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Where can you learn Czech in Prague ?

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Are you considering living in Prague, Czech Republic? Locals there speak English very well, but their native language is Czech. Like anywhere else, making a small effort in this regard could be beneficial for you.

Making a good impression on the locals and your adopted country involves a genuine interest in the culture of the adopted country. It also involves learning the language, even if it’s just a quick grasp. In the following article, we explain how you can easily learn Czech in Prague!

Why you should learn Czech?

The question of why you should learn Czech ? may arise. After all, it’s spoken by only a few million people worldwide. However, learning the national language, learning Czech, is part of your integration process.

It’s always enjoyable on a personal level to be able to order a meal in a foreign language or engage in a small conversation. This effort also shows that you are willing to do everything possible to make the most of your life there.

1. Learn Czech at the UK/US Institute

london institute

The UK/US Institute offers Czech language courses during the week. The course dates may vary depending on the months and years. The Czech courses offered are free and progressive.

Depending on your level, you will have access to higher difficulty levels. So, if you are a beginner, you won’t find yourself with bilingual speakers or advanced learners.

2. Learn Czech with a private tutor

In Prague, you will find many students and young people offering Czech language courses to help you learn from a local. Generally, these courses are charged per hour. Several platforms can help you find a teacher:

  • Italki
  • Tutoroo
  • Expats

3. Learn Czech at school

university learn czech

Do you have children and would like them to learn Czech too? In Prague, you will find various international schools, such as the Charles University, that offer students the possibility to follow czech lessons. For younger kids, they can also be directed to the International School of Prague. In short, you have plenty of options!

4. Learn Czech with books

There are numerous books available that can help you learn Czech. However, this method requires a lot of dedication and seriousness. Learning alone can lead to possible errors.

That’s why you need to be confident and very attentive. We recommend the book by James Naughton, untitled Czech: An Essential Grammar. It’s a comprehensive book that will give you an overview of what you can achieve.

5. Learn Czech online

duolingo learn czech online

Today, digital resources are a fantastic source of information. You can learn Czech through applications like Duolingo or directly online through video tutorials, among others. On YouTube, you should have no trouble finding native Czech speakers who can teach you their language!

6. Don’t be afraid to dive in

The best way to learn Czech is to dare to dive in, to dare to speak. No one will laugh at you if you try. On the contrary, Czechs may be impressed by your abilities and your desire to do well.

Discover Prague and the local culture

Whether you want to find work in Prague, settle there permanently, or just visit for a short stay, don’t hesitate to learn a few words to greet or thank your hosts. It’s always appreciated to show a small gesture, whether you’re in a typical Prague restaurant or one of its many hidden bars. In any case, you’ll score some points!