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Lastriko: a cocktail bar and restaurant in Krakow

lastriko cracovie

Are you on vacation in Krakow? Are you with friends and currently looking for a special day out or just for some fun during the evening? No need to look any further, we’ve got just the place: the Lastriko. An impressive complex, with a wonderful garden, a bistro and a nightclub. A place we invite you to discover without further ado.



🍴 What former clients say 🍴

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.2/5 – Google

If you’re visiting Krakow and you’re currently looking for a surprising place to go, there’s only one address that comes to our mind: Lastriko. It’s a rather unusual complex, made up of three areas:

  • A large, beautiful and heated outdoor area,
  • A bistro and a cocktail bar, designed by a local artist,
  • A dance club, for a wild Friday or Saturday evening.

It’s a place where you can spend your whole day. You can start with a breakfast and/or a brunch (which are delicious, by the way). Those are served until 4pm. At that time, the bistro turns into a cocktail bar. You’re then invited to relax with a tasteful drink, in a chill and cozy atmosphere.

Book your table 🍸

Adress : Gołębia 6, 31-007 Kraków
Opening hours : Tue-Wed : 09h – 22h / Thu : 09h – 00h / Fri-Sat : 09h – 04h00 / Sun : 09h – 21h
Phone number : +48 730 511 577

What we think of Lastriko


  • A resort with everything you love: garden, bistro and club
  • Fresh produce in the kitchen
  • Great downtown location

What we like the most

We love the relaxed, cozy atmosphere of the place, even though it’s right in the center of town. We can’t recommend this address enough!

Feel like trying it out? Here’s a more specific description of the place.

The garden 🍃

lastriko jardin

The garden is very surprising. It’s a hidden spot, right in the heart of the old town. On site, you can enjoy great food in a calm, relaxed atmosphere, where restful nature and ambient dynamism intermingle, offering a rather new experience. In the evening, the garden is somehow… Transformed. Live music (played by the best DJs in Krakow and Poland) and delicious cocktails : what else can you wish for?

The Bistro 🥞

Screenshot 2024 01 18 16.56.12
Screenshot 2024 01 18 16.56.05

The Lastriko bistro is the perfect place to enjoy a good breakfast. Actually, many (locals and tourists alike) claim that the brunch here, is the best breakfast in Krakow. It’s true that the dishes are carefully prepared. A skillful blend of authentic and more contemporary cuisine, for a full of flavors experience.

Brunches are served until 4pm. At that time, the place turns into a cocktail bar, where you can enjoy some of the best drinks in the city, prepared by the winner of World Class Poland 2023. We invite you to try two of them:

🍹 Pornstar Martini: vodka infused with vanilla, passionfruit, lime, and frizzante
🍹 Bloody Mary: vodka, tomato juice, and basil.

The club 🕺

lastriko club

During the weekend, the club opens its doors. Yes, in addition to an outdoor space and a bistro, the complex also acts as a nightclub. The program is great. Don’t hesitate to ask beforehand if you’d like to listen to some of Poland’s best DJs, with a great cocktail in hand (we recommend the Pornstar Martini).

Where is Lastriko located?

Lastriko is located at 6 Gołębia. It’s a perfectly located establishment that’s just a few dozen meters from Kraków’s central square. Also nearby are St. Mary’s Basilica and Saints Peter and Paul Church. Be sure that you won’t be lost!

What are the prices at Lastriko?

Screenshot 2024 01 18 16.55.36

As for the brunch, prices are affordable. Especially for dishes of this quality. Eggs (scrambled, fried, Benedict or Florentine) are priced between 25 and 39 złotys (between 5.50 and 9 euros). The same goes for waffle and pancake, as well as sweet breakfasts. A vegan option is also available.

Screenshot 2024 01 14 14.54.46
Screenshot 2024 01 14 14.54.48
Screenshot 2024 01 14 14.54.53

Cocktails cost around 30 to 40 złotys (approx. 7 to 10 euros). The Pornstar Martini, a vodka-based cocktail we mentioned earlier, is one of the most popular. We highly recommend you indulge… in moderation, always.

Further information about Lastriko

Lastriko is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 10pm, and Thursdays until midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue closes much later, at 4am (and 9pm on Sundays).

Want to get there?

We recommend reserving your place in the garden, bistro or nightclub. These places are very popular, and you could well find yourself stuck at the front door, especially during rush hour.

On-site staff are very friendly. Everyone speaks English, so you’ll have no trouble making yourself understood. As for the rest, we’ll leave it to you to find out for yourself.