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The best nightclubs in Edinburgh

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When you visit Scotland’s capital, you’ll quickly realize the many great places to go as you stroll around during the day or even late at night on weekends.

There are many bars in the city center, but the nightclubs are not to be outdone either. Great places to party with friends and meet other tourists visiting Edinburgh.

What are the best nightclubs in Edinburgh?

We’ll show you the best places to party in Edinburgh. The goal is to get you to the most famous nightclubs in the capital.

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1. Why Not Nightclub

Why Not Nightclub edinburgh

Although this nightclub is known for having a lot of people inside, you will still have a great night out with a good glass of cocktails in hand with friends. There are often student parties which will allow you to meet a lot of nice people.

The drinks are very affordable and the atmosphere is really festive. With a large majority of locals, you will spend a nice evening at Why Not Nightclub located at 14 George St, EH2 2PF.

2. Lulu

lulu edinburgh

With friendly waitresses and bouncers, you will be well received if you decide to go to Lulu club. The house music will make you want to stay for several hours with the many drinks available.

Although you have to pay £10 to get in, you will appreciate the global atmosphere once inside. Nice night out at 125b George St, EH2 4JN.

3. The Liquid Room

the liquid room edinburgh

This is a good place to spend a good evening with friends. It is a very good place to go to see concerts. The place is rather comfortable and well hidden with some more intimate corners. The address of The Liquid Room is 9C Victoria St, EH1 2HE.

4. The Bongo

bongo edinburgh

If you want to listen to real underground music, the Bongo is a great place for you. With a friendly and very smiling staff, you will be welcomed. Although the nightclub is not big, the sound system is just perfect and creates a real underground atmosphere.

You can easily spend the whole day there as the atmosphere is so good. Moreover, you will have a wide choice of drinks with dynamic and smiling waitresses. Go to 66 Cowgate, EH1 1JX to make your own experience.

5. Cabaret Voltaire

cabaret voltaire edinburgh

Cabaret Voltaire is an establishment divided into two parts. You will find the upper part is free and rather ideal to have good conversations with friends or other people you meet during the evening.

The lower part is noisier because it is dedicated to a pure nightclub atmosphere, so it is quite difficult to have the possibility to converse, better to dance! The music played is excellent and creates a real atmosphere. We recommend you to go to 36-38 Blair St, EH1 1QR.

6. Sneaky Pete’s

Sneaky Petes edinburgh

This is definitely the place to go to end your evening with friends in Edinburgh. With a global atmosphere, you will have a lot of fun here as the clientele is 100% students coming to relax on weekends.

The music played is mainly techno. Note that the entrance is paid in cash only. For £10, you will spend a nice late night at 73 Cowgate, EH1 1JW.

7. The Hive

The Hive edinburgh

This is another good Edinburgh nightclub. The Hive offers cheap drinks in a great atmosphere with different areas playing different music.

You will come across a lot of party people who can sometimes be very drunk, but the bouncers are there just in case. Good atmosphere at 15-17 Niddry St, EH1 1LG

8. La Belle Angele

La Belle Angele edinburgh

Let’s finish with another good place to end a good evening in Edinburgh. La Belle Angeles is a small but very well soundproofed room where a really divine atmosphere is created and will allow you to enjoy your end of the evening.

The choice of drinks is not to be outdone, and you will meet some nice international people, as the address is known to welcome many expats. Go to 11 Hastie’s Cl, EH1 1HJ.

Enjoy your stay in Edinburgh

Now you know the best nightclubs in Edinburgh. If you want to know more about the Scottish capital and other good places to eat, don’t hesitate to check out our article on the best typical restaurants in Edinburgh to discover the Scottish culinary side of things and have a good meal.