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Find the best nightclubs in Barcelona

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Barcelona is a city that never sleeps! There is always something to do, and most importantly, there are always nightclubs open to party.

If you’re in Barcelona and want to know what the best clubs in the city are, look no further.

We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the best nightclubs in Barcelona and party till the wee hours.

Where to go in Barcelona?

Looking for the best nightclubs in Barcelona? Are you visiting Catalonia and want to discover the wild nights this beautiful city has to offer? Don’t worry, we have what it takes to satisfy you. Here, we propose you to discover our selection of the 10 best nightclubs in Barcelona!

1. Sala Razzmatazz

Are you the kind of person who likes electronic music? One thing is sure, Barcelona has something to satisfy you. Indeed, the capital of Catalonia is known to be a great place to party. We recommend you to go to Sala Razzmatazz. It’s a very popular club that hosts international DJs every weekend.

2. Casa Gracia

Casa Gracia is a world-renowned club located in the Gràcia district. It’s the perfect place to dance the night away and party until the wee hours. We recommend you to go there if you like “actual” music.

The DJs are very good and the drinks, although a little expensive, are really delicate. In short, everything is gathered to spend a great evening.

3. Soho Club

The Soho Club is a chic and trendy club located in the Eixample district. It’s the perfect place to have a drink, dance and meet new people.

In our opinion, it is one of the most popular nightclubs in Barcelona. Therefore, this place could not fail to be included in our list of the 10 best clubs in Barcelona.

4. Opium Mar

Opium Mar is a very popular beach club located on Barceloneta beach. It’s the perfect place to have a cocktail in the summer and enjoy the view of the sea. It is one of our favorite places, especially during the summer.

The view is great, the temperatures are mild and the atmosphere is really festive. In winter, you should probably choose other clubs in Barcelona.

5. Club Fellini

Club Fellini is a trendy jazz club located in the Gràcia district. It’s the perfect place to have a drink, listen to live music and meet new people.

Of course, if you’re more into electronic music or hip-hop, you might get bored. For the others, it’s a really nice place, out of the ordinary, for a really pleasant experience.

6. Sala Apolo 

Sala Apolo is a nightclub in Barcelona that specializes in electronic music. A very popular place located in the Poble Nou district. It’s the perfect place to have fun with your group of friends, especially since this club is pretty easy to get to.

A rather simple and classic place, which is probably not the best in Barcelona, but it can save your evening if you don’t know what to do!


 CDLC is an electronic music club located in the Barceloneta district. It’s one of the trendiest clubs in Barcelona, and for good reason! Located in front of the sea, Club Carpe Diem will offer you the most exclusive and crazy parties in Catalonia.

Of course, to get in, you’d better be in the right papers… But why not give it a try?

8. Pacha

Pacha is an electronic music club located in the Barceloneta district. A very nice place, with a relaxed atmosphere, which offers great cocktails. Getting there is not complicated, especially if you are in the center. A place to discover, to spend a great evening with your friends.

9. Moog

Near the Palau Güell, Moog is more techno oriented. The place is quite small, quite intimate, but offers a wide variety of music.

A less crowded and therefore, less touristy place, which allows to discover a new facet of Barcelona’s nightlife. Not the best club in the city, but if you pass by, why not try it?

10. Macarena Club

Particularly popular, Macarena Club is considered by many to be one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona. Atmosphere, service, DJs and drinks are praised for their surprising quality.

Located on Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, this place should completely satisfy you. In short, do not hesitate to go there!

Discover the nightlife of Barcelona

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona? Do you want to discover Catalonia and enjoy the city’s incredible nightlife? It’s simple, we’re here for you.

So don’t hesitate to check out our other articles, including the best bars in the city and the best brunches in Barcelona, to help you plan your stay and make the most of your vacation in Barcelona!