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How to (easily) find a job in Prague ?

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Thinking of moving to Prague? Naturally, there’s the question of work! Rest assured, unlike some European countries, the Czech Republic is a nation with a fairly low unemployment rate. Finding a job is easy.

Indeed, many companies have decided to relocate here, attracted by the friendly environment and a tax system that is more advantageous to them. The result is a strong demand for skilled labor, particularly among foreigners and young French people.

What’s the job market situation in Prague?

The Czech Republic’s economy is flourishing. In fact, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the European Union! It was 3% in 2019, before dropping to 2.6% in 2020. In 2023, unemployment shoudl reach 3.4%, due to the economic crisis.

There is a simple explanation for this low unemployment rate. Many large companies and multinationals have decided to set up in Prague. The city is young, dynamic and Anglophile, with representatives of absolutely every nationality moving here. Finally, the tax rate is quite low… Around 15%.

Where can I find work in Prague?

There are several platforms where you can easily find work in Prague. Are you a student? You can even find your internship there! Ideal if you’re planning a short expatriation.

1. Indeed.CZ

indeed is the reference site for finding a job in Prague. You can simply create your profile, save your CV and search for a job by keyword. This allows you to target your search more effectively. Applications are extremely fast, with just a few clicks!

2. Monster.CZ


Monster is a site similar to Indeed. All you have to do is create a profile, fill in the relevant details and surf away to your dream job. All you have to do is submit your application. The employer will then decide whether or not to take you on!

3. is a Czech platform that operates on the same model as the two websites mentioned above. We imagine, however, that it’s geared more towards small and medium-sized businesses! You’ll also have less competition, as the platform is less well-known.

4. Linkedin


Is it really worth mentioning LinkedIn? The professional social network is an excellent lever to activate if you want to work in Prague. Create and complete your profile before carrying out a keyword search. We really appreciate the wide choice offered by this tool.



If you’re a tech specialist looking to work in Prague, this portal is for you. It brings together all job offers from companies specializing in digital technology. You can find a job as a web developer, SEO specialist or other!

6. Grafton


Grafton is a recruitment agency based in Prague! It’s well known and in contact with many large companies that might be interested in your profile. After an initial interview, your CV will be forwarded to the companies that best match your profile. A free service!

7. is an English-language portal specially dedicated to expatriates. It serves as a media outlet for keeping up to date, but also as a recruitment portal. You’ll find a wide range of easily sortable job offers. To apply, prepare your CV and cover letter in advance.

Good to know

Working in Prague is a great way to gain professional experience in a city that’s constantly evolving. A real asset on your CV. Be careful, however. Labor laws are different (40-hour week), as are salaries (lower).

Which major companies are recruiting in Prague?


Large multinationals such as Amazon, ADP (payroll management), Microsoft and Avast have decided to relocate to take advantage of the booming Czech market, which is one of 12 European markets to have reached full employment.

Finding work in Prague is therefore very easy, especially as these large companies tend to look for fairly young, multilingual profiles ready to make a long-term commitment to the company. Fluency in English is essential, as is fluency in one or two other languages (French, German and Spanish in particular).

Turnover is lower than it was a few years ago, which means you can quickly move up the hierarchy, and within the space of a few years, you can expect to find yourself in a managerial position within a multinational company. A real plus on your CV if you’re thinking of moving back home.

Why should you work in the Czech Republic?

The major advantage of the presence of multinationals in Prague is the possibility of moving abroad in the medium term. Indeed, companies based in the Czech Republic generally have operations all over the world.

The job market being what it is, it’s quite possible to join a company, train there for a period of two to five years before leaving for another country, still with the same company, or even take advantage of a good opportunity and a job opening in France to change position internally. Finally, remember that you don’t need to be fluent in Czech. However, other foreign languages would be appreciated.

Life here is also very pleasant. In fact, you’ll be able to take advantage of some very good typical restaurants, good salaries (without being exceptional either), a quality apartment – in short, an exceptional quality of life! The city is also very pleasant, culturally speaking. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of the best museums in Prague!

How much do you earn in the Czech Republic?

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Salaries in the Czech Republic are much lower than in France, although it’s quite possible to make a good living in Prague. A few years ago, an expatriate could expect to earn around 30,000 Czech crowns gross per month, but Prague’s standard of living is rising.

Today, you can start at between 40 and 50,000 Czech crowns a month. On top of this, there are great benefits, such as luncheon vouchers and an in-house gym, open all day and part of the evening.

The idea is to juggle a decent salary, which can evolve according to your career path and ambitions, with a number of attractive benefits. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!