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Ljubljana – City Guide


What to do in Ljubljana? The Slovenian capital is full of things to see and do. Its main tourist attractions are the old town, the Ljubljana Castle and the Dragon Bridge. But Ljubljana is also a lively city with a very active youth and lively shops. Here is our travel guide to discover this beautiful capital!

> Why you should visit Ljubljana
> How to get to Ljubljana?
> When should you go to Ljubljana?
> What is there to do in Ljubljana
> Where to eat in Ljubljana?
> What is the budget for visiting Ljubljana, Slovenia?
> Other information about the Slovenian capital
> What else should you see in Slovenia?

Why you should visit Ljubljana ?

Ljubljana is a tiny capital city, in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. A very lively city, in which you’ll be amazed by everything you’ll be able to do. From museums to nature, from amazing kitchen and tasty dishes to crazy bars and ambiances, Ljubljana is a city for everyone. So pack your bags, get yourself a ticket and enjoy your time in Slovenia. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

How to get to Ljubljana

how to get to ljubljana

There are several means of transportation to get from important european cities to Ljubljana such as plane, train or bus! The plane is the fastest way, but it can be expensive (about 200 euros for a round trip). Traveling by train takes a little longer, but is generally cheaper than flying. The bus is the cheapest of the three options, but the trip can be quite long (more than 10 hours).

If you choose to fly, you will land at Ljubljana airport. It is located about 20 minutes from the city center by cab or bus. You can also rent a car if you prefer to explore the area on your own or if you are traveling elsewhere in Slovenia.

If you choose to take the train, you will arrive at the Ljubljana Central Station. It is located right in the city center, which is convenient if you don’t want to waste time getting around. If you choose to take the bus, you will arrive at the Central Bus Station! Of course, if you leave from the US, Canada or the UK, plane is the only way to go !

When should you go to Ljubljana ?

city guide ljubljana

When planning a trip, the weather is always an important factor to consider. So when should you go to Ljubljana?

  • Autumn is a beautiful season. The leaves on the trees start to turn golden and red, and there are often a small number of tourists. It is the perfect time to stroll through the streets of the city, admiring the old buildings and enjoying a good Slovenian beer in one of the many bars in the capital.
  • Winter is quite cold in Ljubljana, with temperatures that can drop to -15°C. There is often snow, but it melts quickly, as the streets are well maintained. This is a good time to go ice skating on one of the city’s many lakes, or to try out Ljubljana’s ski slopes.
  • Spring is a pleasant season in Ljubljana, with average temperatures around 15°C. This is the best time to enjoy the city’s many parks and gardens, which are in full bloom.
  • In summer, the average temperature in Ljubljana is around 25 degrees Celsius. This is pleasant, but it can get a little hotter during the day, especially if you walk through the narrow streets of the old town. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to cool off, such as the cafes and bars lining the canals of Ljubljanica.

Must-see activites in the heart of the slovenian capital city

The Castle

visit ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle is one of the city’s most important monuments. It dominates the old town and offers a magnificent view of the red roofs. It is an ideal place to have a walk and discover the architecture of the city.

The Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is another iconic place in Ljubljana. It was built in 1901 and is decorated with sculptures of dragons, symbols of the city. This bridge is a popular place for tourists, as it allows you to cross the river and access the old town.

The marketplace

The Market Square is the main place in Ljubljana. This is where most of the stores and restaurants are located. The square is surrounded by historical buildings, including the Palace of the Dukes of Carniola, which today houses the Museum of Fine Arts.

Parks and gardens

Ljubljana is also known for its many parks and gardens. The most famous of these is Tivoli Park, which is home to numerous statues and fountains. It is a great place to take a walk in the summer.

Lake Ljubljana is another popular place for tourists. It is surrounded by many restaurants and cafes, which makes it a great place to relax after a long day of sightseeing.


The National Museum or the Museum of Modern Art are two of the main museums in the Slovenian capital and we strongly invite you to visit them. A few hours spent in these two splendid sites is well worth it.

Everything you need to know about the slovenian cuisine

restaurants ljubljana

If you are hungry, be sure to try Slovenian cuisine. Typical dishes include goulash, sausages and gnocchi. You will also find many restaurants serving international cuisine.

Ljubljana is a very friendly city, with many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine. You will also find many cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions. If you want to experience Slovenian culture and cuisine, Ljubljana is the place to be. 

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Budget your trip to Ljubljana

ljubljana budget

Ljubljana is a small city, but there are still things to see and do. Accommodation and food are relatively cheap, but there are some additional expenses to consider.

Admission to museums and monuments usually costs between a few and ten euros per person. If you want to do activities such as canoeing or climbing, it costs about 20-30 euros per person. Gasoline is quite expensive in Slovenia, so if you plan to rent a car, you should add this to your budget.

In general, we can estimate a budget of 100-150 euros per day for Ljubljana. This includes accommodation, food, museums/monuments and some activities. If you want to do more activities or if you want to go out and have fun, you will have to add a little to this budget.

Ljubljana is a small city, so you don’t need much money to get around. You can easily get around on foot, so there is no need to include streetcars or cabs in your travel finance plan!

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Practical information about your trip to Ljubljana

ljubljana information

What’s the slovenian currency ?

Slovenia is part of the Euro zone. If you’re already in Europe, you won’t have much problems as there’s nothing to change (this means that you can use your credit card on the spot, without any additional costs imposed by your bank). If you come from another country, anywhere else in the world, don’t forget to get euros ! 

Is Ljubljana a dangerous city ?

Ljubljana is anything but a dangerous city. In fact, the main crime in Ljubljana is none other than… bicycle theft. However, be careful with your belongings, whether in a restaurant, on the street or even in the evening, you never know who you might run into!

What to do in case of an emergency ?

Do you have a problem or do you want to contact your national representation in Ljubljana ? The American embassy is located in Prešernova cesta 31. The Canadian embassy in Ljubljana is in Linhartova cesta 49a. The British one is in Trg Republike 3 while the Indian embassy is in Železna cesta 16.

What else can you visit during your stay in Slovenia ?

what to do in slovenia

Slovenia is a country close to nature. You can discover much more by going inland, for example towards Maribor. If you head towards Nova Gorica, further east, towards the Italian border, you can also enjoy the Alps

Of course, the towns of Izola or Piran allow you to enjoy the sea. In other words, you have a little bit of everything in this beautiful country, mountains, forest and towns on a human scale. Perfect to enjoy!

Everything you might ask yourself about Ljubljana

  • Where is Ljubljana ?

    Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. It is located in the very heart of this beautiful country, very well surrounded. Indeed, Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Croatia, Austria and finally, Hungary!

  • How to visit Ljubljana ?

    To visit the Slovenian capital, you must already be there. Finally, the city is on a human scale. It is therefore very easy to discover every corner of it, without having to take the streetcar, the bus, the cab or even rent a car.

  • How to pay in Slovenia ?

    Don't panic! Slovenia is entirely part of the Euro zone. So you don't need to change your money, or even think about possible fees imposed by your bank. In fact, you can pay everything directly with your bank card.