visitors, especially during the summer months.

That’s why we recommend booking your tickets online in advance. The castle offers tickets with specific time slots, allowing you to choose the time you’d like to get there for your visit. By booking in advance, you avoid queues to buy tickets on site and guarantee your entry at your chosen time!

Visit the official Palace website!

In addition to booking your tickets, it’s also advisable to check the official website of the castle for updated information on opening times, closing days and any exceptional closures. That way, you can plan your visit around opening hours and avoid disappointment when you arrive when the castle is closed.

The other important tip for avoiding the crowds is to arrive early in the morning. This seems so obvious that few visitors do it! In general, the early hours of the day are less crowded, allowing you to enjoy a quieter, more pleasant experience.

It’s also worth asking about guided tours or audio guides available. These options can provide additional information about the castle’s history and features, enriching your tour experience. Be sure to check schedules and availability for these services and book them in advance if necessary.

2. Think about the best time to visit Versailles

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As you can see, the Palace of Versailles is a highly popular tourist destination all year round. However, as we’ve seen, there are periods when it’s busier than others. Taking these periods into consideration can help you plan your visit so as to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more pleasant experience.

The most popular times to visit the Palace of Versailles are usually during the summer months, from June to August, as well as during school vacations and public holidays. During these periods, the château can attract large numbers of visitors, which can lead to longer queues and a more crowded experience.

That’s why it can be interesting to visit Versailles at a different time of year. March to May and September to November are often less crowded, offering a quieter, more intimate experience. Weekdays are also less crowded than weekends.

What are the opening hours of the Palace of Versailles?

The Palace of Versailles is open every day except Monday. Opening times vary according to the season. During the high season, from April to October, the Château opens at 9:00 am and closes at 6:30 pm. During the low season, from November to March, opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

3. The Must-see at the Palace of Versailles

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When visiting the Palace of Versailles, there are a few must-see spots you just can’t miss. Here’s our short, non-exhaustive list:

  • The Hall of Mirrors: you’re bound to have heard of this gallery, which is quite simply the most famous in the world! The Galerie des Glaces is undoubtedly the most famous room in the château.

    You’ll discover a magnificently ornate room spanning 73 meters and is decorated with mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and sumptuous paintings. Nothing less! It was used for royal receptions and remains a remarkable example of the art and architecture of the period.

  • La chambre du Roi: this was one of the most private rooms in the Palace, and we recommend a visit! This is where King Louis XIV held his rise and bedtime ceremonies. The room is richly decorated with tapestries, sumptuous furniture and a magnificent bed. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the intimacy of royal life at Versailles.
  • The Queen’s Apartment: this is yet another must-see place to visit. It was reserved for the Queen and is composed of several beautifully decorated rooms, such as the Queen’s antechamber, the Queen’s bedroom and the Queen’s study. These spaces reflect the refinement and elegance of life at the royal court, and are not to be missed!
  • The gardens of Versailles: they’re just as impressive as the building itself. Extending for miles, the formal gardens are adorned with fountains, statues, flowerbeds and trees. You can stroll the avenues, admire the perfectly manicured gardens and enjoy musical performances in the trees.
  • Le Petit Trianon: located within the Versailles estate, the Petit Trianon is a smaller palace that was reserved for Queen Marie-Antoinette. It’s a charming place to visit, with its picturesque gardens and elegant architecture. You can explore the palace’s various rooms and learn more about the queen’s life. A great way to find out more about this extraordinary queen!

The famous gardens and shows at the Palace of Versailles

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We talked about it quite briefly in the previous section, but we couldn’t not dedicate a whole section of this article without telling you more about the gardens of Versailles. When you visit the gardens, sumptuous shows will be on offer to complete your visit! The gardens of Versailles are a true historical and cultural treasure, offering you a unique experience.

The gardens of Versailles are not only magnificent, they’re also an exceptional place for entertainment. The shows on offer, such as musical fountains, water features, fireworks and open-air concerts, add a touch of magic and grandeur to the whole estate.

We highly recommend that you set aside some time to wander around these gardens and enjoy all the wonders they have to offer. The majestic fountains, carefully landscaped groves and musical performances create an enchanting atmosphere that can only be fully appreciated by taking the time to linger. It’s the perfect place for souvenir photos.

It’s essential to consult the Versailles events calendar to choose the best times when shows are scheduled. This calendar is generally available on the official Palace of Versailles website or on other online platforms dedicated to tourism. Note, however, that shows may vary according to season and special events, so it’s advisable to check the calendar regularly for updates.

A brief visit to the Palace of Versailles

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There’s so much to say about the Palace of Versailles that one article isn’t enough, so full is this château of surprises and wonders.

As you can see, Versailles attracts people from all over the world, so we strongly encourage you to plan your visit to the Palace of Versailles in advance and make the most of this unique experience.

Enjoy every moment and let yourself be transported into the history and grandeur of this unique place. Enjoy your visit!