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The best nightclubs in Budapest

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Budapest is known to be a very festive city. Indeed, the Hungarian capital can count on many establishments in which to go out at night.

Are you about to visit the city and want to find out more about the secrets of its nightlife? In the following article, we offer you a selection of the best nightclubs in Budapest!

Where to go out in Budapest?

Going out in Budapest is anything but complicated. Indeed, the city is full of great establishments. We have listed them for you in two different articles:

The best restaurants in Budapest: it’s unthinkable to go out without having a full stomach. Rather than eating anywhere, why not treat yourself to a great culinary experience?

The best ruin bars in Budapest: the Hungarian capital is known for its “ruin bars”. Some rather particular establishments, that we let you discover in our dedicated topic.

But what to do after that? If you still have some energy left, you can always go out to a nightclub. We have selected some for you.


The Akvarium is a nightclub located in the center of Budapest. It is a very famous attraction for party people, both locals and tourists. It must be said that the establishment is in the center of absolutely everything. Convenient to get home.

A club with several rooms, where concerts and other nice events are organized. In the summer, the small outdoor terrace is a real highlight. Not to be missed if you are looking for something classic, close and affordable.


Morrison’2 is a nightclub open from Monday to Sunday. So every night of the week. The entrance is rather affordable and, to attract the customer, the club proposes rather insane promotions. On Monday night, between 9 and 10 pm, the beer does not even cost 50 cents. Yes, you read that right. But you still have to pay the next day!


Club Ötkert is one of the most popular clubs in Budapest. As a result, everyone tries to get there. The queues are sometimes quite long, especially from 11pm onwards, the time when everyone tries to get in.

As far as music is concerned, don’t expect anything in particular, since the DJs play mostly music straight out of the charts. But people come for the good atmosphere, the affordable prices and a rather nice setting. In short, Ötkert is a place to discover!


Doboz is a very unusual place. Indeed, the dance floors and the different bars are connected to an outdoor space located in the center of the building, by interesting corridors. The result is a sort of mini-labyrinth that allows you to move from one style of music to another.

In our opinion, this is one of the trendiest and most fun nightclubs in Budapest. Special mention to the tree in the central courtyard. A tree of more than 300 years old, which would certainly have many stories to tell us...

5. 4Bro Downtown

Located in Gozsdu udvar, 4Bro Downtown is a famous club. The main room is a huge dance floor, consisting of:

  • A bar;
  • A half-covered terrace for smokers, who do not have to leave the club;
  • A second dance floor, more intimate, downstairs.

6. Club Play

Club Play is certainly not the most famous club in town (although the line can be quite long on Saturday nights). However, you can be sure to have a good time there.

The music is pretty good (pretty generic, except on special nights), the drinks are just as good, with a great price-quality ratio. Maybe not the craziest nightclub in Budapest, but going there is a guarantee to have a good time!

7. Ellátóház

Ellátóház is located right next to the Gozsdu courthouse, in the same building as The Hive Party Hostel. The place is free of charge. Many events are organized there, like concerts. The atmosphere on the spot is rather relaxed, welcoming. Finally, the prices are quite affordable, which makes it a rather interesting choice.

8. Romkert

Romkert is an open air nightclub. The atmosphere is very relaxed, the exceptional setting being for a lot. On the spot, only good music and drinks (especially cocktails) at good prices. One of the most popular places in the capital, especially when the weather is fine.

9. Sparty

Sparties is not a club, but an event. These parties combine :

  • Budapest’s thermal baths;
  • Live music;
  • Light shows.

In short, in the summer, you spend an evening in an improvised nightclub, often in the Széchenyi baths. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, because a Sparty is a guarantee for a great night out.

10. A38

The A38 is an exceptional place. For more than 15 years, partygoers have been gathering in this Budapest nightclub, which happens to be a former Ukrainian cargo ship.

It is a very popular place, where many events are organized, from parties with DJs to exhibitions.

We highly recommend you to visit the place to enjoy an unusual, unexpected and memorable experience.

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