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Everything you need to know about the KVIFF

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Oscars, Césars, Berlinale, Venice Mostra… There’s no shortage of major film ceremonies and meetings all over the world. But did you know that the Czech Republic is also home to one of the world’s biggest film festivals? It’s called KVIFF, for Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, which, as the name suggests, takes place every year in Karlovy Vary.

What is KVIFF?

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Founded in 1946, KVIFF takes place every year in Karlovy Vary, a few hundred kilometers from Prague. Thousands of people attend every year.

In effect, the city opens its many cinemas and theaters to fans of the seventh art, who enjoy old films and films in competition all over the country. The festival generally takes place at the end of August.

Where does the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival take place?

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Several prizes are awarded, including the Special Jury Prize, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. The most important prize is the Crystal Globe (Křišťálový glóbus). Finally, two documentaries, under and over 30 minutes, are crowned.

The festival takes place all over the city. There’s not a single dedicated location. This is what makes the event so incredible. It’s a chance to wander around, discover a new town and enjoy some excellent films… Maybe you’ll even meet some nice people!

How can you take part in the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival?

Getting involved in the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is get there. You can then go to reception to claim your pass.

It entitles you to see 3, 5 or more films during your stay. Over 200 films are screened each year, giving you a wide choice!

How much does a KVIFF pass cost?

Depending on your wishes, the price of a pass for the festival will be more or less expensive. To make the most of your stay and your films, here’s what the KVIFF organization has to offer:

  • 1-day pass, at 250 Czech crowns
  • 3-day pass, 600 Czech crowns
  • 5-day pass, 850 Czech crowns
  • Full festival pass, CZK 1,200

You’ll receive a small pass and a full schedule of the festival and expected screenings. You can then choose which feature films you’d like to see.

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