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What are the best clubs in Prague?

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Are you visiting the Czech Republic for a few days? On the contrary, you are in Prague for your studies or as part of an expatriation and are looking for the best way to enjoy the Czech nightlife?

Don’t panic: we have what you need in the town. We mean a complete guide to the best nightclubs in the Czech capital. This is your chance to go out and enjoy lively clubs and a great atmosphere until the early hours of the morning.

What are the best nightclubs in Prague?

Looking for the best nightclubs in Prague? We’ve got just what you need! We’ve selected some of the best clubs to go out and dance the night away that you should get to read about.

1. Karlovy Lazne

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In our opinion, this is not the best club in Prague but it was unthinkable not to mention it in this listing. Indeed, as we wrote in our specially dedicated article about Karlovy lázně, the establishment is known for its 5 floors.

A mecca of nightlife within the Czech capital, which we highly recommend you to discover if you have the opportunity. Don’t forget to grab a beer or a shot at the bar !

2. The Roxy

The Roxy prague 1

The Roxy Club is one of the hot spots of Prague’s nightlife. In the evening, several DJs take turns to keep the party-goers dancing until the end of the night. Expect lively house, techno and drum and bass parties.

A really nice place, that we can’t recommend enough, especially if you are a fan of this kind of music.

3. Lucerna

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Lovers of 80’s music, the Lucerna is the place for you and your friends. Indeed, all night long, old music from the good old days are played there and the clips are projected on a huge screen.

A place that we love and that we strongly recommend you to discover in Nové Město. Of course, if you are more of a “modern music” kind of person, this is clearly not the place. Attention, the entrance costs 100czk / person!

It’s the perfect club in the town if you like to dance to old music. A great venue, with great drinks and cocktails (be careful, the bar is super crowded) !

4. SaSazu

SaSazu prague 1

Located in the very heart of the Holešovice district, SaSazu is famous. Indeed, its parties are quite crazy, the place covering almost 5.000 meters. In short, a dantesque capacity, for improbable parties: dance, house, pop or funk, you will be entitled to an eclectic choice of music. Don’t hesitate to ask about the program before going there, to be sure to enjoy the evening.

5. M1 Lounge

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Relatively small (compared to SaSaZu), M1 Lounge is one of the most popular clubs in the old town. This hip, hip-hop and RnB oriented Prague nightclub is also popular with stars from all over the world who are visiting the Czech Republic.

In other words, you may well find yourself face to face with someone famous. We recommend reserving a table rather than going in unannounced to make sure you get in.

6. MeetFactory

MeetFactory prague club

MeetFactory is not the easiest nightclub in Prague to find. We could have almost put it on our list of off-the-beaten-track activities. A bit of an effort to get there. But the interior is great.

Besides the club, you’ll find a theater, an art gallery… In short, MeetFactory is the place where culture, fun and dance meet. On the program? Electronic, disco and experimental music.

7. Duplex

Duplex prague 1

Duplex is one of the most famous clubs in the Czech capital. The reason? It is located at the top of a building on Wenceslas Square in Nové Město. The music is rather “classical” (which works at the moment). The population is rather young.

One could even say that the “golden youth” of Prague likes to go there. Indeed, the Duplex is not a very accessible club and having a drink at the bar there, can be expensive.

8. 2nd Patro

2nd Patro prague 1

Located on the border between the city center and Nové Město, the 2nd Patro (2nd floor) is one of the most fun clubs in the Czech capital. It’s simple, it is located on the second floor of a building. The interior is unusual.

It almost feels like home… The only difference is that there are hundreds of people dancing and a bar in the middle.

9. Ace Club

Ace Club prague 1

Located in the heart of the city, the Ace Club offers drinks at surprisingly reasonable prices. In fact, many people like to go there. As far as music is concerned, fans of R&B, Latin music and the like should find their way there.

Whether you’re in Prague or just passing through for the weekend, Ace Club is a destination not to be missed.

10. Cross Club

Cross Club prague 1

The craziest place of our selection. This club, which is also a work of art in itself, attracts reggae lovers. We prefer to warn you, if you are sensitive to smoke, do not go there. The atmosphere is relaxed, very pleasant and the people are all very friendly.

Take the time to explore the place, you’ll find it hard to believe! In this big club – bar – discotheque, several concerts events are even organized. We recommend you to have a look on TripAdvisor to get an idea of the reviews related to this out of the ordinary address.

Going out in Prague, what we suggest

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Places far from the hustle and bustle of the capital’s nightclubs, more affordable and just as lively.

Three points to keep in mind regarding the best nightclubs in Prague

– Regarding nightclubs, dancing and nightlife in general, Prague is a well known city. If you don’t know what to do at night, you’ll always find a great club to welcome you and will get some good drinks !

– You don’t know what to do, before ? Go grab some drinks ! There are a lot of different bars in Prague that worth a visit with good cocktails.

– Our selection of clubs in the town is made so everyone can enjoy their night. Different types of music, DJs and floors, to have a lot of fun. Feel free to discover those clubs, one at a time.