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See you at the surprising Kutná Hora ossuary

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The Czech Republic is a country that, when you visit, allows you to discover sumptuous landscapes. If you’re heading to Prague, be sure to read our article on the Czech capital’s must-sees.

You’ll love it! But did you know that the country also boasts some rather unusual sights? The Kutná Hora ossuary comes to mind. A one-day visit, which we invite you to discover in greater detail in the rest of this article.

What’s Kutná Hora famous for?

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Kutná Hora is a town that came into being as a result of silver mining. It quickly achieved prosperity and even became a royal town in the 14th century. Today, the town boasts some magnificent monuments. These include the Church of Sainte-Barbe, a jewel of late Gothic architecture, and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Sedlec.

It is this cathedral that makes Kutná Hora so famous today, not least thanks to its incredible and improbable ossuary. Straight out of the underworld, this monument leaves you wondering. Surprising, it’s clearly worth the detour. Many locals, expatriates and tourists like to spend a day here.

Today, the city is on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. It was inscribed in 1995, proof of its historical importance.

How do I get to Kutná Hora?

Kutná Hora and its ossuary are just 70 kilometers from Prague. To get there, you can opt for a variety of means of transport. You can reach your destination by train in less than an hour.

There are also a number of buses that take you to this tourist attraction, located near the town of Pardubice. Finally, why not simply take the car? You’ll reach your destination in just 40 minutes.

What to see in Kutná Hora?

Planning a trip to Kutná Hora? There’s a lot to do here. We’ve put together a list of the sights to see on site, which should keep you busy for a good part of the day.

Church of St. Barbara (Chrám svaté Barbory)

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This is a beautiful Gothic building. It is featured in many of Kutná Hora‘s photos and postcards. Its construction dates back to the 14th century (although it wasn’t officially completed until the early 20th).

Open every day, the church is one of the town’s must-sees. Visitors are asked to pay a small maintenance fee. It is located at 1 Jakubská Street, very close to the center of this picturesque town.

Sedlec ossuary (Sedlecká kostnice)

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This is Kutná Hora’s best-known site. Be warned, it’s anything but a “classic” tourist attraction. The ossuary remains an important tourist attraction in the Czech Republic. Over 300,000 tourists visit it every year!

Human bones and skulls have been used in an “artistic” way. In other words, these human remains serve as decoration and adorn the entire chapel. Be sure to have your heart in the right place.

The Jesuit College (Jezuitská kolej)

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This building is located next to St. Barbara’s Church. It was built by the same artist who designed the famous Strahov monastery in the heart of Prague.

In 1773, the Jesuit Order was dissolved in Bohemia and the building was eventually taken over by the army and used as a training center. Today, it serves as an art gallery for the Central Bohemia region.

The Italian Court (Vlašský dvůr)

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This is a sumptuous palace. It is located on Havlíčkovo Square (Havlíčkovo náměstí) near the Church of St. James (kostel svatého Jakuba). The Italian court notably served as a residence for Bohemian kings during their visits to Kutná Hora. Today, it serves as a museum of coinage.


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Strolling through Kutná Hora’s town center, you’ll be lucky enough to spot the famous plague column (which many towns have) and the famous stone fountain (Kamenná kašna), at the heart of Rejskovo Square (Rejskovo náměstí).

Discover Kutná Hora and the Czech Republic

Discovering the Czech Republic means first and foremost taking an interest in the most beautiful and surprising things it has to offer.

The Kutná Hora ossuary is definitely in the latter category. If you’re planning to discover other places, other towns, be sure to read our article on Brno or the one dealing with the very pretty town of Český Krumlov!

For the rest of us, who want to focus more on Prague, we invite you to discover our list of unusual and out-of-the-ordinary places. You’ll have the opportunity to discover the Czech capital from another angle… Before, why not, heading for the country’s most famous ossuary.