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The Czech Republic is a country divided into two parts, Bohemia and Moravia. These two large regions face each other and both have a lot to offer, whether it be from a cultural, historical or architectural point of view.

In any case, taking a few days to fully enjoy the sumptuous landscapes and shows offered by this magnificent country, is not too much. So come on board with us, if you want to get a first glimpse of Moravia!


With its castles, historic towns, and numerous vineyards, the Moravian Region covers 22,349 square kilometers, making it the second largest historical region in the Czech Republic after Bohemia. Based in the southeast of the country, this wine region with a living heritage borders on Austria and Slovakia.

Along with Bohemia, Moravia is full of green landscapes and towns and villages that reflect the history and culture of the country. For fans of nature and local traditions, a visit to the Moravian Region will give you a lot of pleasure with all the wonders it has to offer.


The region is divided into six administrative areas and four ethnic regions. The major cities of Moravia have the particularity of being on a human scale, making their visit easy to access and simple to orientate. The best known of them is Brno, the capital of Moravia.

There are also Olomouc and Zlin located in the eastern part of the region as well as Ostrava, further north. Each of these cities has its own identity and tells in its own way a part of the history of the Czech Republic.

By taking a day to visit each of these three cities, you will gain a better understanding of the local culture by visiting the places and monuments they occupy.


The capital of the region and the second largest city in the country, Brno is known for its historical and cultural heritage making it an attractive city. Only two hours by train from the capital, Brno is located in the south of Moravia.

Its various universities make it a student city where life is good. To get into the local life, there is nothing better than to go to the famous cabbage market square in the center of the city.

You will have the opportunity to find fresh and seasonal products. Moreover, if you decide to visit Brno at the end of spring, you will probably have the chance to participate in the Moravian Wine Festival. Perfect for a tasting and sharing with the locals.


If you are fond of cycling, we recommend you to visit the “Moravian paths” which will be a good excursion for you while enjoying its landscapes. Indeed, this large network of more than 1350 kilometers will allow you to discover all the wine regions in the best conditions.

For wine lovers, the “open cellar” period is an experience not to be missed. The advantage is to have the opportunity to interact with the locals while tasting their products through their festivals. You will feel the theme of tradition and folklore in a family atmosphere. You will have beautiful Czech memories.

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As you can see, a visit to Moravia will give you a rural perspective on the Czech Republic and a sense of peace. This region, with its strong identity, is affordable for families and friends.

As with any new destination, the goal is to prepare as much as possible so that you don’t miss any details and have as many good memories as possible. A week’s stay will be necessary to discover all of this beautiful region. That’s why we have selected the hotels that are closest to your desires and expectations, and that, everywhere in the region.